Which Dota 2 Heroes Has The Highest Base Damage

A few of the best game dota 2 heroes have previously been covered in a few of our previous posts. This article will be a little different since we’ll examine something important: base damage. In every patch, some heroes have significantly higher base damage than others. Let’s see which heroes in the most recent update have the greatest base damage, as we know many of you are curious about those topics. Since this information is based on hero damage, you will likely see a lot of nukers.

Here is our guide to which dota 2 heroes have the most significant base damage. 

1. Dota 2 Heroes – Chaos Knight 

In Dota 2, Chaos Knight is a dreaded Strength hero. In DOTA 2, game chaos knight has the highest base damage. The melee hero often develops into a potent fighter that can destroy opponent fortifications and provide crippling damage to enemy heroes. The Chaos Knight’s overwhelming might batter anybody who stands in his way, shattering even the thickest armours.

The excellent base damage and speed of the Chaos Knight make him a potent roamer and semi-carry. This may cause your opponents to try too hard to counter you with AoE abilities that may be too weak for your team’s actual carry. Leveling up Chaos Strike will boost the damage the Chaos Knight can do. Chaos Strike, a passive ability, increases an enemy unit’s chance of taking a critical hit by 33.3%. The melee hero can use Chaos Strike to increase the critical damage of his physical attacks by up to 245%

2. Night Stalker 

Every youngster knows to fear Balanar, the beast from bedtime stories, as an elemental terror with high base damage. Night Stalker starts his quest as soon as it gets dark. An enemy unit is slowed and damaged by a destructive void created by Night Stalker. While channeling skills are interrupted, and the slowing effect lasts longer at night, Void also causes mini-stuns.

He has a powerful single-target nuke and great movement and attack speeds. Oh, and don’t overlook that he also possesses a Silence that prevents his adversary from escaping. His entire skill set is intended to render the enemy helpless in his presence. He may quickly emerge from the forest, lulling the prey to silence. You can also get dota 2 heroes skins items to enhance their abilities. 

3. Dota 2 Heroes – Arc Warden 

According to the available data, the best character for damaging enemy heroes is Arc Warden. The deadly midder is one of the most formidable opponents you’ll encounter in the game-play because of his high base damage. The Warden hero is now one of the most popular ones in the patch, at least in terms of pubs, which may surprise some of you. Although the hero hasn’t yet made a splash in the professional arena, it won’t surprise us if many teams are holding off on using him. 

Arc Warden’s Tempest Double allows him to do ridiculous levels of damage. Warden is mighty and irritating because you must battle two heroes. With all of the original’s gear and skills, the Self’s Tempest Double duplicates all spells and attacks, adding twice as much havoc to any battle.

4. Tinker 

After the unexpected top spot on the list, most people won’t be surprised by the second spot. One of the finest heroes for doing damage is Tinker, one of the most frustrating midfielders to play against. Tinker can be lethal in the hands of those who know how to use him, despite being challenging to master. In the new dota patch, Tinker is barely ahead of Arc Warden regarding base damage. We anticipate the hero will eventually surpass him because of his superior attacking capabilities.

Tinker is occasionally selected by some professional teams but not by others. He certainly causes much damage, but he is also highly vulnerable and quick to kill. He is a hazardous selection. Therefore most teams would rather play it safe and select a more reliable player. The Tinker re-arms his lethal attacking tools and defensive matrices instantly, unaffected by the delays of magic, and wastes no time destroying anything in his path.

5. Zeus 

One of the select heroes with a global ultimate that damages heroes is Zeus. It shouldn’t be surprising that he is among the best, given that he also has other talents that allow him to bomb his targets. Despite this, the Dota 2 meta currently prevents the hero from overtaking the top slot because some players employ him as an offlaner or even as a position 4

Zeus is unquestionably more important in the middle lane, even though he can be helpful there as well. Pub players keep going there in part because of this. Zeus has a high base damage rating, which is a decent gain compared to the other heroes in damage.


Here is our guide to which dota 2 hero has the highest base damage. In our guide, we have listed the heroes with the highest base damage. If you have a taste of these kinds of heroes, then we hope our list may help you make your decision. 

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