Best AUG Skins in CS2 – TOP 10

The AUG is not used that often in professional CS2, but we do see it quite often in pubs. Pro players don’t need it because their aim is excellent. The rest of us don’t mind having the ability to take a closer look at the enemy before we shoot.

AUG may not be as popular as the main CT rifles, but it has received quite a bit of attention over the years. There are dozens of skins available for it and in this guide, you’ll be introduced to 10 of the best AUG skins in CS2.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn more about the best AUG skins in Counter-Strike 2 and choose a model that’s right for you.

Top 10 AUG Skins in CS2

Here are some of the best AUG skins in CS2:

1. AUG | Akihabara Accept

Best AUG Skins
Price Range$540 – $9700
CaseThe Rising Sun Collection

This is the most expensive CS2 skin in this category. If you’re a collector, owning a Factory New model is a very good idea.

View AUG | Akihabara Accept

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2. AUG | Flame Jormungandr

Best AUG Skins
Price Range$100 – $475
CaseThe Norse Collection

The Norse Collection is full of amazing skins and this is one of the most prestigious, having the Restricted rarity class.

View AUG | Flame Jormungandr

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3. AUG | Hot Rod

Best AUG Skins
Price Range$700 – ?
CaseThe Assault Collection

The powerful color makes this skin stand out in any situation. Among AUG skins, Hot Rod is one of the best models.

View AUG | Hot Rod

4. AUG | Midnight Lily

Best AUG Skins
Price Range$65 – $460
CaseThe St. Marc Collection

This AUG skin is hard to find because it belongs to a rare collection. In it, it’s a Restricted item, which means the drop rate is quite low.

View AUG | Midnight Lily

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5. AUG | Copperhead

Best AUG Skins
Price Range$147 – $170
CaseThe Dust Collection

Copperhead may look a bit generic but upon closer inspection you will find a beautiful combination of nuances. Furthermore, it belongs to The Dust Collection, which makes it worthy of being collected.

View AUG | Copperhead

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6. AUG | Anodized Navy

Best AUG Skins
Price Range$25 – $58
CaseThe Alpha Collection

The Blue Navy color makes this skin spectacularly classy, even without any other symbols or patterns on it.

View AUG | Anodized Navy

7. AUG | Random Access

Best AUG Skins
Price Range$1 – $12
CaseThe 2018 Nuke Collection

Random Access uses an autumn-like color and will put you in a good mood while using the weapon.

View AUG | Random Access

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8. AUG | Sand Storm

Best AUG Skins
Price Range$59 – $100
CaseThe 2021 Mirage Collection

The name of this skin, combined with its superb metallic look, makes it very popular among CS2 fans.

View AUG | Sand Storm

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9. AUG | Bengal Tiger

Best AUG Skins
Price Range$3 – $80
CaseThe eSports 2014 Summer Collection

For those who like to look dangerous, Bengal Tiger is the perfect choice.

View AUG | Bengal Tiger

10. AUG | Carved Jade

Best AUG Skins
Price Range$28 – $43
CaseThe Ancient Collection

The green color used by the designer for this AUG skin mixes really well with the rest of the weapon, causing it to stand out in an instant.

View AUG | Carved Jade


Counter-Strike 2 offers numerous AUG skins. This guide showed you 10 of the best. You can more models on Tradeit.


Which AUG skin is the best?

It’s hard to put any model above Akihabara Accept.

How can I get AUG skins?

Given the rarity of the best models, it’s a good idea to buy them directly on Tradeit. Otherwise you might need to open hundreds of cases.

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