Best Classic Knife Skins in CS2 – TOP 10

The Classic Knife is one of the most basic types of knives in Counte­r-Strike 2. Most players prefer a Butterfly Knife or a Karambit, so the Classic Knife doesn’t get that much attention. But the CS2 knife skins that exist for this knife are very beautiful.

There are around a dozen different models to choose from and in this guide you will discover the best Classic Knife skins in CS2.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn more about the­ best 10 Classic Knife skins in Counter-Strike 2 and choose a model that’s appropriate for your tastes and budget.

Top 10 Classic Knife Skins in CS2

The best part about Classic Knife­ skins is that they’re cheap compared to most of the other knife skins in CS2. You can get a great model for $300 – $500. If you’ve been playing Counter-Strike for many years and would like to go back to using the Classic Knife, the 10 Classic Knife skins presented below will come in handy.

1. Classic Knife | Fade

Best Classic Knife Skins
Price Range$1300 – $1315
CaseCS20 Case

Fade is CS2 skin that people instantly recognize. Its fabulous gradient effect and combination of colors make it stand out in any situation. The Classic Knife is perfect for it because of its large blade.

View Classic Knife | Fade

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2. Classic Knife | Slaughter

Best Classic Knife Skins
Price Range$595 – $715
CaseCS20 Case

Slaughter is one of the most futuristic and terrifying skins for the Classic Knife. The stripes, combined with its color, make the weapon feel almost surreal.

View Classic Knife | Slaughter

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3. Classic Knife | Case Hardened

Best Classic Knife Skins
Price Range$360 – $690
CaseCS20 Case

If you enjoy using a knife with a rugged appearance, this skin is absolutely perfect. Some patterns are more rare and valuable than others.

View Classic Knife | Case Hardened

4. Classic Knife | Crimson Web

Best Classic Knife Skins
Price Range$465 – $2460
CaseCS20 Case

Crimson Web is synonymous with elegance, but it also has a fear element to it. The blood-like color immediately makes you realize that this knife was designed to be a dangerous weapon.

View Classic Knife | Crimson Web

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5. Classic Knife | Blue Steel

Best Classic Knife Skins
Price Range$300 – $500
CaseCS20 Case

Blue Steel is one of the most basic skins for the Classic Knife, but it still adds a unique visual style to it. Some players really enjoy using this model.

View Classic Knife | Blue Steel

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6. Classic Knife | Night Stripe

Best Classic Knife Skins
Price Range$280 – $690
CaseCS20 Case

Night Stripe is perfect if you like minimalism and stealth. This skin will not stand out and that’s exactly the goal.

View Classic Knife | Night Stripe

7. Classic Knife | Boreal Forest

Best Classic Knife Skins
Price Range$215 – $300
CaseCS20 Case

Boreal Forest is ideal for some of the newer CS2 maps and will add an element of camouflage to your agent.

View Classic Knife | Boreal Forest

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8. Classic Knife | Stained

Best Classic Knife Skins
Price Range$280 – $485
CaseCS20 Case

The metallic aspect of this skin makes it both beautiful and powerful at the same time. Stainless steel is very strong and durable, so having this skin on your Classic Knife will probably change your mood a little bit.

View Classic Knife | Stained

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9. Classic Knife | Forest DDPAT

Best Classic Knife Skins
Price Range$215 – $225
CaseCS20 Case

Forest DDPAT provides a slightly different style of camouflage and is considerably cheaper than its sister, Boreal Forest.

View Classic Knife | Forest DDPAT

10. Classic Knife | Scorched

Best Classic Knife Skins
Price Range$200 – $325
CaseCS20 Case

Scorched, as the name suggests, gives your Classic Knife a scorched aspect. Its blade looks like it’s been sitting in ashes for a long time.

View Classic Knife | Scorched


Classic Knife­ skins in CS2 offer players a relatively cheap way to customize their Classic Knife. Find a model that you enjoy using and you can greatly improve the look and feel of this weapon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most expensive Classic knife in CS2?

The Classic Knife | Crimson Web (Factory New) is by far the most expensive option.

What is the best knife in CS2?

Most players agree that the Butterfly Knife is the best, although some prefer the Karambit.

Why are knife skins so expensive?

It’s because of the­ir rarity. Being in high demand and difficult to find in weapon cases drives the price up significantly.

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