Dota 2 Rubick Guide: Items Build | Game Plan | Abilities

Dota 2 Rubick is one of the best Support heroes that you can pick. He’s usually played when the enemy has powerful ultimate abilities, such as Enigma’s Black Hole or Magnus’ Reverse Polarity.

Rubick is also a great choice when facing enemies that are weak against magical damage or have spells that can be greatly enhanced by his abilities. Zeus would be a perfect example. If Rubick steals any of his spells, he becomes a dangerous monster.

If you’re interested in mastering this hero, our Dota 2 Rubick guide will give you an overview of this great spell stealer.

Dota 2 Rubick

Rubick’s Pros and Cons

These are the pros and cons of playing as Rubick in Dota 2.


  • He can steal a wide array of spells and surprise his enemies 
  • His mana pool is great
  • Provides excellent crowd control for his team
  • Needs very little farm to be effective
  • Can make the enemy team play scared


  • He’s very squishy
  • His natural damage output is low
  • He relies heavily on winning big team fights
  • He is highly situational and cannot be played in every game
  • He is hard to master


Rubick discovered his potential during his 7th assassination attempt. In the place where he lives, mages can cast a few spells, wizards can cast more of them, and very few individuals can be regarded as magus.

Rubick is one of those few, and he craves a challenge. The attempts on his life have become very dull in his eyes, and without a proper adversary, he might squander his potential. This made him declare his intention to kill a Magus. This led to a fight between Rubick and not just one Magus but all of them.

However, as the powerful foes cast their spells, they realized Rubick knew how to turn their magic against them. He won the battle using his enemies’ powers and was then granted the title of Grand Magus.

Dota 2 Rubick

Attributes and Stats

These are Rubick’s general stats:

Win Rate45.5%
Level1 – 30
Health578 (at level 1)
Health regeneration0.25
Mana450 (at level 1) 
Mana regeneration0.5
DMG52 – 58
DMG Blocknone
Magic Resistance25%
Status Resistance0%
Attack Rate1.7
Movement Speed290
Attack Animation0.4 + 0.77
Projectile Speed1125
Attack Range550
Turn Rate0.7
Attack Speed100
Collision Size24
Vision Range1800 / 800
Gib Type

Ability Upgrades: 

Rubick’s abilities are upgraded by his 8 talents.

  • Level 10 talents: +10% Fade Bolt damage reduction / +175 Telekinesis Land damage
  • Level 15 talents: -25% stolen spell cooldown / +0.6s Telekinesis lift duration
  • Level 20 talents: +240 Telekinesis land distance / -4s Fade Bolt cooldown
  • Level 25 talents: +40% spell amplification for Spell Steal / -12s Telekinesis cooldown

All of these talents are really powerful and make Rubick an excellent spellcaster. Unfortunately, you will rarely get to level 25 and even level 20 is unattainable in most games. But the first two talents are still pretty useful.

Roles Rubick Can Take On

Rubick is a natural Support hero. He can also be played Mid but it’s difficult to make your strategy work if you go down that road. Rubick’s ability to farm the jungle is limited and it’s a much better idea to think of him as the Support who can afford to always be with his cores because he needs no farm to be effective.

Dota 2 Rubick

Rubick Item Builds

These are the most critical items that you should consider buying when picking Rubick. Your build may vary a little bit from game to game but in most cases, these items are the ones that help you the most.

Early Game

For the early game, consider buying these items:

  • Magic Wand
  • Mangoes
  • Arcane Boots
  • Wind Lace

Mid Game

During the mid game, you will usually purchase several of these items:

  • Blink Dagger
  • Aether Lens
  • Force Staff
  • Ghost Scepter
  • Glimmer Cape
  • Veil of Discord

Late Game

In the late game, this hero thrives if you have one of these items:

  • Aghanim’s Scepter
  • Black King Bar
  • Pipe of Insight
Dota 2 Rubick


Rubick has 4 abilities that can be further upgraded by his talents and the items you buy. These skills are presented below:


This is Rubick’s crowd-control ability, and it usually works well in team fights when the enemy heroes tend to stay close to each other. What’s great about it is that the stun duration is up to 4.5s if you use its associated level 15 talent and hit an enemy hero when you land the primary target.

The duration of the lift is 1.2s – 2.1s. The duration of the stun is 1.2s – 1.8s. However, it will only stun if you hit the secondary target using the lifted one.

If you buy an Aghanim’s Shard, you can also use this ability on yourself or your allies. In such cases, the throw range is increased by 85% but the throw delay is 0.5s instead of instant. Most Rubick players choose not to spend the gold on this item.

The main deficiency of this ability is its damage. Most stuns in Dota 2 deal a significant amount of damage but Telekinesis does none unless you choose its associated level 10 talent. But even in that case, it still only does 175 and affects the secondary target.

Mana cost: 110

Cooldown: 28s – 22s

Fade Bolt

This AoE ability allows Rubick to damage enemies and greatly reduce their base damage. The initial damage of the spell is 100 – 325. This damage decreases by 6% per jump and affects all targets in a 440 radius. This is very similar to Zeus’ Arc Lightning.

The targets hit by Fade Bolt have their base damage reduced by 14% – 35%. The reduction becomes 26% – 47% with the level 10 talent, and most players will agree that it’s a good idea to skill that talent. 

