Best USP-S Skins in CS2 – TOP 10

The USP-S is a CS2 pistol that’s used by the CT side. This pistol can kill with just a few bullets if your aim is good. And because the pistol rounds are played without a helmet, great players will always aim for the head.

There are plenty of skins for this gun, and in this guide you will discover 10 of the best USP-S skins in CS2.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore some of the best USP-S skins in Counter-Strike 2.

Top 10 USP-S Skins in CS2

Here are some of the best USP-S skins in CS2:

1. USP-S | Whiteout

best usp-s skins
Price Range$31 – $300
CaseThe 2021 Train Collection

This elegant skin is among the best for this pistol, but you will need at least a Field Tested model to get the benefits of its design.

View USP-S | Whiteout

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2. USP-S | Target Acquired

best usp-s skins
Price Range$241 – $290
CaseThe Control Collection

Target Acquired turns you into a total hitman, but not the usual type. This skin screams at you.

View USP-S | Target Acquired

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3. USP-S | Kill Confirmed

best usp-s skins
Price Range$53 – $286
CaseThe Shadow Collection

This is a very artistic skin that mixes the image of a skull with the trajectory of a bullet. Very powerful design.

View USP-S | Kill Confirmed

4. USP-S | Orion

best usp-s skins
Price Range$44 – $90
CaseThe Huntsman Collection

Orion has a SF theme and will appeal to those who enjoy this subject.

View USP-S | Orion

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5. USP-S | Royal Blue

best usp-s skins
Price Range$15 – $96
CaseThe Cobblestone Collection

Royal Blue lives up to its name, covering your USP-S in blue.

View USP-S | Royal Blue

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6. USP-S | Overgrowth

best usp-s skins
Price Range$32 – $131
CaseThe Bravo Collection

This looks like a military pistol skin, perfectly design to maximize camouflage.

View USP-S | Overgrowth

7. USP-S | The Traitor

best usp-s skins
Price Range$14 – $89
CaseThe Shakebite Collection

The design of this skin mixes red and yellow in a powerful way.

View USP-S | The Traitor

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8. USP-S | Ancient Visions

best usp-s skins
Price Range$52 – $68
CaseThe Ancient Collection

This esoteric skin is ideal if you enjoy using eccentric designs.

View USP-S | Ancient Visions

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9. USP-S | Monster Mashup

best usp-s skins
Price Range$24 – $67
CaseThe Operation Broken Fang Collection

The playful and colorful design of this skin makes it one of the best for this pistol.

View USP-S | Monster Mashup

10. USP-S | Neo-Noir

best usp-s skins
Price Range$17 – $64
CaseThe Spectrum Collection

This is futuristic skin, designed for players who like to feel like they’ve teleported from 2100.

View USP-S | Neo-Noir


Counter-Strike 2 provides numerous USP-S skins. This guide showcased 10 of them. Go to Tradeit’s wiki to discover more.

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How can I get USP-S skins?

You can either buy them directly or try to find them by opening cases.

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