Best PP-Bizon Skins in CS2 – TOP 10

Not that many players use the PP-Bizon in CS2. But from time to time, this gun is perfect for anti-eco and force-buy rounds because it’s cheap and effective from close range. There are dozens of skins for this weapon and in this article, you will get to see the best PP-Bizon skins in CS2.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the best PP-Bizon skins in Counter-Strike 2 and and learn what makes them unique.

Top 10 PP-Bizon Skins in CS2

Here are some of the best PP-Bizon skins in CS2:

1. PP-Bizon | Bamboo Print

Best PP-Bizon Skins
Price Range$3 – $6
CaseThe Rising Sun Collection

This PP-Bizon skin looks very elegant thanks to the combination of white and gray.

View PP-Bizon | Bamboo Print

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2. PP-Bizon | Carbon Fiber

Best PP-Bizon Skins
Price Range$6 – $20
CaseThe Vertigo Collection

As the name of this skin suggests, the design seeks to give the gun a carbon-like aspect.

View PP-Bizon | Carbon Fiber

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3. PP-Bizon | Fuel Rod

Best PP-Bizon Skins
Price Range$1 – $4
CaseThe Revolver Case Collection

It’s hard to get more futuristic than this. You almost start thinking of Necrons from 40K when you look at it.

View PP-Bizon | Fuel Rod

4. PP-Bizon | Seabird

Best PP-Bizon Skins
Price Range$3 – $5
CaseThe St. Marc Collection

Seabird blends the metallic gray with a beautiful teal and makes you think of the ocean.

View PP-Bizon | Seabird

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5. PP-Bizon | Candy Apple

Best PP-Bizon Skins
Price Range$0.2 – $0.25
CaseThe 2018 Inferno Collection

Candy Apple uses a powerful mix of colors and stands out instantly thanks to the bright red.

View PP-Bizon | Candy Apple

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6. PP-Bizon | Judgement of Anubis

Best PP-Bizon Skins
Price Range$6 – $15
CaseThe Chroma 3 Collection

This skin uses a very sophisticated design, full of colors, images, and patterns.

View PP-Bizon | Judgement of Anubis

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7. PP-Bizon | Modern Hunter

Best PP-Bizon Skins
Price Range$1.2 – $140
CaseThe Militia Collection

The rugged, autumn-like visuals make this skin perfect for many CS2 maps.

View PP-Bizon | Modern Hunter

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8. PP-Bizon | Photic Zone

Best PP-Bizon Skins
Price Range$0.7 – $3
CaseThe Wildfire Collection

Photic Zone seems to turn the PP-Bizon into a laser gun.

View PP-Bizon | Photic Zone

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9. PP-Bizon | Antique

Best PP-Bizon Skins
Price Range$1.5 – $14
CaseThe Huntsman Collection

The wooden brown color, mixed with the beautiful patterns on the upper side, makes this skin an instant classic.

View PP-Bizon | Antique

10. PP-Bizon | High Roller

Best PP-Bizon Skins
Price Range$4 – $16
CaseThe Spectrum Collection

Imagine using poker chips to take down your opponents. That’s the theme of this CS2 skin.

View PP-Bizon | High Roller

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Counter-Strike 2 gives players a lot of options when it comes to PP-Bizon skins. In this guide you read about 10 of them. To see more models, read Tradeit’s wiki.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which PP-Bizon skin is the best?

Judgement of Anubis looks the coolest.

How can I get PP-Bizon skins?

PP-Bizon skins can be obtained by opening cases or by making a direct purchase.

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