TOP 5 Inexpensive Dota 2 Skins with Lovely Visual Effects

Dota 2 has been around for many years, and during this time, hundreds of skins have been created for its heroes. There are more than 120 of them, and there are at least a few skins for each. Some have more than a dozen. Let´s talk about the inexpensive Dota 2 skins.

Dota 2 skins range from simple to complex. If we’re talking about Arcanas and Personas, they are highly sophisticated. They were also quite expensive. But most skins are much more straightforward. However, that doesn’t mean they can’t be wonderful. And one of their advantages is that they’re relatively inexpensive.

You can buy an amazing Dota 2 skin for $5-10. Just pick your favorite hero and check what sets are available for it. You can do this inside the game. However, it’s a good idea to buy your skin on a skin trading market like Tradeit because it’s usually cheaper.

Some Dota 2 skins, like the Golden Ornithomancer Mantle or the Genuine Axe of Phractos, can cost over $500. Others, like the Golden Trove Carafe, can also get quite expensive. But you don’t need to buy such costly skins to have a fantastic in-game visual experience when playing a Dota 2 hero. All you need is a nice-looking set.

How to Obtain Dota 2 Skins

Inexpensive Dota 2 skins can be obtained by opening an Immortal Treasure Chest or other Dota 2 treasure items. You can also buy them on the market.

Some sets are hard to obtain if you just open treasure chests because of their rarity. You’ll likely need to buy lots of compartments to obtain what you want.

Five Inexpensive Dota 2 Sets Worth Buying

Here are five Dota 2 sets that you should consider buying for your heroes:

Invoker | Trials of the Blackguard Magus

inexpensive Dota 2 skins
inexpensive Dota 2 skins

This Invoker set was released in 2016 and has remained one of the best to this day. It’s straightforward, makes the hero look classy, and costs less than $10.

Invoker feels much more menacing with this set than with the default one. The hero is usually very imposing in the late game but is disrespected in the early game. A set like this might make your enemies think twice before diving you under your own tower.

Templar Assassin | Redmoon Assassin’s Secret Set

This $4 TA set will make her look absolutely lethal and mysterious. The hero is by nature lethal and mysterious, but this set does an excellent job of maximizing these characteristics.

Its distinctive qualities are the hairstyle and the mask. Both of them have something Asian about them. They’re wonderful and might make you more confident when playing the hero.

Spectre | Volatile Firmament

inexpensive Dota 2 skins
inexpensive Dota 2 skins

This is one of the coolest Dota 2 skin for Spectre and it only costs $1. The attention to detail is phenomenal, and the coloring makes the hero look like she’s dressed for war. Or perhaps some secret coronation.

From a visual perspective, finding a better set for this hero is hard. This is a rare case in which the best set is also the cheapest.

Windranger | Wings of the Gilded Falcon Set

For just $4, you can turn your Windrager into an angelic being dressed in golden wings. Few people play Windranger these days, so if you want to experiment with the hero and show up with this set, you might get a lot of reactions from the rest of your team.

Rubick | Garb of the Cruel Magician Set

inexpensive Dota 2 skins
inexpensive Dota 2 skins

This mythical set was created in partnership with one of the most famous players in Dota 2, KuroKy. It makes the hero look absolutely deadly and terrifying. The best piece of this set is the hoody.

Expensive Items

If you want to purchase expensive items with lots of ambient effects or particle effects for heroes like Ember Spirit or Pudge, you should check out skins like Monarch Bow, Golden Staff of Gun-Yu, and Dark Artistry.

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