20 Most Used CS2 Animal Stickers

csgo animal stickers

First of all, there are dozens of animal stickers in CS2. Most of these stickers are based on Internet memes. At the same time, colorful stickers of some wild and predatory animal species are included in some capsules.

Moreover, we are introducing many stickers that can inspire players who want to create a collection or a new CS2 animal sticker inventory. Let’s take a closer look at CS2 animal stickers, some of which are cute and some of them predatory.

Howling Dawn

Firstly, The Howling Dawn Sticker is one of the most expensive and cool stickers in CS2. Red and yellow tones were decorated with the image of a dragon roaring in flames. It is an extremely rare sticker. You may need to order it on the community market if you want to get it so that if it becomes available, you’ll acquire it automatically. Also, this sticker is part of “Stickers Without Capsule, ” meaning it’s no longer dropping from a capsule.

This comes first in our list due to the same reason M4A4 | Howl came first for the animal skins, it’s an extreme rarity.

Price Range: $2,440.99 – $1,630.00

Mastermind (Holo)

A hunting spider is also wonderfully adorned in shades of pink, purple, and dark blue. This sticker has started to take its place in the inventory as part of the “Shattered Web Sticker Collection“. Furthermore, you can use it in harmony with your purple and off-tone skins.

Price Range: $0.45 – $0.30

Basilisk (Foil)

Would you like to own a basilisk that will kill your enemies with a single glance? With the vitality brought by the foil stickers, the purple tones of the basilisk emerged, and a beautiful image formed. You can get this sticker by opening the “Bestiary Capsule“.

Price Range: $4.79 – $3.22

Free Hugs (Holo)

A monstrous octopus with its sharp teeth and vibrant purple colors is ready to embrace you. By making him your friend, you can decorate your best weapons. You can get this sticker from community markets or sites like Tradeit.gg at a discount and by purchasing the “Feral Predators Capsule“.

Price Range $1.39 – $0.68


The Fearsome Sticker appears as a roaring animal figure with scary teeth in purple flames. It became publicly available with “Sticker Capsule” on February 5, 2014. In addition, the Fearsome Holo version has a very aesthetic appearance.

Price Range: $3.18 – $0.59


The 3-headed dogs from hell look extremely scary. If you have this sticker in your inventory, you can use it in harmony with the Galil AR Cerberus skin. In addition, if you want to have the sticker, you must open the Sticker Capsule that became publicly available on February 5, 2014 or buy it directly from the steam market or at Tradeit.gg.

Price Range: $1.22 – $0.40

Coiled Strike (Holo)

The first thing that catches your attention on the sticker is a snake wrapped around the blade, using its poisonous forked tongue with wonderful color tones. Moreover, it became publicly available on December 3, 2020. The Coiled Strike sticker is part of the “Broken Fang Sticker Collection” capsule.

Price Range: $1.17 – $0.29

Bomb Doge

The famous dog of DogeCoin has come to bring luck to your game and weapon accuracy. With the green soldier helmet on his head and his sweet look, it may be the kind of sticker you want to add to your inventory. Furthermore, it became publicly available on May 1, 2014 as part of “Community Sticker Capsule 1“.

Price Range: $4.08 – $2.88

Sneaky Beaky Like

This yellow chick with its black mask and scary eyes was included in the game as a member of “Community Sticker Capsule 1” on May 1, 2014. Also, if you are collecting CS2 animal stickers, this sticker should definitely be in your inventory.

Price Range: $1.22 – $0.44

Toxic (Foil)

Toxic sticker has designs of different shades of green, blue and orange. The colors were used on a snake with sharp fangs that opened its mouth to swallow its opponent. Moreover, if you want to buy this sticker, you can check the prices or try your luck by opening the “Feral Predators Capsule“.

Price Range: $5.90 – $3.24

Lurker (Foil)

This sticker is a wolf’s head designed with a turquoise mane, sharp tongue, and stare that we feel is hungry. In addition, you can access the Lurkera “Feral Predators Capsule“, which became publicly available on March 29, 2019.

Price Range: $4.76 – $2.78

Bite Me

The Bite me sticker consists of a bear figure decorated with yellow and red tones. Moreover, Bite me, an important part of the wild animals’ sticker series went on sale with the “Feral Predators Capsule” on March 29, 2019.

Price Range: $3.01 – $1.70


Another member of the wild CS2 animal stickers is Baited. It is designed by painting different shades of light blue and green. It became publicly available on March 29, 2019, as in other wild animal stickers. Also, it is part of the “Feral Predators Capsule“.

Price Range: $2.15 – $0.24

War Penguin

Wouldn’t you like a battle penguin to accompany you in your competitive fight in CS2? You’ll want to have this sticker with the M4A1 on its back and the explosion effect together making a furious pose. In addition, The War Penguin sticker became publicly available on September 30, 2014, as a product of the Community Stickers Series 2 capsule.

Price Range: $1.82 – $0.81

Cat Call

It is designed as a result of painting a group of cats with shades of orange, black and blue. You will want to have the Cat Call sticker in your inventory with its funny image reminiscent of anime drawings. Also, if you want to have this sticker, you can open the Community Stickers Series 2 capsule or buy it directly.

Price Range: $1.10 – $0.82


Do you want a screaming mountain goat in your CS2 inventory? If your answer is yes, “Baaa-ckstabber!” is an animal sticker just for you. In addition, if you want to have this sticker, you need to open the Community Stickers Series 5 capsule, which became publicly available on April 28, 2015.

Price Range: $1.20 – $0.50

Doru The Fox

Firstly, Doru is a naive and friendly fox who avoids fighting. If you are collecting a cute CS2 collection, Doru The Fox should definitely be in your inventory. Besides, this sticker is available to players with the Community Stickers Series 5 capsule.

Price Range: $1.82 – $0.89

Hamster Hawk

We would like to introduce you to an interesting hamster that came from a dystopian universe, Hamster Hawk! With its rainbow-like hair and bewildered look, this sticker is something that anyone would love to stick on their gun. Moreover, it is contained in the Community Graffiti Box 1 capsule. You can also buy it the normal way.

Price Range: $1.40 – $0.81

One Sting

Scorpions have frightening appearances and poisonous stings. However, you can stick the One Sting sticker on your most frequently used weapon as a reflection of your skills in CS2. Furthermore, it is a sticker that should be obtained by those who collect animal stickers. It was revealed in CS2 on March 29, 2019, as a feral member of the “Feral Predators Capsule“.

Price Range: $0.39 – $0.22

Chicken Lover

Chickens have always been the most famous of the in-game figures in CS2. Chicken Lover sticker is an item frequently used by players with its troll image. It was presented to the community again with the Remarkable Patch on February 25, 2020. Moreover, you can access the other version by opening “Sticker Capsule 2“.

Price Range: $0.89 – $0.28

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