How to Clear Decals in CS2

Want to learn how to clear decals in CS2? This guide gives you an introduction to this topic and explains the recent game changes.

Attempting to clear decals in CS2 for a distraction-free gaming experience? This guide explains why the traditional ‘clear decals’ command will not work as expected in CS2 and the specific circumstances in which decals commands can be used. By the end of it, you will know how to clear decals in CS2.

Key Takeaways

  • In CS2, decals such as bullet holes, blood splashes, and graffiti are immersive but can clutter the game environment. This used to be countered by the use of the r_cleardecals command. But that command no longer works in CS2.
  • Valve has restricted the freewheeling usage of clear decals command in CS2 to maintain fair play, implementing new commands and adjusting game balance and visual processing.

Understanding Decals in Counter-Strike 2

how to clear decals in CS2

In Counte­r-Strike 2, decals are essential for visual storytelling. They are:

  • The bullet holes left behind after a firefight
  • The blood splashes that evidence a nearby enemy
  • The graffiti marks that lend authenticity to the surroundings

These visual effects are not just for show; they contribute to the realism and immersion of the game, making each match a unique experience.

However, while decals can enhance the gaming experience, they also have a downside. Over time, the accumulation of bullet holes, blood stains, and graffiti can clutter the environment, potentially obscuring important visual cues. 

This is where the clear decals commands come in, offering a way to clean up the visual environment for a more pristine gameplay experience. By using these commands, players can quickly remove unwanted decals with ease. You can further enhance your experience by tweaking your in-game settings.

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The Current State of Clear Decals Command in CS2

how to clear decals in CS2

In CS2, the r_cleardecals command, previously used in CS:GO for removing decals, is not currently available. Instead, Valve has introduced new commands, such as cl_removedecals, r_csgo_render_decals false, and r_drawdecals false, to potentially clear decals. 

However, these commands are cheat protected, meaning they cannot be used freely during regular gameplay. To use them when playing on a private server, use the sv_cheats 1 command first.

If you want, you can bind these commands to a key.

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Step-by-Step: Activating Clear Decals in CS2

how to clear decals in CS2

While the clear decals command is limited in regular gameplay, it’s not completely inaccessible. With some tweaks, you can still enjoy the benefits of this command in certain situations, such as in manually adjusted servers or local games with bots.

Enabling the developer console is the first step to activate the clear decals command. You can do this by navigating to the Game settings within the settings menu. From there, find the ‘Enable Developer Console (~)’ option and change it to ‘YES’.

Once you’ve enabled the developer console, you can open it by pressing the tilde key (~), usually located below the Esc key on a standard keyboard. 

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Why Valve Adjusted Decal Mechanics

The decision to modify decal mechanics was not arbitrary. Valve’s focus was on improving game balance and visual processing. The Source Engine, Valve’s proprietary game engine, is the underlying mechanism that facilitates the clear decals feature in CS2.

Valve adjusted the decals mechanics such that no player gains an unfair advantage from clearing decals, thus maintaining a level playing field for all players. Furthermore, the changes also aimed at improving the game’s visual processing, ensuring smoother and more streamlined gameplay.

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Decals in CS2 contribute to the game’s immersive experience but can also clutter the visual environment. While the clear decals command is restricted in regular gameplay, it can be used in private matches with cheats enabled.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clear decals in CS2?

You cannot do it in competitive matches. You can only do it when playing on a private server.

What is the command for no decals in CS2?

To remove decals in CS2, simply enable the developer console and then use commands like cl_removedecals, r_csgo_render_decals false, and r_drawdecals false to clear bullet marks, blood, and other decals from your game environment.

What are key binds and how can they improve gameplay?

Key binds are shortcuts that execute specific commands with a single key press, improving efficiency and situational awareness for a competitive edge in gameplay.

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