All Knife Cases in CS2

Want to learn about knife cases in CS2 and what they contain? This guide lists for you every knife case in CS2.

Case openings are quite popular in Counte­r-Strike 2 and there is hardly any player who hasn’t tried the experience. But not all cases contain knife skins. In this guide, you will discover all knife cases in CS2 and which ones contain the most sought-after type of knife, which is of course the Butterfly Knife.

Key Takeaways

  • Knife Cases like Gamma, Danger Zone, and Revolution Cases are key to finding rare and coveted knife skins in CS2, keeping the in-game economy alive.
  • The odds of pulling a rare knife skin from a case are roughly 1/400, but the thrill of potentially unlocking valuable and prestigious skins makes players pursue their desired items using the case-opening method.

Knife Cases in CS2

cs2 knife cases

Knife Cases have been around for a decade because the knife is one of the most famous weapons in Counter-Strike and everyone wants to show just how cool their knife can be.

In CS2, you run faster if you hold a knife instead of a rifle. Therefore, players hold their knives every single round for at least 5-10 seconds. This has made the knife a key weapon to customize. Valve introduced more than one type of knife. You can use a dozen of them and each one comes with a lot of amazing CS2 knife skins.

These skins can be found in different cases. Here’s the complete list:

Each of these cases contains valuable CS2 knife skins but some of them are a lot more valuable than others.

Cases With The Most Expensive Knife Skins

Cases With The Most Expensive Knife Skins

If you want to allow yourself to find some of the most expensive knives in CS2, these are the cases you should open:

Key Insights on Case Keys

Having acquainted with the CS2 knife cases, we shall now shift focus to the case keys – the golden keys that unlock the treasures within the cases. These seemingly ordinary keys are integral to your case-opening journey.

A case key in CS2 costs a flat case price of $2.49. These keys can be obtained directly from the in-game store.

Strategies for Acquiring Knife Cases

There are two ways to acquire CS2 knife cases – earn them as free drops by leveling up or buy them from various sources. The method you choose depends on your budget, patience, and how desperately you want that coveted knife skin.

1. Earn Free Case Drops Through Gameplay

Everyone adores complimentary gifts. In CS2, free case drops are a thing. By leveling up for the first time in a week, you earn a free drop that contains weapon cases. Not all of them contain knife skins, but it’s still a good method of getting your hands on a case. Keep in mind though, that once you have it you will need a key to open it.

2. Smart Buying of Knife Cases

If waiting for free case drops doesn’t appeal to you, purchasing cases is the alternative. You will find plenty of great offers on Tradeit and the Steam Marketplace.

Maximizing Your Odds

Maximizing your odds for knife cases in cs2

Your case-opening experience can be improved by focusing on the right cases. Most players prefer to open one particular case when trying to obtain a high-value knife skin, and that is the Operation Breakout Weapon Case. It’s full of Butterfly Knife skins and all of them are very expensive.

However, keep in mind that the price of this case is proportionally high, sitting at around 5.5 Euros on Steam.

Knife Types in CS2

Here are all the available knife types in CS2, in case you’re trying to decide which one to use:


CS2 case openings are a game of chance, but knowing what they contain can help a lot. Always decide what your goal is and then purchase cases based on that. If you want a specific type of knife skin, buy CS2 knife cases that contain it in abundance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the odds of getting a knife in a CS2 case?

The odds of getting a knife in a CS2 case are extremely low. Roughly 1/400. This means that on average, you will get one knife skin for every 400 cases you open. Of course, it could happen after 50 or even 800, depending on how lucky or unlucky you are.

What is the best case to open in CS2?

If you’re searching for a knife skin to then sell on the market, the Operation Breakout Weapon Case is probably the best option.

How much do CS2 cases cost?

CS2 cases vary in price. They start at around $1 and can reach spectacular amounts in the case of the truly rare ones.

What knives are in CS2 cases?

Every type of knife has CS2 knife skins that you can find in cases.

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