CS2 Nuke Smokes: Best Lineups For Nuke Smokes

Master the art of CS2 Nuke smokes and gain the upper hand in Counter-Strike 2. Learn the best smokes for Nuke and execute them with precision.

Nuke in Counter-Strike 2 is one of those maps that demands precision, strategy, and a solid grasp of smokes to control key areas and gain the upper hand. Let’s dive into the best CS2 smokes for Nuke, breaking down how to execute them.

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T-Side CS2 Nuke Smokes

When playing as a Terrorist on Nuke, your primary goal is to control key areas, cut off CT vision, and create safe paths for your team to execute site pushes or fakes.

Effective CS2 smoke usage can disrupt CT defenses, forcing them to reposition and giving your team the upper hand.

1. Red Lineup

Red Lineup

Purpose: This smoke is essential for gaining control over outside. By smoking off the red container area, you cut off sightlines from A site to outside, allowing your team to advance without being picked off by AWPers or rifles.

How to Execute: Stand at T spawn and aim at the designated spot near the red container. Release the smoke to cover the area effectively.

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2. Red Wall 1 Lineup

Red Wall 1 Lineup

Purpose: This smoke creates a wall blocking off the entire red container area from CT view, giving your team safe passage outside. It’s great for setting up an outside push or a fake.

How to Execute: From T spawn, aim at the first point on the right-most window on top of red container wall and jump throw the smoke. This creates the first part of the smoke wall.

3. Red Wall 2 Lineup

Red Wall 2 Lineup

Purpose: Complementing the first smoke, this one completes the wall, ensuring maximum coverage and safety for your team to move outside.

How to Execute: From the same position, aim at the start of the railing on the red container wall and throw the smoke. The combined effect of both smokes creates a solid barrier.

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4. A Main Outside Lineup

A Main Outside Lineup

Purpose: Smoking A main from outside provides a safe path to push into A site or fake a push, disrupting CT defenses and rotations.

How to Execute: Stand outside near the box again and aim at the designated spot towards A main. Release the smoke to block off A main from outside view.

5. Outside Garage Lineup

Outside Garage Lineup

Purpose: This smoke is crucial for taking control of the garage area, preventing CTs from holding aggressive positions and peeking outside.

How to Execute: Position yourself at T spawn and aim towards the left-most window entrance. Jump throw the smoke to block off CT vision from garage.

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6. Main Inside Lineup

Main Inside Lineup

Purpose: Smoking A main from inside the building ensures that CTs holding defensive positions inside the A site have their vision obstructed, allowing for a safer push.

How to Execute: Stand on top of the building near A main, aim at the designated spot, and release the smoke. This covers the A main entrance from the inside.

CT-Side CS2 Nuke Smokes

As a Counter-Terrorist on Nuke, your main objective is to control key choke points, gather information early, and use smokes to stall or redirect T pushes.

Strategic smoke placement can deny entry to critical areas, allowing your team to maintain control and set up effective defenses.

1. Under Silo Lineup

Under Silo Lineup

Purpose: Smoking under the silo denies Ts vision and entry points to A site, making it harder for them to push without taking risks.

How to Execute: Position yourself under the silo, aim at the desired spot, and throw the smoke to cover the area effectively.

2. T Red Lineup

 T Red Lineup

Purpose: This smoke is great for disrupting T side’s early control and pushes, especially if they aim to take outside control.

How to Execute: From CT spawn, aim towards the blue container area and throw the smoke to obstruct their vision and movements.

3. Trophy Room Lineup

Trophy Room Lineup

Purpose: Smoking the trophy room helps control ramp pushes from Ts, giving your team better control and information.

How to Execute: Stand near ramp, aim at the trophy room entrance, and throw the smoke to cover it.

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Deadly CS2 Nuke Molotoves

These, although are not CS2 nuke smokes, can be executed by anyone, as long as you have the positioning to pull them off:

1. Hut Molotov Lineup

Hut Molotov Lineup

Purpose: A molotov for the hut area to prevent enemies from rushing A site through the hut, buying your team time to set up defenses.

How to Execute: Position yourself in the entry point, aim at the silos, and throw the molotov to cover it with flames.

2. Squeaky Molotov Lineup

 Squeaky Molotov Lineup

Purpose: Similar to the hut molotov, this one is aimed at the squeaky door to prevent quick rushes and force enemies to take different routes.

How to Execute: Stand at the A site, aim at the small containers, and throw the molotov to cover the entrance.


Mastering these smokes on Nuke can elevate your gameplay, giving you control over crucial areas and helping your team execute strategies more effectively. Whether you’re pushing as a T or defending as a CT, these smokes provide the tactical advantage needed to dominate the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Smoke Mini Nuke CS2?

To smoke Mini in Nuke, position yourself outside near T Red and aim at the corner of the roof above Mini. Throw the smoke to block off the entrance, cutting off CT vision and access to A site.

How to Molly Hut Nuke CS2?

To molly Hut on Nuke, stand at the back of A site, aim at the roof above the Hut door, and throw the molotov. This will spread fire inside the Hut, preventing Ts from rushing through that entry point.

How to Set Up Smoke Practice CS2?

Set up smoke practice in CS2 by enabling the Developer Console, then enter “sv_cheats 1” to enable cheats, and “mp_roundtime_defuse 60” to extend the round time. Practice throwing smokes with unlimited time to perfect your lineups.

How to Fly Around in CS2 Practice?

To fly around in CS2 practice, enable the Developer Console in-game settings, then use the command “noclip.” This allows you to move freely through the map without collision, perfect for exploring and setting up strategies.

What is the Command for Infinite Smoke?

To get infinite smoke grenades, first use the command “sv_infinite_ammo 1” to enable infinite ammo. Then, use “give weapon_smokegrenade” to get a smoke grenade, allowing you to practice without running out of grenades.

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