Best MP5-SD Skins in CS2 – TOP 10

The MP5-SD is a gun that players purchase either in desperate force-buy rounds or in anti-eco rounds. As a result, it’s far from being one of the most popular in CS2. But designers have dedicated a lot of time to create beautiful skins for it.

In this guide, you will see 10 of the best MP5-SD skins in CS2.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the best MP5-SD skins in Counter-Strike 2 and where you can find them.

Top 10 MP5-SD Skins in CS2

Here are some of the best MP5-SD skins in CS2:

1. MP5-SD | Phosphor

best mp5-sd skins
Price Range$4 – $13
CaseThe Danger Zone Collection

This skin looks radioactive, and that adds to its aura of danger.

View MP5-SD | Phosphor

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2. MP5-SD | Kitbash

best mp5-sd skins
Price Range$0.5 – $2
CaseThe Fracture Collection

Making a skin that gives your MP5-SD the image of a bandaged patient was a very original and impressive idea.

View MP5-SD | Kitbash

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3. MP5-SD | Oxide Oasis

best mp5-sd skins
Price Range$542 – $586
CaseThe 2021 Mirage Collection

Just as the name of this skin suggests, it seems to oxidize parts of the gun, making it appear rusty.

View MP5-SD | Oxide Oasis

4. MP5-SD | Bamboo Garden

best mp5-sd skins
Price Range$4 – $6
CaseThe St. Marc Collection

You gotta love the little bamboo trees depicted on this skin. They’re absolutely fabulous.

View MP5-SD | Bamboo Garden

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5. MP5-SD | Autumn Twilly

best mp5-sd skins
Price Range$5 – $10
CaseThe 2021 Train Collection

This skin has one of the most intricate designs on this list.

View MP5-SD | Autumn Twilly

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6. MP5-SD | Co-Processor

best mp5-sd skins
Price Range$0.7 – $1.5
CaseThe 2018 Nuke Collection

Co-Processor is minimalistic and elegant. And the best part is that it’s very cheap.

View MP5-SD | Co-Processor

7. MP5-SD | Acid Wash

best mp5-sd skins
Price Range$1.5 – $2.5
CaseThe Shattered Web Collection

This is another skin that plays with the metallic aspect of the MP5-SD.

View MP5-SD | Acid Wash

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8. MP5-SD | Gauss

best mp5-sd skins
Price Range$0.3 – $2
CaseThe Prisma Collection

Gauss is instantly recognizable thanks to the color of the handle.

View MP5-SD | Gauss

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9. MP5-SD | Agent

best mp5-sd skins
Price Range$1 – $4.5
CaseThe CS20 Collection

Agent’s yellow lines, combined with the black color of the gun, makes it stand out with ease.

View MP5-SD | Agent

10. MP5-SD | Condition Zero

best mp5-sd skins
Price Range$0.6 – $2.2
CaseThe Operation Broken Fang Collection

This is another successful attempt to mix black and yellow, but the emphasis falls on the tip of the gun.

View MP5-SD | Condition Zero


Counter-Strike 2 features more than a dozen different MP5-SD skins. In this guide, you were introduced to 10 of them. The remaining models can be seen on Tradeit’s wiki.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which MP5-SD skin is the best?

Oxide Oasis.

How can I get MP5-SD skins?

Open cases or buy them directly on Tradeit.

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