CS2 Float Value Guide – Skin Wear Levels

cs2 float value guide

The CS2 trading community is a bustling market filled with unique and visually stunning skins that can enhance your in-game experience.

In this world, a skin’s float value, or “CS2 float”, is a key factor determining its worth and overall appeal. But what exactly is a CS2 float value, and why is it so important? 

This blog post delves into the nitty-gritty of CS2 float values, their impact on skin wear levels, and how they can influence your CS2 trading decisions. So buckle up and get ready to become a CS2 float value expert.

Understanding CS2 Float Values

CS2 float values, also known as skin float values, are a metric used to measure the wear and appearance of a skin, with values ranging from 0.0 to 1.0. 

Lower values indicate a better condition and a higher market value. But how do these floating values affect the skin’s appearance?

Lower float values may produce a shinier appearance and better skin quality, whereas higher float values may create a less shiny and worn out look.

CS2 skin with medium float value

Float values can have a substantial impact on skin appearance and market value. Generally, lower float values indicate better condition, with fewer scratches and negligible dark patches, and can result in a higher market value. 

However, skin wear and market value cannot be treated linearly and depend on item rarity and subjective aesthetic impressions. Understanding the skin float value can help players make informed decisions when selling CS2 skins, for example.

Different CS2 Skin Wear Levels

CS2 skins are available in five distinct wear levels, each with its unique float range and impact on skin appearance and value. These wear levels include:

Skin ExteriorFloat value
Factory New0.00 – 0.07
Minimal Wear0.07 – 0.15
Field-Tested0.15 – 0.37
Well-Worn0.37 – 0.44
Battle-Scarred0.44 – 1.00
Chart of CS2 float values

The following sections will delve deeper into each wear level and explore their unique characteristics and float value ranges.

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Factory New (FN)

New skins are the cream of the crop, boasting the highest quality and unparalleled aesthetic appeal. These skins have float values ranging between 0.00-0.07, which means they display the least visible wear.

As a result, Factory New skins typically command the highest market value, with some Covert skins fetching prices in the hundreds of euros.

The increased cost of Factory New skins is attributed to their superior aesthetic qualities. However, it’s essential to be cautious when trading these skins, as some sellers may overcharge for lower-end float values. 

In such cases, it’s crucial to compare the skin’s float value with other Factory New skins and make an informed decision before parting with your hard-earned cash.

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Minimal Wear (MW)

Minimal Wear skins strike a perfect balance between appearance and affordability. With float values ranging from 0.07 to 0.15, these skins exhibit a negligible decrease in exterior quality compared to their Factory New counterparts. 

This makes Minimal Wear skins popular among players who want to maintain a high-quality aesthetic without breaking the bank.

Regarding market value, Minimal Wear skins are generally more cost-effective than Factory New skins yet still retain a reasonable market value. This makes them an attractive option for traders and collectors alike who want to maximize their investment without compromising on appearance.

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Field-Tested (FT)

Field-Tested skins provide an optimal combination of affordability and aesthetics. With float values between 0.15 and 0.37, these skins typically exhibit signs of wear and tear, including scratches, desaturations, and other forms of damage. 

However, the impact on appearance is relatively moderate, making Field-Tested skins popular among players who want decent-looking skin on a budget.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, Field-Tested skins offer an advantageous combination of affordability and appearance. This makes them an appealing option for those wishing to expand their skin collection without overspending while maintaining a visually appealing in-game arsenal.

Well-Worn (WW)

Well-Worn skins are budget-friendly alternatives that still manage to maintain a decent look. With float values between 0.37 and 0.44, these skins display more wear and tear than their Field-Tested counterparts. 

Nevertheless, they remain a popular choice among players who want a cost-effective option without sacrificing too much on appearance.

The market value of Well-Worn skins is generally lower than other wear levels. However, their affordability and decent appearance make them attractive to players who want to expand their skin collection without spending a fortune.

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Battle-Scarred (BS)

Battle-Scarred skins possess the lowest market value and the roughest appearance. With float values between 0.44 and 1.0, these skins display the most visible wear and tear among all wear levels. 

However, certain exceptions may be of high value due to their high float values, such as the infamous Blackiimov, which can fetch prices over $1,000.

Despite their generally low market value, some Battle-Scarred skins may uniquely appeal to collectors who appreciate their worn and battle-hardened appearance. 

This highlights the importance of personal aesthetic preferences when trading and collecting skins based on float values.

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Factors Affecting Skin Float and Market Value

CS2 Float Value

Several factors influence skin float and market value, including:

  • Rarity: Rare skins are generally more valuable than more common ones.
  • Wear level: The wear level of a skin impacts its float value and market value, with skins featuring higher wear levels typically being less valuable than those with lower wear levels.
  • Personal aesthetic preferences: Individual preferences for certain skins can also affect their market value.

Be cautious when trading skins; some sellers may overcharge for lower-end float values.

That’s why our website offers the best deals. Sometimes, it’s crucial to compare the skin’s float value with other Factory New skins and make an informed decision before parting with your hard-earned cash. You can do this by using your Steam Trade URL to inspect the skin.

This highlights the importance of personal aesthetic preferences when trading and collecting skins based on float values. It’s also important to ensure your account is secure when trading, so understand what Steam Guard is and how to use it.

Personal aesthetic preferences can also influence the market value of the skin. Some players may prefer certain skins, which can lead to increased prices for those skins. This highlights the importance of considering your taste when trading and collecting skins based on float values.

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