How To Change Character in Rust 2024

Want to change your look in Rust? Think again! This article explores why character customization is limited and offers alternative ways.

The best-rated online multiplayer survival game is called Rust. Despite its complete release in February 2018, the game has drawn many players’ attention.

Your goal is to endure on the hostile post-apocalyptic planet. You can collaborate with other players to harvest resources, create goods, construct bases, and change character in Rust.

Maybe you could try to do it by yourself. When it was first released, though, there was only room for one character, a white male. Since then, a few updates have been made.

Steps To Change Character In Rust 2024

Sometime ago changing Steam accounts and manipulating code was the only way to “change” your character in Rust.

The problem was, even if you don’t like the character you get with a new Steam account, you’d have to make a whole new one to try again. This can be a lot of work, and you might end up with several Steam accounts you don’t need.

So I’d advise against such methods of changing your character in Rust. Here’s why:

  • Unreliable Method: The method likely involves manipulating launch codes, which may not work and could even be harmful to your game files.
  • Multiple Steam Accounts: Creating and managing multiple Steam accounts goes against Steam’s Terms of Service and can be a hassle.
  • Randomness Still Applies: Even with new Steam IDs, your character’s appearance is still randomly generated. It might not change how you look.

Here’s what you can do instead:

  • Focus on Gameplay: Rust emphasizes survival mechanics, resource management, and building. Hone your skills and enjoy the core gameplay loop.
  • Embrace Cosmetics: Unlock or purchase cosmetic skins for clothing, weapons, and building materials to personalize your character’s appearance without affecting gameplay.
  • Consider a New Character: If your appearance is very important, you could create a new character on your existing Steam account. However, the look will still be random.

Why Is Character Customization Not Allowed In Rust 2024? 

Character Customization

The characters in Rust cannot be customized, and this is the direction the game’s designers have chosen to go in, even though many players would find it unsatisfactory.

You can create a new character using a different Steam ID. Rust’s main objective is to survive. The designers also believe that it shouldn’t matter how you look. 

1. Focus on Survival

The color or gender of your character shouldn’t matter because this game isn’t about identity. How to survive should be your top priority. Adhering to this principle, they mandated that half of their players be women. They even changed the race of 50% of the game’s players. Character customization is not possible either because they are generated randomly every time.

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2. Equality and Immersion

Allowing players to modify their character’s gender or race could lead to issues of discrimination and harassment within the game community. The developers need to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all players, and limiting character customization helps achieve this goal.

3. Promoting Diversity

Overall, character customization is not allowed in Rust to maintain a fair and immersive gameplay experience and to promote a safe and inclusive gaming community.

A player’s character’s skill level and gaming mechanics are unaffected by their gender or race. They are merely aesthetic and serve to make the game more varied and realistic. According to Rust’s creators, the purpose of having randomized character genders and ethnicities is to encourage inclusion and diversity in the gaming community.

How To Mod Your Rust Character Gender? 

Rust Character Gender

A wide range of plugins and mods are advantageous to many games, especially multiplayer open-world games.

Does the game include a mod or plugin that enables users to change the gender of their avatars? Look for a Rust mod topic in any well-known modding forum you visit. 

Many of them, all dead ends, will cross your path. No third-party plugin or mod can alter the visual identity of your Rust character from your Steam ID. More issues than Rust’s avatar’s gender and look might arise if modders were given access to Steam IDs.

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How to Change Race In Rust? 

Change Race In Rust

In Rust, race is one of the four kinds of appearance. It is frequently called “Color.” Your character’s appearance and gender are both assigned to you at random.

Unfortunately, there’s currently no way to directly change your character’s race in Rust, neither through in-game options nor by modifying the game code. When you start a new character in Rust, the game randomly generates your character’s appearance, including their race.

The method described above in “Steps To Change Character In Rust 2024“, which lists the steps, is the only way to modify the race of your Rust avatar. 

If the procedure mentioned above doesn’t work, you must keep making new Steam accounts until you find a good character appearance. We advise you to do this if you can cope with the character having a look that doesn’t match your physical aesthetic tastes. 

The makers’ goal is to prevent gamers from customizing the gender and race of their characters. Rubbing the game’s code the wrong way can make it fail, and using several Steam IDs to vary Rust avatar appearance won’t alter your gameplay experience.

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It’s far more complex than you might have imagined changing your character’s appearance in Rust. You aren’t even supposed to have a say in this situation. To build a character that meets your requirements, though, employing the code method described above might be your only choice.

In actuality, it’s preferable to ignore the game’s emphasis on physical beauty entirely. Character customization is not supported, and since your Steam ID is also used for your avatar, neither plugins nor mods can help. Keep your attention on the gameplay, which is what the game is all about. We trust that you now understand how to modify the appearance of your Rust avatar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change my character’s appearance in Rust?

Not directly. Your character’s appearance is randomly generated based on your Steam ID.

What about mods or plugins?

No third-party mods or plugins can currently alter your character’s appearance in Rust.

Why doesn’t Rust allow character customization?

The developers prioritize core gameplay mechanics and a diverse player base over character creation.

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