Master CS2 Mirage Smokes

Are you ready to gain a strategic advantage on Mirage in Counte­r-Strike 2? Mastering CS2 Mirage Smokes is an essential part of the game, and this guide is here to help you do exactly that.

Key Takeaways

  • Proper execution of A-Site smoke strategies—including Jungle, Stairs, and CT smokes—is vital for gaining a tactical advantage and safe entry onto the site in CS2 Mirage.
  • Mid control on Mirage is often crucial for victory and can be achieved with accurate smoke lineups for the Window, Connector, and Top Mid areas to restrict opponent vision and movements.
  • Securing B-Site requires essential smokes at Market Window, Market Door, and B Short to isolate enemy positions and facilitate a strategic site push, complemented by the use of Flashbangs and Molotovs for A-Site execution.

Mastering A-Site Smokes on Mirage in CS2

A site on Mirage in CS2 is a hotbed for strategic play. Gaining an edge over your opponents requires you to master smoke at this location. By effectively controlling sightlines and isolating defenders, smoke can shift the momentum of the match in your favor.

The key smoke you need to master for an A-Site strategy are the Jungle smoke, Stairs smoke, and CT smoke. These smokes cover critical angles, making your push onto the site safer.

The CT smoke stands as a prime example among vital smoke lineups. It requires a jump throw from the corner of the wall near T-Spawn, aiming at the protruding beam of the tower. The Jungle and Stairs smoke, like the CT smoke, is essential for obstructing key defender angles and facilitating entry into the A-site.

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Perfect CT Smoke Lineup

To execute the perfect CT smoke lineup on Mirage A-Site in CS2, you need to locate the vertical line on the wall at the corner leading to the ramp and align the smoke accordingly before throwing it. This is a key lineup for the CT smoke and an alternative option for different smokes, making it one of the best smoke lineups for the A site.

When deploying a CT smoke on Mirage A-Site, timing carries substantial importance. However, be cautious of common mistakes such as improper alignment of the smoke, neglecting to resmoke CT while taking A-site, and not utilizing Molotovs to clear common CT positions.

Jungle Smoke Mastery

The Jungle smoke has become easier to execute with the recent smokes in CS2 now covering a larger area. This has made it simpler to gain a head-round advantage in the match. The main objective of using this smoke is to target Jungle.

Securing control of Mirage A-Site and strategically isolating enemy positions hinge on proficiency in executing this smoke.

To execute, proceed up the steps from the Stairs smoke and around the corner to the starting point of the second window. Perform a left-click throw and you’ll have mastered the Jungle smoke.

Interestingly, the Jungle/Connector smoke can be executed from the same location as the A Stairs smoke, offering a strategic edge to proficient players familiar with the A-Site smoke lineups.

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CS2 Mirage smokes

Stairs Smoke Execution

Teammates can gain control of A site from Palace with the execution of a Stair smoke on Mirage A-Site in CS2. To correctly align your smoke, stand at the start of the door frame on the wall.

To execute, aim between the wooden planks near TT’s spawn and perform a left-click throw. Alternatively, you could achieve a different lineup by jump-throwing at the top of the building. The intended destination of this smoke is the stairs.

Dominating Mid on Mirage with Smokes

CS2 Mirage smokes

Exerting control over Mid on Mirage is imperative. Without it, the CTs have the opportunity to stack onto a site or flank the attackers before they can execute their strategies with smoke. The key smokes for dominating mid are Window, Connector, and Top Mid smokes.

Asserting mid-control necessitates the execution of the following smoke lineups:

  1. Window smoke: It obstructs visibility from the mid window and facilitates advancement through the mid while minimizing exposure to defenders.
  2. Top Connector Smoke: It helps to displace CTs from important map areas, enabling attackers to move through or advance up Short with lower risk.
  3. Top-mid smoke: It enables teammates to safely move towards the Cart area without being detected or fired upon by the player holding from the Window position.

Window Smoke Precision

Effective execution of the Window smoke lineup is pivotal to asserting mid-control. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Position yourself to the left of the bin on TT’s Spawn.
  2. Aim at the top right of the door.
  3. Tap D to move right.
  4. Execute a jump throw.

However, be cautious of common mistakes, such as failing to wait for the screen to shake before releasing the smoke, depending on your settings. This can result in improper placement and obstruct your team’s vision.

A successful Window smoke obstructs the CT’s vision from the mid window, which is essential for restricting their access to information and enabling the T side to assert control of the mid more effectively.

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Connector Smoke Control

Gaining control over Mid can be achieved with the help of the Connector smoke. There are various lineups for executing this smoke, one of which involves standing in the corner before the stairs leading to the TV Room, aiming around the white line in the center of the rug, and performing a jump-throw.

This smoke provides strategic advantages such as limiting T movements, creating difficulties for CT site defense, and serving as a tactical tool for pushing CTs out of crucial map areas or as a distraction.

