TF2 Custom Weapons – The Classic Ones

TF2 Custom Weapons, sometimes called Custom TF2 Weapons or CTF2W, is a plugin that adds community-made guns to Team Fortress 2. This SourceMod server plugin was developed by MasterOfTheXP and is currently maintained by Chdata and Crafting.

Why Custom Loadouts Are Fun to Use

In Team Fortress 2, each class has around half a dozen different loadouts that can be used. In other words, instead of using your primary, secondary, and melee weapons with their essential characteristics. You can swap them with slightly modified weapons with all sorts of buffs and debuffs.

Overall, the game is still balanced even if you don’t play using the default guns; but based on a person’s unique playstyle. Some options may give a significant advantage. That advantage is not inherent to the gun but how well it is used.

The Sniper, for example, has a gun called Bazaar Bargain that has its damage increased for each headshot kill, up to 200%. If you can hit headshots, it makes perfect sense to use this weapon. But if you can’t do it with ease, the debuffs of the weapon will only make your game worse.

TF2 Custom Weapons

Alternative guns in TF2 are partly a way to customize your playstyle and partly a way of wagering on your ability to start with some debuffs. But more than compensate for them with superior skill.

TF2 Custom Weapons

Custom or modified TF2 weapons go deeper into the customization options of each gun. Instead of having a relatively small number of main and second guns you can choose from, you get a lot more.

One thing to remember when stepping into the TF2 custom weapons arena is that the learning curve is much steeper. To be good at Team Fortress 2, you need to understand what your favorite class can do and what the other classes can do.

When you get the option of customizing your loadout way beyond what the standard game offers. All the other players will gain the same power. And that means that TF2 will be turned into a MOBA game. In the sense that you now need to learn about 9 classes and dozens of weapons per class. 

In other words, the game gets very complicated. And you will need to put in hundreds of hours of study and experimentation to understand what you’re dealing with. Some players enjoy this process, but it’s not for everyone.

Apart from the bigger options, you’ll also need to learn about the modifications made to the existing ones. Modding is another word for experimentation; admins can experiment as much as they want. 

Make sure you learn about the rules of the server you’re joining and try to understand what the rules of the game will be.

TF2 Weapon Hacks

TF2 weapon hacks are often confused with cheats, which are not ways of cheating but commands that give the server admin the possibility to mod the guns used by the players.

Actual weapon hacks or scripts will get you banned from any TF2 server and are a bad idea.

Custom Classic Mods

TF2 can be played on private servers that mod the game and turn it into whatever the admins want. If you enjoy learning new ways of competing in TF2 and experimenting with the wildest possibilities, TF2 classic mods will make the game highly replayable for years.

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