Dota 2 Pudge Skins [TOP 5]

best pudge skins

Butcher, one of the indispensable heroes of Dota 2, is the nightmare of his opponents with his strong Gankers ability. He is in charge of creating a playing field for his teammates by constantly disturbing the opponents in the early and middle games. With the Meat Hook, one of his signature abilities, he almost directly destroys the opponent he catches. The topic of our list today is for both Pudge lovers and players who are fascinated by Pudge’s frightening aura. In our list, we will list the most loved Pudge skins by the Dota 2 community.

Now let’s take a closer look at the best bundle skins for Pudge in Dota 2, together.

1. Butcher’s Wake

  • Price: $1.23 – $1.51
  • Rarity: Rare
  • Created By: Toasty
  • Released: 15 April 2016
  • Origin: Treasure of the Plaited Nebula

Butcher’s Wake has a gorgeous scary look. There are seven cosmetic items in total at Buther’s. The image shows a spear piercing Pudge’s belly and multiple knives stuck in his back. In addition, the image of Pudge in blood with an iron helmet on his head can scare your opponent. Likewise, he increased the terrifying horror of the set with a mancatcher and a bloody ax he wore on both hands. If you want to buy this item, you can get it quickly by visiting, one of the best 3rd party sites.

  • Set Bundle: Girdle of the Butcher’s, Mancatcher of the Butcher’s, Pauldron of the Butcher’s, Battleaxe of the Butcher’s, Arsenal of the Butcher’s, Visor of the Butcher’s, Guard of the Butcher’s, Butcher’s Wake Loading Screen

2. Chains of the Black Death

  • Price: $3.08 – $3.79
  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Created By: DC-@SUNSfanTV, DC – Neil, kunkka, :3, Automedic
  • Released: 14 Mar 2014

It is the bundle skin of Pudge, created in cooperation with DotaCinema. When we look at his image, we can understand that Pudge, who was caught for execution, has been under conviction for a long time. It is understood that he has been imprisoned for a long time with his elongated and whitened beard. And after going crazy inside, we can say that he started to attack around like crazy. Since Pudge, who got rid of the chains on him, started to kill his opponents, you may want to have this skin. It is a set consisting of 1 loading screen and seven pieces in total. We would like to say that this bundle is Legendary, albeit slightly above average in price.

3. Dapper Disguise

  • Rarity: Mythical
  • Created By: MetaMortred
  • Released: 12 Jul 2019
  • Origin: Collector’s Cache II 2019

Dapper Disguise is similar to Jack the Ripper, a long-time serial killer in England. It resembles a period character with its orange jacket, green shirt, and brown hat. Dapper Disguise is a Mythical bundle and was released in 2019. In addition, this set consists of a total of 1 loading screen and seven pieces. This skin shows the Butcher holding a row and a sickle. Finally, patterns resembling a green poison appear on the weapons in his hand. If you want to buy this skin, you need to do excellent research. But remember, these sets are very rare vintage cosmetic items. So you can try to buy by checking first.

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4. Writ of the Royal Butcher

  • Price: $2.12 – $3.84
  • Rarity: Mythical
  • Created By: Chemical Alia
  • Released: 26 January 2017
  • Origin: Winter 2017 Treasure I, Treasure of the Amaranth

Writ of the Royal Butcher, whose rarity level is Mythical, is fourth on our list. Say hi to the pirate of the royal. He has a great look with his long black beard, a weapon-like sickle in one hand, and a blue transparent fan in the other. At the same time, there is a bear-like gold belt in his semi-naked outfit, and there are also golden figures on his shoulders. It is known as one of the most loved Butcher skins by the community. It has its own exotic feel.

5. Scavenger of the Basilisk

Confront the terrifying sight of Butcher emerging from the darkness. We see that the red and black colors that Butcher wears are dominant. His eyes seem red, especially because of the helmet he wears on his head. In addition, the armor he was wearing extended to his back and encircled his entire spinal cord. Again, this armor has red eyes resembling a dragon’s gaze. When we look at Butcher in the game, the red aura of his sickle, which is one of the parts of the bundle, draws attention while using the Meat Hook skill. This bundle is considered one of Butcher’s best skins because it’s cheap enough for anyone to buy.


In this article, we tried to list the best skins for Pudge, one of the most attractive and popular heroes in Dota 2. All of the skins on our list are bundles, and the price is at a level that anyone can buy comfortably. If you have a cosmetic item that you recommend for Pudge, do not hesitate to share it with us.

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