How to Bypass Rust Game Ban

Getting banned in Rust is an unpleasant experience. And if you get an HWID ban, that’s even worse. In this article, you’ll learn more about the problem, how you can avoid and, and how to bypass Rust game ban.

Bypass Rust Game Ban

Why Players Get Banned in Rust

Some of the people you encounter playing on Rust servers are cheating. Of course, nobody knows it initially, except themselves. But the longer you use scripts and cheat. The higher the likelihood that you will get reported or caught at some point.

But cheating is not the only reason why people get banned in Rust. Here’s a list of frequent mistakes that will get you banned:

Using a VPN Service

When playing Rust, you are not allowed to use VPN. Any attempt to hide your identity and your default location will get you banned. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you don’t play Rust while traveling to multiple countries in the course of a week.

You may accidentally get banned because your Internet-related data will change too often. And could give the impression that you’re using VPN.

Ban Evasion Assistance

If you try to assist someone who got banned in Rust in any way that would allow them to evade their ban and you get caught, you’ll get banned as well. 

Account Buying

If you buy a Steam account from another player and play Rust on it, you’re likely to get banned. So make sure you only play Rust on your own Steam account.

Toxic Behavior / Offensive Material Usage

If you’re rude to people or use offensive language and images, this will get you banned very quickly. So don’t do it!

Ban Evasion

If you get banned but instead of appealing it. You try to evade it and get caught, you will get banned again. And in some situations, you may get an HWID ban. This means that not only your Rust account got banned, but your entire PC. So now you’d need to change your PC to play Rust again, which is quite a tough thing to do.

If it ever gets to this point, you might as well regard it as a sign that maybe it’s time to quit the game and do something else. However, if you’re determined to continue playing, you’ll need to buy a new PC. You could also change the key components, such as the CPU, the motherboard, and the GPU, but it’s still risky.

Only by changing the entire configuration can you be sure that you can no longer get caught. And even then, you may need to go a step further and change your Internet provider as well.

Bypass Issue

One measure that you can take to bypass the issue is to use an HWID spoofer. This is a service that you can buy to play the game undetected. The only issue here is cost effectiveness. 

If your HWID Rust ban is a 24-hour ban, it’s not an issue. And if it’s a 7-day ban, again, it’s not a big issue. But if we’re talking about a permanent ban, you may end up spending $50 per month just to be able to play the game, which is probably not worth it unless your entire lifestyle is built around the Rust community.

If you play Rust all the time and it’s your favorite game, you might want to take measures to ensure that you don’t get into trouble. One of them is reading and following the rules.

When you get banned in Rust, you need to appeal the ban if you want to be able to play again. Starting a new game account won’t help, because the company that owns Rust will be able to detect this and will proceed to ban your new account as well.

Bypassing a Rust Game Ban

Assuming you haven’t been HWID banned for life (or that you don’t suffer from a permanent hardware ID ban), you should try to uninstall Rust and Steam and erase all traces from your PC. That includes registry data. 

Another option would be to change your Windows and your Harddisk’s serial number. However, when you do this you must also change the HWIDs of everything on your computer and then edit the HWID registry keys. If you’re not a tech person, this will take more than a few seconds and you might be better off using an HWID spoofer service.