Best Dota 2 Hero Skins

Dota has more than 120 heroes and each of them can look incredible thanks to the Dota 2 hero skins created by the community’s artists. Over the years, Valve has invested a lot of effort in the creation of numerous cosmetic items for each character in the game. And the reason is easy to understand: Dota 2 is a free-to-play game.

This means that the only way for the company to make money from it is to sell skins and other in-game items. Of course, there’s also Dota Plus, which brings in decent revenues, but most of the money comes from skin sales.

If you’re interested in purchasing Dota 2 skins, on Tradeit you will find plenty of them. Dota 2 is one of the four games featured on the website and lots of players trade skins from this brilliant esport.

In this guide, you will discover some of the best skins in Dota.

Spectre | Volatile Firmament

Dota 2 Hero Skins

Spectre is one of the strongest heroes in Dota 2. She’s a phenomenal carry that can farm independently and join the rest of her team at any time thanks to her ultimate ability, Haunt.

Spectre is naturally mysterious thanks to the unusual voice acting and quotes that she was given. But her appearance can be enhanced tremendously by purchasing the right skins.

By far, the best Spectre skin in terms of visual appearance and cost is Volatile Firmament. You can have it for less than a dollar and it looks amazing. The design is colorful but still allows the hero to preserve her mystique.

The main colors that were used for this Dota 2 set are purple and blue, but there are also patches of red and orange. The overall result is remarkable and will give you a great feeling when playing the hero.

Volatile Firmament should be bought directly, either on Tradeit or on the Steam Market. You can also purchase it in-game but it’s a bit more expensive.

Invoker | Dark Artistry

 Invoker is by far the most sophisticated hero in Dota 2. This powerful mage doesn’t have just four abilities, like most of the rest of the heroes, but 11. He can invoke 10 different spells using his Invoke skill and that allows him to fit just about any position on a Dota 2 team.

Some players like to use him in the support role, others play him offlane. His standard position is Mid. Because of his versatility, Invoker has received a lot of attention from the Dota 2 community. There are more than a dozen Invoker sets and each of them looks beautiful. But by far, the most important of them is Dark Artistry.

This set visually modifies his abilities and gives him a very menacing look. The main colors that were used were purple and brown and the effects are mesmerizing. However, all of this hard work comes at a price. And that price is very high for a Dota 2 skin: $200.

If you’re lucky, you will find someone who is willing to sell this Invoker skin to you for $175. But don’t expect to go lower because this is the best Dota 2 skin for one of the best heroes in the game.

Templar Assassin | Redmoon Assassin’s Secret Set

Dota 2 Hero Skins
Dota 2 Hero Skins

Templar Assassin, better known as TA by Dota 2 fans, is a powerful ranged hero that can deal a lot of physical damage and is very hard to kill. These qualities make her an excellent pick in high MMR brackets. But for most players, Templar Assassin is a difficult hero to learn and win with.

In the recent metas, her win rate at the community level was abysmal. She’s one of the bottom 10 heroes for sure. But if you know what you’re doing, you will win most of your games.

The best-looking Templar Assassin set is Redmoon. This set gives TA a nice hairstyle and a beautiful pair of eyes that look deadly. The makeup and everything about this set perfectly captures the essence of the hero: mystery, lethality, and swiftness.

You can buy this Dota 2 set for less than 10 cents and it will make your Dota 2 sessions a lot more enjoyable.

Shadow Fiend | Demon Eater

Dota 2 Hero Skins

Shadow Fiend is one of the oldest heroes in Dota 2. It’s also one of the most famous. Because of his ability to farm quickly and get solo kills around the map, SF has become a staple of Dota 2 tournaments and pubs.

There are many Dota 2 sets that you can use when playing Shadow Fiend but the most important one is the Arcana, which is called Demon Eater. What’s great about this set is that it changes a lot of the visual effects. The hero is filled with a fiery spirit and his razes look terrifying.

The cost of this skin is somewhere around $20. If you enjoy playing Mid SF in pubs, this set is a must-have.

Phantom Assassin | Manifold Paradox

Phantom Assassin is the nightmare of every low MMR Dota player. This hero is impossible to kill during the mid stages of the game because of her evasion. If a lineup heavily relies on physical damage, without a Monkey King Bar, PA will obliterate it.

The great thing about this hero is her mixture of mobility, evasiveness, and damage bursts. The critical damage she deals with her passive ability is known and feared by all players. In late-game scenarios, Phantom Assassin tends to kill supports in less than a second.

Manifold Paradox captures the soul of this hero and amplifies all of its qualities. The ethereal effects work really well here and add an air of deadliness to an already deadly beast.

This is the hero’s Arcana set, which means that it costs around $20. It will change a lot of the visual effects and greatly enhance the visual appeal of each animation.

Meepo | Spoils of the Bone Ruins Set

Very few Dota 2 players can play Meepo. You need to have incredible technique to master him because you’re practically playing four heroes at once. Your apm needs to be in the hundreds and your distributed attention must be exceptional to not get killed. When one Meepo dies, they all die.

Players like w33 made this hero famous but few dare to follow in his footsteps. You need 500-1000 games at the very least if you want to master Meepo. One thing that can make the process more enjoyable is a high-quality skin. And one of the best sets for Meep is Spoils of the Bone Ruins.

This set turns the hero into a bandit. Since you constantly play with several copies of the same model, the scarf of this set gives you the feeling that you’re performing a robbery with all of your Meepos. And you are in some sense. After all, you’re robbing the enemy players of their MMR.

The colors used for this set are blue, teal, and white. The cost is somewhere around 15 cents, which is almost nothing. If you want to enjoy your Meepo journey, make sure that you’re using a Dota 2 skin that gives him the look he deserves.

Phoenix | Blaze of Oblivion

heroes dota 2

Phoenix is one of the most unique heroes in Dota 2. Its playstyle is a bit difficult to master but you’ll get to enjoy yourself a lot once you’ve learned how to position your ultimates correctly.

Because it’s essentially a firebird, Phoenix allows Dota 2 artists to create all kinds of fancy sets that enhance its fantasy look. One of the best among these sets is Blaze of Oblivion, which adds a metallic pattern on the bird’s wings and a mask on its head.

These elements make Phoenix look significantly more solid in its flight. This gives the player the advantage of looking a bit harder to take down and therefore, during Supernovas you might get ignored by the enemy team for a bit longer.

The price of this Dota skin is under $1, which makes it entirely affordable.

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