Best SG 553 Skins in CS2 – TOP 10

Because of its importance in pub matches, the SG 553 has received a lot of love from CS2 skin designers. There are plenty of great SG 553 skins that you can buy in Counter-Strike 2, and in this guide you’ll discover 10 of the best.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about the best SG 553 skins in CS2 and pick the best one that you can afford.

Top 10 SG 553 Skins in CS2

Here are the best SG 553 skins in CS2:

1. SG 553 | Cyrex

Best SG 553 Skins
Price Range$6 – $30
CaseThe Falchion Collection

The mix of white, red, and black makes this skin instantly recognizable and because of that, you should consider adding it to your CS2 collection.

View SG 553 | Cyrex

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2. SG 553 | Bulldozer

Best SG 553 Skins
Price Range$67 – $310
CaseThe Chop Shop Collection

Bulldozer genuinely makes you thing of a bulldozer that’s ready to crush your opponents, even from afar.

View SG 553 | Bulldozer

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3. SG 553 | Hazard Pay

Best SG 553 Skins
Price Range$285 – $510
CaseThe 2021 Vertigo Collection

This feels a lot like bulldozer except it’s a lot more yellow and belongs to a more prestigious collection.

View SG 553 | Hazard Pay

4. SG 553 | Pulse

Best SG 553 Skins
Price Range$3 – $7
CaseThe Phoenix Collection

This SG 553 skin is one of the best in terms of price, while its quality is way above average. The color scheme works really well.

View SG 553 | Pulse

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5. SG 553 | Colony IV

Best SG 553 Skins
Price Range$13 – $80
CaseThe Shattered Web Collection

Colony IV features a beautiful ant design that’s very memorable and almost melancholic.

View SG 553 | Colony IV

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6. SG 553 | Candy Apple

Best SG 553 Skins
Price Range$4 – $13
CaseThe Canals Collection

Candy Apple has one of the best combination of colors on this list. You could easily mistaken it for a Crimson Web.

View SG 553 | Candy Apple

7. SG 553 | Ultraviolet

Best SG 553 Skins
Price Range$6 – $67
CaseThe Arms Deal Collection

Ultraviolet features the enigmatic combination of violet and grey, giving this gun a very royal look.

View SG 553 | Ultraviolet

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8. SG 553 | Tornado

Best SG 553 Skins
Price Range$1.5 – $37
CaseThe Assault Collection

Tornado offers a cheap alternative to the default skin with some improvements. The contrast gives your eyes better focus.

View SG 553 | Tornado

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9. SG 553 | Hypnotic

Best SG 553 Skins
Price Range$62 – $68
CaseThe Havoc Collection

Hypnotic is mesmerizing but you should only buy it if your ability to focus is good. Otherwise you’ll stare at the zebra pattern a bit too often.

View SG 553 | Hypnotic

10. SG 553 | Integrale

Best SG 553 Skins
Price Range$16 – $288
CaseThe 2018 Inferno Collection

This is one of the best skins designed for the SG 553 and any collector should consider buying it.

View SG 553 | Integrale


In Counter-Strike 2, the SG 553 is often used by new players because it provides the ability to aim accurately from afar. Therefore, unless you’re better than a Gold Nova, you should consider buying a skin for this weapon to improve your visual experience and look a bit more classy while competing with friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which SG 553 skin is the best?

Hazard Pay is by far the best SG 553 skin in Counter-Strike 2.

How can I get SG 553 skins?

Simply open weapon cases or buy them directly on Tradeit.

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