CS:GO Best Weapons in 2022 so far

CS:GO is an old-school first-person shooter in the sense that the characters you get to play have no RPG characteristics. Every single agent is the same; the only difference is made by his equipment and how well you utilize it. Know the CS:GO Best Weapons in 2022 so far.

In total, there are 34 weapons that you can play with. Some of them, such as the knife, are offered to you by default. But most need to be bought. Some are cheap, while others are expensive. Not all weapons are the same, and 6 of them are arguably much better than the rest. In this guide, you will learn more about them.

The Best Weapons in CS:GO 

Here are the best 6 weapons in CS:GO, in no particular order:


CS:GO Best Weapons

The AK-47 is the best gun in CS:GO, or at least the best for its cost. This versatile assault rifle has everything you need to win rounds. It can kill from far away with just a few bullets, costing just $2700. Unfortunately, you can only buy it when you play on the T side, but you can pick it up anytime it’s available on the ground.

The AK-47 kills with just one bullet if you land a headshot, even if the target is armored. This gives it a unique appeal, and top-tier CS:GO players will use it as often as possible. Their confidence that they can hit a headshot from the first few bullets makes them buy it and invest the rest of their money in utility and armor.

If you aim for the chest, you will need 3 bullets if the target is unarmored and 4 if it’s armored. For the stomach, you will need 3 bullets for unarmored targets and 3 for armored ones. If you hit the leg, it’s 4 bullets in both cases.

Overall, the excellent range and damage of the AK-47, combined with the very low price, make it an affordable choice in most rounds.


The M4A4 is probably the most used CT weapon. Its cost is $3100, which is pretty expensive, but the performance is excellent. This gun deals lethal headshot damage to unarmored targets and 92 headshot damage to armored ones. 

This means it’s not enough to hit one headshot, but it’s not a problem because a second bullet will almost always hit the target and finish the job during the spray. Good players learn to master spray control, and the M4A4 is one of the most accessible guns to aim with. Unlike the AK-47, it is pretty stable.

Overall, the damage of the M4A4 is significant against unarmored targets, requiring just 4 bullets in the chest, 3 bullets in the abdomen/pelvis area, or 5 bullets in the leg to get the job done. If the target is armored, you’ll need 1 bullet more in each case except for the leg.

The reserve ammo of this CS:GO gun is 90 bullets. The magazine capacity is 30 bullets. The reload time is 3.1 seconds. The M4A4 is accurate from a maximum distance of around 28 meters.   


The M4A1-S is very similar to the M4A4, except it deals more damage at the expense of a much smaller magazine capacity: 20 bullets instead of 30. This gun is also a bit more accurate and costs less money ($2900), so it’s often a matter not just of personal preference but also of necessity to buy it.

Most players have gotten used to the M4A4, so they find it hard to transition to the M4A1-S despite its recent buffs. But there’s another reason: the larger magazine capacity of the M4A4 is often crucial. 

Counter-Terrorists need to guard either bombsite A or bombsite B. And when the fighting starts, 30 bullets is definitely enough, but 20 might not be. If you’re in a 1 vs. 3 situation, you need every bullet in your magazine to get the job done.

The M4A1-S does not kill armored targets with one headshot, so pro players prefer to swap it for an AK-47. But its damage is still good. Against unarmored targets, you’ll need to land 3 bullets in the chest/arm area, 3 in the abdomen/pelvis area/ and 4 bullets in the leg. 

Armored targets require more effort, translated into one more bullet in each case, except for the leg area.


The AUG is a prevalent Counter-Terrorist weapon that gets bought sometimes if the round tactic requires it. Thanks to its scope, this gun can help you easily hit targets from afar. It’s practically an automated sniper but with lower damage.

The fantastic feature of the AUG is its headshot damage against armored targets. Like the AK-47, this gun kills with just 1 bullet. However, if you shoot for the chest, arms, abdomen, pelvis, or legs, the damage is much lower, and you’ll need around 4-5 bullets in every case to get the job done.

The significant disadvantage of the AUG is its price. At $3300, this gun is costly and will often get neglected by pro players. The economy plays a huge role in professional CS:GO, and a team cannot afford to waste money just because it has a slight advantage.

However, if you’re not competing in the top 4 divisions and your aim is far from perfect, the AUG could significantly improve it thanks to its scope. And you may learn how to headshot players more quickly this way.

SG 553

The SG 553 is the T-side’s equivalent of the AUG. This rifle has a relatively slow rate of fire (545 rounds per minute) but deals very high damage and can kill with just 1 bullet, even if the target has a helmet. 

One of the great features of the SG 553 is its armor penetration. Most guns significantly reduce their damage by armor, but this one ignores it completely. As a result, if you suspect you’re playing against fully armored players, you can buy it and render their armor purchase useless.

The SG 553 has a decent price ($3000) and is perfectly affordable for the T side. However, the fact that it competes against the AK-47 makes it a rare choice at the highest competitive level. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t buy it in ranked matches. 

The more novice you are, the better off you will be if you use this gun instead of an AK-47. Because with the AK, you will most likely miss all the time from afar, while the SG 553 will allow you to kill targets with ease, thanks to its scope. 


The AWP is easily the best gun in CS:GO and has been for several years. This gun deals massive damage and kills instantly. The only exception is the leg hit, which deals 85 damage.

Famous players, such as s1mple and m0NESY, love this gun. It’s their personal favorite, and it has made them famous all over the world.

Some of the best skins in CS:GO are AWP skins. The most popular one is the AWP Dragon Lore, which costs somewhere around $2000.

The AWP is a great weapon, but it has several weaknesses. First of all, its rate of fire is 41 rounds per minute, which is extremely slow. The second problem is that it’s fragile at close range unless you’re very good with it. The third problem is that it costs a fortune. At $4750 this is by far the most expensive practical gun in the game.

When you buy the AWP, you need to synchronize well with your team. Without proper support, you will die very quickly and waste your money. Another thing to keep in mind is that you often need to buy a pistol together with this gun. Otherwise, in many scenarios, you cannot win the round.

Professional players often make the AWP look overpowered. And in many ways it is. But in the hands of a beginner, this gun tends to look ridiculous and have 0 impacts on a team’s success.

Before trying to be the next s1mple, ensure you’ve practiced your AIM on training maps. Don’t just start playing CS:GO with the AWP. In the Silver bracket, this gun will make you lose maps more often than you think.