Trading CSGO Skins For TF2 Skins

csgo skins for tf2 items

CSGO and TF2 are two fun games that shake the game world and have a huge player base. Both of these games are FPS games played on the basis of weapons and are played in the form of PvP. Players trade and interact with each other in these two games because both they like to have skins to customize their weapons and because their trade is very profitable. So, do you know how to trade CSGO skins for TF2 skins?

How to Trade CSGO Skins with TF2 Skins?

The way to do this is quite easy. People can make a profit by selling the skins they get from CSGO on certain platforms, and with the money they earn, they can buy the TF2 skin they want on that platform again. So what are these methods and platforms? Now we will explain them to you in the easiest way.

1. Third-Party Websites –’s Platform

Your purchases or trades from these sites are always Steam-based and always go smoothly as long as you choose a reliable site. You can also perform this process on Steam until a certain part of the transaction, but if you want to trade your items in TF2 with other people and use them for different purposes, Steam may restrict you.

These third-party sites are very secure and work similar to Steam, as they connect with your Steam account. Many CSGO and TF2 players are now used to using these sites to trade skins. If you play these games a lot and want to trade skins, reliable sites such as will definitely make you happy. The steps you need to do are very simple and we will explain them to you very quickly and easily.

  1. Sell your CSGO skins on the platform
  2. Buy TF2 skins on the platform

How to sell your CSGO skins for real money:

1. Open

2. Sign up to the website via your Steam account.

3. After verifying your Steam account, you should link your Steam trade URL.

(This is required because you can not complete your trades without this link, don’t worry it’s completely safe.)

4. Your account is now created, now you have to choose the CSGO item you want to sell and complete your transaction so quickly.

5. After your item is sold, your money will be in your balance.

6. You can either withdraw this money by using various of withdrawal methods.

7. Or as the title suggests, you can buy so many TF2 skins with them. Now we will show you how to do this.

How to buy TF2 skins from these sites:

1. After you completed your selling transactions of CSGO skins, you can use that money to buy new skins or you can always deposit money to the site by using various of payment methods and buy new skins.

2. Select the game you want to buy skins from, like TF2.

3. After that you can search by the name of the skin or you can choose from the list.

4. When you come to the payment step, you can either choose your balance or you can deposit money in that step.

5. After buying the skins with one of these ways, your skins will be instantly transferred to your Steam inventory.

This process is completely safe and legit. You can always do your trades here and make great profits. If you want to get rid of your old CSGO skins or cases that you do not use, it is possible to sell them and get real money with this method.

2. Steam Community Market

Everyone knows that you can trade the drops and skins you earn from the game with other players via Steam. For example, instead of opening a case that you dropped from CSGO, you want to sell it and make a profit. We will tell you how to do it and how to buy TF2 skin with the money you got from CSGO drops.

How to Sell CSGO Skins on Steam:

1. Open Steam.

2. Go to the Community Market.

3. Click “Sell an Item”.

4. Proceed with choosing a CSGO item for sale from your list.

5. Or just go to your inventory, preview the desired item and press “Sell.”

6. Now you put your item to sale, after it is sold, the money you sold it for will be transferred to your Steam Wallet.

How to Buy TF2 Skins on Steam:

1. Open Steam.

2. Go to the Community Market again.

3. Filter the game as “Team Fortress 2”.

4. Then you can search by item name or just select from the list, then you buy the item.

5. After you completed your purchase, your item will be transferred to your inventory instantly.

You can also perform these  buying skins or items operations vice versa, regardless of whether for CSGO or TF2. That’s it, just buy it on Steam. But as you can see, when you sell an item or skin, you can only spend on in-game items of that game or another game. So if you want to convert it to real money or spend it on non-Steam items, let’s get you to method 2.


In this article, we have introduced how you can trade your CSGO skins for TF2 skins using Steam or Third-Party Sites. Moreover, you can always get the best CSGO skins with themes from this websites like Anime skins, warrior skins and more… Furthermore, you can perform your trade transactions without any difficulty by using either of these two methods.

You can always contact us if you have any questions or suggestions for us to add.