Because the debuff duration is 10s, Rubick will greatly reduce the enemy team’s base damage for almost the entire duration of any early-game team fight. And that’s exactly the cooldown of the ability. This means that by the time you’re level 7, you can give your side a huge advantage in fights.

However, keep in mind that this advantage tends to fade as the game progresses and the enemy side buys powerful damage items.

Mana cost: 120 – 150

Cooldown: 16s – 10s

Arcane Supremacy

This ability passively gives Rubick increased spell damage (14% – 26%) and cast range (100 – 250). If you also buy an Aether Lens, a Veil of Discord, and a Blink Dagger, you become an terrifying spell sniper.

Spell Steal

This is Rubick’s ultimate ability, allowing him to steal the last spell used by any enemy hero. Once a spell is stolen, Rubick will have it until he dies or until it expires (3 – 5 minutes). The stolen spell deals amplified damage (10% – 30%). 

If you buy an Aghanim’s Scepter, you can steal 2 spells instead of 1, and the cast range is increased from 1000 to 1400 units. Add Arcane Supremacy and an Aether Lens, and you can steal anything from a mile away. An Aghs will also give Rubick the upgraded version of the spell.

This ability becomes increasingly powerful throughout the game. At level 3, its cooldown is only 4s, which means that Rubick can wreck an entire enemy team during fights if he’s not properly dealt with.

Mana cost: 25

Cooldown: 20s – 4s

Ability Build Guide

When you play Rubick in Dota 2, you should try to follow this ability build order:

  1. Telekinesis: levels 2, 11, 13, 14
  2. Fade Bolt: levels 1, 3, 5, 7
  3. Arcane Supremacy: levels 4, 8, 9, 10
  4. Spell Steal: levels 6, 12, 18

Against certain heroes, maximizing Telekinesis right after Fade Bolt might be a better idea than maximizing Arcane Supremacy. Always pay attention to the enemy composition and ask yourself: do I need more control or better damage and cast range?


When playing Rubick, your combos can very complex. And that’s because you can steal anything that the enemy team uses and then utilize it yourself. This creates the perfect opportunity to catch your opponents off-guard. 

Dota 2 players usually make most of the important calculations ahead of the fight. But as a Rubick, you can completely ruin their tactics by stealing the right spell and then casting it in the right way. If the fight goes on for long enough, you can do this several times and create a bit advantage for your side.

Your basic combo is Fade Bolt into Telekinesis (or the other way around) into Spell Steal, followed by the utilization of the spell you’ve just stolen.

Game Plan

This is what good Rubick players do in terms of tactics and strategy.

Early Game

In the early game, you aim to stay near your carry and ensure he farms. Harass the enemy offlaner as much as possible, pull creeps when it makes sense, and try not to steal too much experience from the position 1 player on your team.

You can Fade Bolt to discourage the enemy from fighting you directly. Or Telekinesis to either keep him away from your carry or prevent him from escaping certain death.

Mid Game

During the mid-game, you will be a very important initiator for your team and an element of surprise. If you have excellent spell-casting range and a Blink Dagger, you should always make the enemy team afraid. If the Enigma or Magnus who’s on the other side cannot cast his ultimate freely, you’re doing your job properly.

Ideally, you should start the fight by having a great ability stolen from the enemy and then seek to use it properly and steal another one immediately after. This will give you the possibility to utilize a lot of different spells and have a huge impact on the battle.

Late Game

Dota 2 Rubick

In the late game, Rubick can single-handedly win the match for his team if he casts his spells correctly. Make sure you stay hidden or at least well-positioned and ready to blink. The main goal is to steal a good ultimate and put it to good use. 

Be careful about Linken’s Spheres because they block your Spell Steal. You don’t need to worry about the enemy team having Black King Bars because Spell Steal pierces the spell immunity offered by this item.

In any late game scenario, the assassins and initiators of the other team will try to kill you first, just to make the battle more predictable. You can prevent this using Telekinesis, a Ghost Scepter, a Glimmer Cape, a Blink Dagger, a Force Staff, or a Black King Bar. All of them offer you ways of getting out of a bad situation.


Rubick is naturally countered by heroes that aren’t too reliant on their base damage, active abilities, and powerful ultimates that can be stolen. For example, a Bristleback will always counter Rubick because he simply doesn’t care about anything he does.

The ability to use stolen spells is easily the biggest reason why Rubick gets picked. He also stuns nearby enemies with his Telekinesis and can usually lane well against one enemy hero. The fact that he easily kills enemy units and clears waves quickly is also an advantage. But if you can’t use his ultimate properly, then he is not worth picking.

Advantageous Matchups

For Rubick, an advantageous matchup is one against a hero with a great AoE ultimate, such as Enigma and Magnus. He can counter many more, but the general principle is this: you want your enemy to be afraid to use his best abilities against you. And when he does, you want to steal those abilities and turn them against him.

Most Used Skins

There are numerous Dota 2 skins that you can utilize when playing Rubick. Three of the best ones are presented below:

The Magus Cypher

This is Rubick’s Arcana and it has a lot of great features. It changes many visual effects and augments their sound effects.

Fantoccini’s Dilemma

This is another excellent Dota 2 skin, and it gives Rubick a terrifying look. However, it’s one of the most expensive skins in the game.

Garb of the Cruel Magician Set

This is KuroKy’s Rubick set. If you’re a fan of the player or simply love how the set looks, you should absolutely use it. It’s full of beautiful characteristics.

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