Best Negev Skins in CS2 – TOP 10

best negev skins

The Negev is one of the most rarest bought guns in CS2. Professional players never use it, but beginners sometimes have fun with it. If you’re one of the rare players who love using this weapon to feel like the Terminator, in this guide you will discover the best Negev skins in CS2.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn more about 10 of the best Negev skins in Counter-Strike 2.

Top 10 Negev Skins in CS2

Here are some of the best Negev skins in CS2:

1. Negev | Mjolnir

best negev skins
Price Range$600 – $2600
CaseThe Norse Collection

This is by far the most prestigious skin for the Negev, and a must-have for any serious collector.

View Negev | Mjolnir

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2. Negev | Anodized Navy

best negev skins
Price Range$580 – $590
CaseThe Assault Collection

The value of this skin comes from the fact that it’s relatively rare inside an extremely rare collection.

View Negev | Anodized Navy

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3. Negev | Infrastructure

best negev skins
Price Range$4.5 – $13
CaseThe 2021 Vertigo Collection

Infrastructure looks perfectly balanced from a visual standpoint, giving the Negev a war-like aura.

View Negev | Infrastructure

4. Negev | CaliCamo

best negev skins
Price Range$0.7 – $3.5
CaseThe Mirage Collection

This skin is perfect for blending in a forest environment.

View Negev | CaliCamo

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5. Negev | Dazzle

best negev skins
Price Range$0.1 – $0.5
CaseThe Gamma 2 Collection

Dazzle is sure to dazzle the eyes with its zebra patterns.

View Negev | Dazzle

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6. Negev | Bulkhead

best negev skins
Price Range$0.1 – $0.3
CaseThe 2018 Nuke Collection

The Negev looks like it’s made of gold when you use this skin.

View Negev | Bulkhead

7. Negev | Power Loader

best negev skins
Price Range$1 – $8
CaseThe Revolver Case Collection

The powerful contrast between black and yellow makes this skin stand out instantly.

View Negev | Power Loader

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8. Negev | Palm

best negev skins
Price Range$0.6 – $42
CaseThe Alpha Collection

This is another skin that makes great use of the camouflage principles.

View Negev | Palm

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9. Negev | Bratatat

best negev skins
Price Range$2 – $10
CaseThe eSports 2014 Summer Collection

The name of this skin makes you think of a shooting Negev, and the visuals live up to it.

View Negev | Bratatat

10. Negev | Lionfish

best negev skins
Price Range$0.4 – $1.6
CaseThe Clutch Collection

Lionfish resembles the famous fish with the same name and is instantly recognizable.

View Negev | Lionfish


Counter-Strike 2 offers lots of Negev skins that you can buy. Apart from the 10 models presented in this guide, Tradeit offers many more.

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How can I get Negev skins?

Via a direct purchase on Tradeit or the Steam Market. You can also open cases.

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