CS2 Knife and Glove Combos

When it comes to CS2 knife and glove combos, there is no clear rule. This is a matter of fashion and personal taste. If your style dictates combining the Specialist Gloves Crimson Web skin with a Karambit Damascus Steel skin instead of an M9 Bayonet Marble Fade, that’s entirely up to you.

How to Choose Knife and Gloves Combos

It’s all about aesthetics. You should always combine textures and colors that work well together. And you can do a bit of research about this on Google. Some colors, such as green and black, create a natural contrast and stand out beautifully. Others do not.

You can also opt for a knife and glove skin mixture that features the same colors for both skins.

Because of their color, some glove skins, such as the Driver Gloves Snow Leopard, work well with various knife skins. That’s in part why they’re expensive CS2 skins. They look great on their own but can look even better with a great knife skin, such as the Butterfly Knife Crimson Web.

Glove Skins and Knife Skins for Combinations

Here are some cool-looking gloves you can start with for your combination. Once you own the gloves, you can search for a knife skin that goes well with them. Or you could work the other way around.

Glove Skins

CS:GO Knife and Glove Combos

Do some research about these glove skins and see if you like and can afford any of them. Once you own them, finding the right knife becomes much easier.

  • Sport Gloves Slingshot
  • Sport Gloves Pandora’s Box
  • Sport Gloves Hedge Maze
  • Sport Gloves Nocts
  • Sport Gloves Omega
  • Sport Gloves Vice
  • Specialist Gloves Forest DDPAT
  • Specialist Gloves Foundation
  • Specialist Gloves Emerald Web
  • Specialist Gloves Crimson Kimono
  • Specialist Gloves Fade (Marble Fade)
  • Hand Wraps Badlands
  • Hand Wraps Slaughter
  • Driver Gloves Lunar Weave
  • Driver Gloves Crimson Weave
  • Driver Gloves Snow Leopard
  • Driver Gloves King Snake
  • Driver Gloves Rezan the Red
  • Driver Gloves Imperial Plaid
  • Broken Fang Gloves Jade
  • Moto Gloves Blood Pressure
  • Moto Gloves Polygon

Many of these are expensive gloves that cost $500 – $1000. One thing that you can do to obtain a pair at a much cheaper price is to compromise on the float value. If you want Factory New or Minimal Wear gloves, they’re going to cost a lot, even if they’re not worth the money.

To unbox a good pair of gloves, you can open cases that contain these exceedingly rare items, such as the Glove Case.

Knife Skins

If you start your glove / knife combo with a knife skin, either because you want to prioritize the knife aspect or because you already own a high-quality skin, here are some of the best items that you can buy CS2 skins or unbox:

  • M9 Bayonet Doppler
  • Butterfly Knife Tiger Tooth
  • Karambit Damascus Steel
  • Stiletto Knife Doppler
  • Gut Knife Doppler
  • Huntsman Knife Marble Fade
  • Karambit Knife Lore
  • Bayonet Tiger Tooth
  • Butterfly Knife Autotronic
  • Butterfly Knife Crimson Web
  • Shadow Daggers Tiger Tooth
  • Classic Knife Case Hardened

Some of these are cheap knives, but most aren’t. Good knives are expensive, and few players can afford to spend that much on top-tier ones. But rest assured, Counter-Strike can be played even with a cheaper knife. After all, a $5000 knife won’t make you a better player. But it will make you look cool when competing. 

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What to Prioritize

Let’s say you have a fixed budget and want to buy a knife skin and a gloves skin. In that case, you should prioritize the overall result. Spending all your money on the knife skin is a complete waste if you don’t have the right gloves for it. The same is true for the gloves.

Decide upfront on a color combination you love and then on the shapes and textures you prefer for both items. It’s always a good idea to work in this manner and find the right combination. If the items you want cost too much, try buying their cheaper alternatives.

That might mean compromising on the item type and maintaining the color, or it could mean compromising on the float value. Ultimately, the fact that the skin doesn’t look perfect is unimportant. A Dragon Lore is still a Dragon Lore, even if it’s Well-Worn or Battle-Scarred.

If you can, try to stay above the Field-Tested level. But if you like a combo and need to make compromises, go for it. High-float skins are the last thing you should consider. The most important variables are shape, texture, and color.

Always ask yourself: what is the most important thing for me? It might be a very specific item, so you will need to build your combo around it. Or you may like a mix of colors, a case in which it’s much easier to find a combination that satisfies you and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg on the Steam Market.

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