CS2 Drop Pool 2023: What CS2 Skins Will Drop

In this blog post, you will learn the mysteries behind the CS2 drop pool. Armed with this knowledge, you can boost your chances of getting valuable items such as skins and cases.

What you will learn from this article:

  • How to unlock exciting rewards and rare cosmetics from CS2’s drop pool.
  • How to analyze the rarity and value of each drop.

Understanding the CS2 Drop System

CS2 drop pool

The drop system in CS2 rewards players with Care Packages that contain a random weapon skin, a weapon case, and a few graffiti. Unlike CS:GO’s system, CS2’s gives players a bit more freedom, in the sense that they can choose what they want to receive as their weekly rewards.

Each time you receive a Care Package, you can select two rewards from it. Most players will choose a weapon case and a weapon skin because that’s the best deal from a financial standpoint.

Care Packages in CS2 are offered just once per week and only to those who level up their CS2 profile.

The skins and cases that you can receive in your weekly Care Package come from the Active Drop Pool, which changes constantly based on Valve’s internal decisions and new case releases.

To be eligible to receive CS2 drops, you must upgrade your account to Prime. Without the Prime Upgrade, you won’t get the excellent rewards that Valve has in store for its player base. And what is even worse, you cannot play ranked matches.

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The Active Drop Pool

CS2 drop pool

The Active Drop Pool offers an array of exciting cosmetics as rewards for your first experience rank up each week. Valve, the game developer, determines the best CS2 cases that can drop based on its own internal rules.

Let’s dive deeper and explore the weapon skins, collections, and new case drops available in the Care Package.

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CS2 Skin Rewards

Here are the CS2 collections used to determine the possible skins that you’ll find in your weekly CS2 Care Package:

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CS2 Weapon Case Rewards

CS2 drop pool

These are the CS2 cases that you can find in your weekly CS2 Care Package:

Active Drop PoolDiscontinued casesrare cases
Snakebite CaseOperation Riptide CaseCS20 Case
Fracture CaseOperation Broken Fang CaseCS:GO Weapon Case
Dreams & Nightmare CaseShattered Web CaseOperation Bravo Case
Recoil CaseeSports 2014 Summer CasePrisma Case
Revolution CaseeSports 2013 Winter CaseDanger Zone Case
eSports 2013 CaseHorizon Case
Gamma Case
Operation Wildfire Case
Operation Vanguard Weapon Case
Operation Breakout Weapon Case
Spectrum 2 Case
Operation Hydra Case
Spectrum Case
Gamma 2 Case
Spectrum 2 Case
Glove Case
Operation Phoenix Weapon Case
Prisma 2 Case
Clutch Case
Chroma 3 Case
Revolver Case
Shadow Case
Falchion Case
Chroma 2 Case
Chroma Case
Huntsman Weapon Case
CS:GO Weapon Case 3
Winter Offensive Weapon Case
CS:GO Weapon Case 2
Cases from the CS2 Drop Pool in 2023

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Analyzing the Rarity and Value of CS2 Drops

CS2 drop pool

To truly make the most of the CS2 drop system, it’s essential to understand the rarity and value of the drops you receive. In this section, we’ll dive into the factors that determine the value of CS2 drops, such as weapon skin rarity, case rarity and value, and graffiti sprays.

By understanding the rarity and value of these items, you’ll be better equipped to make strategic decisions when trading, using Tradeit or the Steam Community Market.

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Weapon Skin Rarity

In the world of CS2 weapon skins, rarity is key. There are eight captivating rarity levels of weapon skins: Consumer Grade, Base Grade, Industrial Grade, Mil-Spec, High Grade, Restricted, Remarkable, and Contraband. Generally, the rarer the skin, the higher its value. These come with a float value, and the lower it is, the better the skin is.

Cheap CS2 skins can be sold or used for trade-up contracts. But ultimately, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do with your skins.

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Case Rarity and Value

Cases in the CS2 drop pool also come in varying levels of rarity: Mil-Spec (Blue), Restricted (Purple), Classified (Pink), and Covert (Red). Mil-Spec cases are the most common yet still valuable, while covered cases are the rarest and most highly valued.

Understanding the rarity levels and value of cases can help you determine which cases to open or trade.

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Graffiti Sprays

Graffiti sprays are an exciting type of item in the CS2 drop system, adding a touch of personal flair to your in-game experience. While graffiti sprays are typically valued at less than a dollar, they can still add some extra value to your drop system.

Some graffiti sprays, like the Recoil AWP, can be sold for a more impressive $8-$10, making them sought-after items in the drop system.

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Throughout this blog post, we’ve explored the fascinating world of CS2 drops. By taking advantage of this knowledge, you’ll be well-equipped to make the most of the CS2 drop system and enhance your gaming experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many drops do you get in a week in CS2?

Just one.

What rewards can drop in CS2?

You get one Care Package per week and it contains a few skins, a few cases, and a few graffiti. You can choose two of those rewards.

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