Rust Tips You Wish You Knew Before

Rust is a brutal multiplayer survival game that requires people to be fully dedicated and compete against others. The more you play Rust, the more you start to understand some key principles, like Rust tips that could have saved you many hours if you had known them from the start. In this guide you will learn some of them.

Pick a Good Server 

Rust tips
Rust tips

In our first Rust tips: If you’re a beginner, do not pick a crowded server whose rules allow the strong to prey on the weak without any obstacles. Otherwise you’ll be locked in an unwinnable battle, against players who are much more experienced than you.

Ideally, you should play Rust on servers that allow you to explore the game without having to worry right away that you might get killed. It can be very frustrating to gather resources for a few hours and then, instead of experimenting with the possibilities, just to get killed by someone and lose your progress.

Rust is fun to play in brutal PvP modes only after you’ve mastered it. In such modes, the game feels a lot like a MOBA or a Battle Royale. You must grow stronger than everyone else, faster than everyone else, and then put your gear to good use in duels.

For most players, the pure Rust experience is a painful one. It’s much better to play a more civilized version of the game that offers some guarantees regarding your survival. This way, you can plan ahead and optimize your strategy over time.

It’s a great feeling to know that you’ll have a few hours or even a few days at your disposal to focus on gathering resources and building a strong base for yourself. 

You Always Play Solo

Rust Tips
Rust Tips

Potentially, Rust gives you the chance to ally with people and make friends. But in reality, you can’t really trust anyone in this game, unless you know them in real life as well.

Friendships in survival games that encourage competition instead of cooperation are hard to build. People will kill you for the smallest gains, even in the early game. It’s absolutely ridiculous what this tough survival game does to people and the Rust community is just as toxic as any other gaming community.

When winning feels great and losing feels terrible, people will go out of their way to win. And in Rust, experienced players will use lots of tricks to get an edge at the expense of everyone else.

Other survival games are much less brutal because the threat is external and comes from the environment. But in Rust tips, the main adversary you’re fighting for and competing against for resources is other players. For some, this is the reason why Rust is one of the best survival games. The game world feels a lot like a jungle.

Enhance Your Resource Gathering Capabilities

In Rust, you gather resources and you always feel like you need more resources than you currently have available. Gathering wood and stone takes time. But you can optimize the amount of time you need per unit by constructing certain tools.

Some of the best harvesting tools in Rust are the hatchet, the salvaged ice-pick, the salvaged axe, the chainsaw, and the jackhammer. All of them decrease farming times and offer lots of other bonuses. 

This is why it’s a great blessing in this game to find blueprints for these tools and utilize them early. Your progress will accelerate significantly.

Build Your Base ASAP

New players tend to suffer from a lethal form of perfectionism. They want to wait until they have enough resources to build the ideal base. But that’s not how Rust works. If you don’t have your base built fast enough, your chances of getting killed and losing your loot are far greater.

When you build your base, make sure to use a Tool Cupboard (TC). This will ensure that your base won’t decay over time and it will also prevent other players from using dirty tricks.

Positioning is key in this game. Don’t put your sleeping bag in a wide open space that’s highly populated. Try to find a spot that’s not easy to access. This will give you the peace of mind you need to focus on gathering resources. 

Don’t spend three days trying to find the perfect base location, but don’t neglect this aspect either because this is where you’ll keep your most valuable materials. And it’s also where you’ll add more valuable materials as the wipe progresses.

Use Skins, But Don’t Be Too Flashy

Skins are a great way of enhancing your visual experience. But don’t forget that Rust is a survival game. Sometimes, there’s nothing wrong with being excentric and standing out. But other times, you’ll want to camouflage yourself the best you can. Don’t use colorful skins when you’re worried about getting spotted.