PGL Major Copenhagen Day 1 Results

PGL Major Copenhagen

PGL Major Copenhagen started well for Cloud9 and HEROIC, and absolutely terribly for FURIA Esports, The MongolZ, and other teams who are now on the brink of elimination. SAW and Eternal Fire also played really well, ending day 1 with two victories.

Surprisingly, ENCE lost against Imperial and are now in a delicate position, having 1 victory and 1 defeat. Lots of other teams are in the same situation and can afford to lose just one more match.

The 2 W – 0 L Teams

In this category we have Cloud9, HEROIC, Eternal Fire, and SAW. Not all of them had easy matches but all of them managed to win in the end. For Cloud9, the tournament has been a real struggle so far and it is doubtful that they will manage to qualify for the playoffs in stage 2.

They won 13 – 10 against ECSTATIC and 13 – 10 against Legacy. This performance wasn’t bad, but how do you go from struggling against teams that aren’t even in the top 20 to winning against teams that are in the top 10?

HEROIC’s results were also a bit shaky. In the first game, the Danish team did well against Lynn Vision, winning 13 – 5. But in the second game, they nearly lost against Imperial (16 – 14 on Mirage).

Eternal Fire impressed everyone with their 13 – 6 against MongolZ and their 13 – 2 against paiN Gaming.

SAW started with an easy victory against KOI (13 – 4) and then defeated GamerLegion (13 – 9).

The 1 W – 1 L Teams

Here are the teams that finished day 1 with one victory and one defeat:

  • Imperial Esports
  • paiN Gaming
  • GamerLegion
  • Lynn Vision
  • Legacy
  • ENCE
  • Apeks

Most of these teams were expected to be in this position in the first stage of PGL Major Copenhagen. But certainly not ENCE. In fact, even Apeks were supposed to do better.

The 0 W – 2 L Teams

The MongolZ, KOI, FURIA Esports, and AMKAL ESPORTS are in a terrible spot and two of them will exit the tournament after their next match. The only major loss for the fans would be FURIA. Hopefully, Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo will be in great shape for the upcoming match.

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