Most Popular CS:GO Skins Among Professional Players

Players worldwide who play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive search for their favorite pros to help them get better due to the game’s continued rise as a competitive shooter and an esport. By watching your preferred professional CS:GO player in action, you can pick up new strategies, tactics, and the popular CS:GO skins among them. Because of this, gamers who want to advance in the competitive spectrum of the game frequently choose to watch their favorite players compete in the most intense CS:GO competition. 

Although studying the best players in the CS:GO community is a typical strategy for aspiring players, have you ever wondered what kinds of popular skins the top players use? The design of CS:GO skins weapons may prevent you from having any noticeable advantage over your opponents, but if you want to create a good inventory for yourself, what better source of inspiration could there be than your favorite pro’s CS:GO skins?

This article will examine some of the most well-known CS:GO players preferred weapon skins. Also, note that we’ll only discuss each CS:GO pro’s primary weapons or CS:GO items in addition to their knives and gloves. 

Here is our list of the most popular skins among professional CS:GO, players

1. USP-S | Cyrex

Popular CS:GO Skins
Popular CS:GO Skins

Professional players that use USP-S Cyrex include:

Since every player receives this starter pistol, Cyrex is among the most excellent skins for it. In field-tested circumstances, it’s one of the most popular skins to use. As a part of the Glove Collection, the skin debuted in 2016. Apart from the fact that it looks fantastic and makes operating the pistol even better, this skin is also relatively reasonably priced. Its widespread appeal may be seen by some of the most well-known professional CS:GO players favoring the Cyrex skin.

USP-S Cyrex skin is available in all conditions: Battle-Scarred, Factory New, Field-Tested, Minimal Wear, and Well-Worn. It comes at a starting price of $1.94 and can reach up to $15.01. It is available in all conditions. Buy CS:GO skins in any general condition. 

2. Flip Knife | Crimson Web

Popular CS:GO Skins
Popular CS:GO Skins

Professional players that use Flip Knife | Crimson Web:

Due to its distinct withdrawal animation, which sets the Flip Knife apart from other Knives, it is a favorite knife among casual players and pros in the CS:GO arena. The Crimson Web- Flip knives feature a back-swept blade with a sharp point. The flip knife’s overall construction is quite robust, although the issue may be delicate.

It was introduced in the arms deal update. It was given a red base coat, a hydrographic shape like a spider web, and a semi-gloss topcoat. You never know where the web has been distributed, so tread carefully.

It comes at a starting price of $307.65 and can reach up to $3375.00. Crimson web skin is available in all conditions: factory new, minimal wear, field-tested, well-worn, and battle-scarred. To trade or buy skins, browse the link below. 

3. Desert Eagle | Blaze

A couple professional players that use Desert Eagle | Blaze:

If you ask every Deagle player in CS:GO which skin they prefer, they will choose the Blaze. In 2013, the Desert Eagle Blaze was one of the first skins to be added to the game. Since then, it has endured and continues to be the Desert Eagle skin collectors should have in their collection.

“The Blaze” The Desert Eagle is a legendary pistol that is pricey, powerful, challenging to master, and remarkably accurate at long distances. Over a chrome base layer, translucent colors have been airbrushed onto the object. This pistol from the Dust collection is among the most expensive skins in the desert eagle collection.

It comes at a starting price of $750.18 and can reach up to $770.58. It is available in two conditions: factory new and minimal wear. 

4. AWP | Asiimov Rifle

Some of the professional players that use AWP | Assiimov:

Due to the AWP being one of the most used rifles in the game, AWP skins are highly sought after by CS:GO, players. Asiimov remains the top option even though there have been other different AWP skins in the top spot. Many gamers like the chance to become professional snipers because CS: GO offers the best sniping action.

According to expert snipers, one of the most widely used skins for this kind of weapon is Asiimov. Because of this, professional players tend to favor Asiimov as one of their top CS:GO skins. Furthermore, it is regarded as a definitive decision.

The infamous AWP Asiimov from the Phoenix collection, which adheres to the one-shot, one-kill rule, is known for being high risk and high return. It features a unique sci-fi design that was painted on it. 

It comes at a starting price of $101.45 and can reach up to $326.98. AWP Asiimov skin is available in field-tested, well-worn, and battle-scarred conditions. One more important thing to remember is that you must log into your steam account for trades and purchases. 

5. Glock-18 | Candy Apple 

Some professional players that use Glock-18 | Candy Apple:

Offensive players frequently use Glocks as their weapon of choice. In factory-new condition, Glock-18 Candy Apple is offered. Intriguingly, this skin costs more at high Float Values than when it’s brand-new. The 2018 Inferno Collection’s Glock-18 Synth Leaf and High Beam are worth mentioning while discussing Glock-18 skins. One of the most well-liked skins for this pistol is Glock-18 Candy Apple from the Italy collection, which elite athletes frequently utilize.

It comes at a starting price of $1.17 and can reach up to $799.50. It is available in factory wear, minimal wear, and field-tested conditions. 

Final Words:

Having trouble finding the most popular skins among professional CS:GO players. Don’t worry; in our guide, you can search from our list of the most popular skins among professional CS:GO players and much more. Get the best and most well-liked CSGO skins to elevate your gameplay experience. 

How to equip your weapons in CS:GO is challenging; weapon skins are purely personal choices. Take your time while browsing our website’s extensive selection of CS:GO skins before determining which ones you want.