The Best Hack You Need in Dota 2

As N0tail from OG once said, winning in Dota 2 is about breaking the game. In a way, you must know the best hack you need in Dota 2 and find ways to get ahead of the enemy heroes that are very difficult to understand and counter.

Dota teams are like chess players, in the sense that they work with patterns. If they’re hit with something completely new and unpredictable, they usually need a long time to figure out what to do. During the game, there’s simply not enough time to come up with a viable plan.

White-Hat Hacking

best hack you need in Dota 2
best hack you need in Dota 2

At The International 11, Team Secret played against Tundra Esports no less than three times. And each time, Tundra won with ease. Before the Grand Final, Puppey from Secret was asked about Tundra’s strategy, and he jokingly said that they’re a bunch of cheaters.

He meant that Tundra had found a way to break the game and play it completely unconventionally. They identified key timings and then searched for ways to prevent the enemy team from doing what it wants.

The best hack you need in Dota 2 is creativity. But to use it, you need to understand the game at a deep level and then think about it in mathematical terms. You’re always trying to minimize some number or maximize some other number. 

You force fights around key objectives when your numbers are better than your opponents’. If the enemy can no longer fight you, you slowly take away map control and farm more than they do. In just 5-10 minutes, the game will be won.

Apart from making things more enjoyable for yourself by using great skins, you can also enhance your experience by becoming a game student. Carefully research all of its secrets and determine why things went right or wrong using raw calculations.

Input the numbers and see for yourself: did you stand a chance of winning the fight? Did the enemy team use a clever way of extending a player’s life? What exactly happened there, and why were you successful or unsuccessful? Until you truly understand, you cannot become a master of the game.

Best Hack you Need in Dota 2 – Forbidden Ones

best hack you need in Dota 2

Some Dota 2 players don’t just use legit “hacks”. Instead, they simply cheat. From the auto Pudge hook and auto Dagon to the camera hack, maphack, and quick cast-related scripts, the forms of Dota 2 cheating are getting increasingly clever. Unfortunately, this is bad for the game because its integrity is at stake.

When you play Dota, you expect to compete in a fair arena devoid of smurfs, account buyers and cheaters. But that’s not always the case. Lots of people smurf and some go as far as cheating. They probably won’t do it when playing basic heroes like Phantom Assassin, Templar Assassin, or Zeus, but they might do it for Meepo and Techies.

Ranked play makes some people desperate to win at any price. If there’s a nearby enemy, they might use a script that alerts them to that or automatically triggers some abilities. The remote mines activation on Techies is quite a famous trick.

Cheats plague every FPS game, but in Dota 2 they’re a lot more subtle and harder to pull off. Because of that, the game is still relatively free of cheaters. But it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Even with all the information available, Valve cannot control this phenomenon because there are too many matches played each day.

As a player, the best thing you can do is to report suspicious incidents and mention that the person is cheating using scripts.

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