CS GO Weapons For Beginners

Valve’s most popular production, CSGO, is a game with plenty of competition and action, as everyone knows. In this game, your skill and tactical moves come first among the factors determining your skill. But is this alone enough? Of course not. Here, we can say that the essential elements are the weapons used. It is also important how you use these weapons. This is why we wanted to prepare a guide by introducing CS GO weapons for beginners.

You may be bored with other classic games and looking for new thrills, or you want to play CSGO, but you may not know about weapons. Don’t worry; we have prepared a list of the most used weapons in CSGO. If you are ready now, let’s get started and look at the details of our guide.

1. AK-47

CS GO Weapons For Beginners

The AK-47 will probably be the most iconic choice for those new to CS GO when describing weapons. Even if your opponents are armored, you can kill the opponent with a single bullet if you manage to shoot headshots at the appropriate distance.

Although the AK-47 can recoil in spray shots at opponents at a distance, it is one of the most effective weapons at close range. We also think it would be good to remind you again. Because when you manage to control the recoil, you can shoot great sprays.

It can also be useful to spray transfer in short-range fights and when you have more than one opponent. Although it is difficult to hit the head while spraying, you can kill your opponents in a short time if you hit them. Since the recoil will increase when spraying, try to shoot down from the targeted area after firing the first few bullets.

Also, the biggest mistake of beginners is aiming directly at the head with the AK-47. If you are not a professional player, this could be a huge mistake you made. Because the gun will start to bounce incredibly after a few bullets you fire. It would help if you started shooting from the body or neck to prevent this. With the AK-47’s recoil, your shots will hit the enemy’s head directly after the first few bullets.

You can see all the details of the AK-47 spray pattern in the video below. It can be beneficial to develop muscle memory for such high-recoil weapons. After watching the video, you will understand better what we mean.

2. M4A4

We think the M4A4 is one of the best weapons for beginners and CT players in CS GO. When the first shot is fired, the bullets reach the target very well. But after that, it shows disintegration.

Since it is a weapon that inflicts 98 damage in 4 hits, it is very important to hit the bullets in your first shots. If you can’t hit it, all you have to do is try to take a headshot.

It is a very suitable weapon for spraying at short, medium, and long distances. These features make this weapon one of the most preferred weapons in CSGO. Let’s not forget to remind. For beginners, it may be to your advantage to choose the one with a silencer.

Because when you make a move with the silenced M4A1-S, you will not reveal your place on the map. Since the M4A4 is a somewhat loud weapon, you may have problems positioning in 1v2s. But overall, we can say that the M4A4 is one of the easiest weapons for beginners in CS GO.

Have you ever checked your CSGO FOV settings before? You can check out tips for using CS:GO FOV while improving your gaming skill. Maybe you can find settings that will contribute to your gameplay style.

3. CZ75-Auto

CS GO Weapons For Beginners

It is a mid-range weapon in terms of damage and accuracy. Deals effective damage to nearby enemies. You can kill the opponent with 3-4 bullets when a headshot is made. It also has less recoil at this distance.

However, we can say that it is challenging to control the recoil at medium and long distances. Still, we think it will be liked by those who want to fight up close.

One of the most significant advantages of the CZ75-Auto is the number of rounds. This pistol can save your life, especially if you clash with more than one enemy in pistol rounds. It has a very useful amount of ammo for those who like long-term battles.

Some may also not want to prefer it because it is almost difficult to make headshots at medium and long distances. In addition, since your accuracy will decrease at medium and long distances, your damage will also decrease.

4. PP-Bizon

If you like rapid-fire weapons, the PP-Bizon can be your best beginner gear in CS GO. It is suitable for long-term battles with its quick reload power. In addition, we can say that it will not give the desired results when considering terms of damage.

The most significant advantage is that it allows accurate shooting even while on the move. It is an ideal weapon for close and medium-range use.

With its high magazine capacity, it will allow you to shoot a large number of shots at the opponent. In addition, if you can shoot a headshot at the appropriate distance, we can say that the probability of killing your opponent is very high.

However, always try to use a gun where you can shoot your enemies at close range. You cannot hit almost any bullets at long and medium distances.

5. AWP

CS GO Weapons For Beginners

The AWP is one of the weapons most players fear using and being on the opposing team. You probably don’t want to move from your place if you heard its voice in the game. With a single shot, you die instantly at all distances, with or without armor.

AWP is risky to use at this point, even if it hits one shot. The most important reason for the risk is that it is expensive and ineffective in close-range conflicts. If you die, you lose almost two rounds of money.

Also, carrying the AWP will make your move significantly slower. Therefore, it may be a tactical move to choose a lighter weapon in the moves made toward the opponent in the game. For example, try to use a simple pistol on the go. When you come into contact with the enemy, you can switch directly to AWP.

In addition to all these, we would like to give you essential technical information. As the reload is slow, you should pay attention to your distance from your opponents.  When your competitors realize you’re using AWP, they can disappear. At this point, you will need to prepare for close combat with a pistol in your hand.