Deploying the Connector smoke requires precise timing, as it dislodges CTs from pivotal map spaces, introduces an element of surprise, and prevents the CTs from surveilling key areas on the site.

Top Mid Smoke Strategy

Gaining control over Mid necessitates the use of the Top Mid smoke strategy. To execute it, you need to move to the left of the bin and aim at the top right of the door. Then, tap D and perform a jump throw.

However, be cautious of common mistakes such as throwing the smoke excessively far, which could potentially enable opponents to jump through without being hindered by spam fraud and abuse.

Understanding the optimal smokes for a Mirage B Rush, including the B Short Smoke, is crucial as it enables the control of the B-Site by isolating specific positions, thus providing a strategic advantage for the team.

Conquering B-Site with Essential Smokes in CS2 Mirage

CS2 Mirage smokes

Conquering B-Site necessitates the use of essential smokes such as Market Window, Market Door, and B Short smokes.

The Market Window smoke is executed by performing a jump throw from the corner to the right after leaving the TV room while aiming up at the tower. Additionally, utilizing mid-boxes can provide extra cover and strategic positioning.

The Market Door smoke, on the other hand, is executed by aiming at the window on the tower and performing a jump throw. The B Short Smoke lineup is executed by releasing the smoke from the same position as the Market Smoke.

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Market Window Smoke Lineup

Facilitating a successful B-Site push relies heavily on the Market Window smoke. It obstructs the view of any awpers monitoring the apartments from the window in Market, thereby offering a strategic edge to the attacking team.

Analyzing engagement and site statistics can help teams understand the effectiveness of their strategies in such situations. To further enhance the analysis, teams can use cookies and data to track user behavior on the B-Site.

To execute the Market Window smoke, you need to locate the vertical line on the wall at the corner leading to the ramp and align the smoke accordingly before throwing it.

Be cautious of common mistakes, such as failing to throw the Market Window Smoke deep enough. This could potentially enable opponents to jump through without being hindered.

Market Door Smoke Execution

Controlling B-Site hinges on the Market Door smoke. To execute it, aim at the window on the tower and perform a jump throw. This smoke can impede the CT players’ visibility and compel them to readjust their positions, thereby interrupting their rotations and offering a tactical advantage for the T side in securing the B-Site.

B Short Smoke Strategy

Isolating enemy positions and gaining control over B-Site requires the deployment of the B Short smoke. To execute it, you need to position yourself on top of the trash can in T-spawn, aim at the top right part of the antenna, and then initiate the throw by left-clicking the smoke grenade.

An effective strategy for utilizing B Short Smoke is to deploy it after securing the top mid to maintain control and pressure positions. The B-short smoke plays a crucial role in isolating enemy positions by effectively clearing out the bench and the far corner.

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Enhancing A-Site Execution with Flashbangs and Molotovs

CS2 Mirage smokes

A-site execution can be significantly enhanced through the use of flashbangs and Molotovs. The optimal strategy for deploying flashbangs is to throw them in a manner that prevents the enemy from anticipating their trajectory. Effective techniques include:

  • Using pop-flashes
  • Throwing flashes behind teammates to blind enemies in front of them
  • Ensuring that the flashbang travels in the air out of the opponent’s sight before detonating.

Flashbang Lineups for A-Site

Gaining an advantage over your opponents can be facilitated by flashbang lineups. For a successful flashbang throw at Mirage A-Site in CS2, you need to stand at the center of the door and aim above the flashlight before executing the usual throw.

However, a common mistake to avoid is throwing the flashbangs excessively far. This could potentially allow opponents to anticipate the trajectory of the flashbang and avoid being blinded.

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Molotov Strategies for A-Site

Molotovs constitute another integral part of A-Site execution. They can be used to force enemies out of hiding spots such as Firebox and Ninja. Effective strategies for utilizing Molotovs include positioning yourself at CT spawn, aiming at the A-site boxes, and running to release the Molotov.

Another strategy is to coordinate with a teammate to prevent the enemy from planting the bomb using a Molotov while being mindful of friendly fire and maintaining clear communication.


Mastering smokes, flashbangs, and Molotovs on CS2 Mirage can significantly give you a strategic edge over your opponents, whether you’re attacking A-Site, B-Site, or trying to control Mid. With regular practice and the right techniques, you’ll be able to execute these strategies with ease and precision.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the importance of mastering A-Site smokes on Mirage in CS2?

Mastering A-Site smokes on Mirage in CS2 is crucial for gaining positional advantages and isolating defenders during an A-Site execution. It allows for control of vital sightlines.

What is the Jungle smoke, and how can it be mastered?

The Jungle Smoke on Mirage is a crucial tactic for gaining control of the A-Site and isolating enemy positions effectively. To master it, follow the instructions provided in this guide.

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