Best M249 Skins in CS2 – TOP 10

best M249 skins

The M249 is a CS2 machine gun that very few people use. However, the skins that were created for it are quite impressive and worth adding to your skin collection. In this guide, you will discover the best M249 skins in CS2.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn more about 10 of the best M249 skins in Counter-Strike 2.

Top 10 M249 Skins in CS2

Here are some of the best M249 skins in CS2:

1. M249 | Midnight Palm

best M249 skins
Price Range$4.5 – $5
CaseThe 2021 Dust 2 Collection

Midnight Palm is a perfect skin for situations in which a bit of camouflage goes a long way.

View M249 | Midnight Palm

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2. M249 | Impact Drill

best M249 skins
Price Range$1.5 – $5
CaseThe Chop Shop Collection

The emphasis placed by this skin on the gun’s magazine is absolutely brilliant.

View M249 | Impact Drill

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3. M249 | Emerald Poison Dart

best M249 skins
Price Range$2 – $4
CaseThe Spectrum Collection

Thanks to its pigmentation, this skin makes it look like the M249 is shooting poison darts.

View M249 | Emerald Poison Dart

4. M249 | Blizzard Marbleized

best M249 skins
Price Range$0.5 – $92
CaseThe Office Collection

This skin makes the M249 appear to be made of marble.

View M249 | Blizzard Marbleized

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5. M249 | System Lock

best M249 skins
Price Range$0.3 – $1.5
CaseThe Chroma Collection

The bright red gives this skin instant appeal. The overall color mix works well.

View M249 | System Lock

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6. M249 | Magma

best M249 skins
Price Range$0.3 – $2
CaseThe Winter Offensive Collection

Magma is designed to make you think that you’re shooting lava at your opponents.

View M249 | Magma

7. M249 | Jungle

best M249 skins
Price Range$3.5 – $27
CaseThe St. Marc Collection

This skin has a perfect camouflage color for fighting in the jungle.

View M249 | Jungle

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8. M249 | Nebula Crusader

best M249 skins
Price Range$1.3 – $5
CaseThe Shadow Collection

This is one of the most sophisticated visual designs for this weapon.

View M249 | Nebula Crusader

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9. M249 | Shipping Forecast

best M249 skins
Price Range$4 – $22
CaseThe Gods and Monsters Collection

The dark green, combined with the rest of the skin’s patterns, give it a distinct look.

View M249 | Shipping Forecast

10. M249 | Humidor

best M249 skins
Price Range$5 – $19
CaseThe 2021 Mirage Collection

Humidor looks a bit strange, but that differentiates it from the other skins created for this gun.

View M249 | Humidor


Counter-Strike 2 offers more than a dozen M249 skins that you can choose from. This guide presented 10 of them. The remaining models can be seen on Tradeit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which M249 skin is the best?

Blizzard Marbleized.

How can I get M249 skins?

Buy them on Tradeit or open CS2 weapon cases.

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