Team Spirit Reign Supreme in Stage 2 of the Copenhagen Major

PGL Major Copenhagen

The Elimination Stage of the Copenhagen Major has begun and Team Spirit, along with MOUZ, Complexity, Natus Vincere, and Heroic, have had a flawless performance so far.

All of these teams won their first two matches, proving that they are serious contenders for the trophy. But it’s hard to ignore the skill difference between Spirit and pretty much everyone else. A quick look at the round scores gives us an idea.

The team carried by Danil “donk” Kryshkovets has a round score of 26 – 9 (+17) while the next best team, Complexity has a round score of 32 – 26 (+6).

Needless to say, donk was instrumental in Spirit’s triumphs, going above the 2.0 barrier once again. In the match against Imperial, his rating 2.0 was 2.17 after he finished with a score of 18 – 5 and an ADR of 130.5!

Spirit’s other match, against Cloud9, was another masterclass. Even though C9 finished stage 1 with a perfect record, Spirit defeated them 13 – 7 and didn’t even need a spectacular performance from donk to do it. He played really well and had an ADR of 99.8. But he didn’t do what he has become known for.

Other Results

Day 1 of stage 2 of PGL Major Copenhagen ended poorly for FURIA Esports, The MongolZ, paiN Gaming, and ECSTATIC. All of them are now just one step away from elimination. This was largely expected to happen because the opponents they faced were simply too strong.

FURIA encountered G2 Esports and then FaZe Clan. The MongolZ had to play against Natus Vincere and then Team Vitality. PaiN Gaming had the easiest opponents: Complexity and But even these two teams are dozens of positions above them in the global rankings. ECSTATIC played against MOUZ and Cloud9.

In the 1 W – 1 L category, we have the following teams:

  • Eternal Fire
  • Imperial Esports
  • G2 Esports
  • Cloud9
  • FaZe Clan
  • Team Vitality

For all of these teams, their next match will be critical. Failure would bring them just one step away from elimination. Victory would put them in a great position: two best-of-three opportunities to qualify for the playoffs.

Header image credit: Team Spirit, PGL

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