All in all, AWP could be one of the best weapons in CS GO. Although it is difficult for new players to use, we think you can learn quickly. Your opponents will not be professional players either 🙂

6. MAC-10

The MAC-10 is one of the weapons that people use for fun in competitions. Although most users do not prefer it, this weapon also has advantages. It seems unimportant as it is not known how to use it by users. That’s why we included the MAC-10 in our list. We will also try to explain some tips and tricks you need to know about the gun.

It is in the submachine gun group used by terrorists. Shooting at close ranges can inflict serious damage on a hit. But you definitely won’t see the same performance at medium and long distances. Although the magazine reload speed is good, we would like to say that your accuracy will decrease as it will have a lot of recoil outside of close range.

7. M4A1-S

We think the M4A1-S is one of the easiest weapons to use for CS GO beginners. The silencer mechanism in its barrel will keep you hidden in attacks against opponents, albeit a little. If you want to achieve high accuracy with the M4A1-S, you should shoot one by one.

For example, try to wait a few seconds after every 3-4 bullets. Then you can continue your shooting. If you keep shooting continuously, you will probably never be able to target your opponents due to the recoil.

Nevertheless, we can say that the M4A1-S is highly suitable for new users in terms of firing and magazine change speed. Since the recoil is low in close moves to the opponent, your hit rate may increase.

In addition, you can use it comfortably at medium and long distances, as the bullet spread rate is low. In addition, when you encounter more than one opponent in the game, it is easier to spray with the M4A1-S than with the AK-47.

8. Dual Berettas

Dual Berettas is the pistol most commonly used by Terrorists in CSGO. Since its weight is less, you can move faster against your opponents. In addition, although it is fast in terms of firing and magazine speed, we can say that it is almost impossible to use it outside of close range. Even though your headshots will do high damage, every other shot will inflict mini damage to the opponent.

The most significant advantage of this weapon is that it allows you to move quickly in the game. We think it will be helpful to have on you in addition to your primary weapon. However, you should not expect high performance for Dual Berettas as in Deagle.

9. Desert Eagle

Desert Eagle is one of the best iconic weapons for CS GO beginners. Whether close or far, you can inflict incredibly high damage on your opponents on hit. We can say that this semi-automatic pistol is also very useful in terms of speed.

In addition, this weapon will make it a little difficult for you to make a move against your opponents with its low bullet count and high recoil. However, Desert Eagle is powerful enough to kill your opponent with a single bullet hit to the head. In addition to all these, since it is a light gun, you have the chance to move faster.

Finally, when you encounter the enemy, always try to fix your aim on the head. As we just mentioned, no matter what, a single bullet you hit on the head will kill the opponent.

10. M249

The M249 is one of the most powerful machine guns used in-game in CSGO. We can say that it has a large magazine capacity and a large amount of spare ammunition. In addition, due to its heavy machinery, its magazine is long and quite heavy. Considering these features, the M249 is not often used in the game. In addition, since it is a heavy weapon, you are likely to be a little slow against your opponents in the game. As a matter of fact, this situation will make you an open target in the game.

Also, the M249 can be incredibly deadly on hit. Even if your opponents are wearing helmets, you can witness how deadly it is when you take headshots at close range. However, we would like to remind you that the M249 applies a very high recoil. This will greatly reduce the hit rate of your bullets in your attacks on the opponent.

Bonus: Best Way to Learn About Weapons as a Beginner

None of us are professional CSGO players. We all make mistakes and sometimes have difficulties in learning. This is exactly why we wanted to tell you the best way to learn about weapons for beginners in CS GO. In total, we will try to talk about three important ways. If you’re ready, let’s start.

1. Practice on Aim Training Maps

Practicing on aim training maps that you can download from the workshop will significantly improve you. You can do aim development for hours by choosing the weapon you want. You can even learn the spray pattern of weapons on some maps. Remember that spray patterns will also help you develop muscle memory.

2. Practice with Bots

As you know, CSGO allows you to train with bots offline. You can practice as you like by increasing the difficulty level of the bots. Just like in aim training maps, you have the chance to specialize in the weapon you want.

3. Play Deathmatch

As you know, DM in CSGO is a game mode where you can respawn continuously after you die. By choosing any weapon, you have the chance to clash with dozens of people. Since you will be in close contact with the enemy constantly, your reflexes can improve. Also, since your weapon ability will increase, you can play more comfortable games when you enter ranked. In short, DM mode is one of the best ways to master a weapon.

Final Words

CSGO has been known for years as one of the most important FPS games in the world. Its competitive structure, Esports aspect, and ranking system attracts players. In addition, thanks to its extensive in-game mechanics, it remains constantly up-to-date.

That’s exactly why we wanted to discuss the best weapons in CS GO for beginners. In our guide, we tried to list the most commonly used weapons by the community as much as possible.

We also think that we have prepared a great beginner’s guide with little tricks for weapons. If you have anything to add to our guide, please feel free to comment. That’s all from us for now; see you with new CSGO guides in the coming days. Goodbye.