The Best Guns in Rust

If you’re a new Rust player and want to get an edge when playing with your friends, you’ve probably wondered at least once what the best guns in Rust are. In this article, you will find the answer to this question.

Best Guns in Rust

An Overview of Rust Guns

Guns in Rust fall into one of 9 categories. Know Best Guns in Rust.

  • Melee Weapons
  • Bows
  • Handguns
  • Shotguns
  • Submachine Guns
  • Rifles
  • Machine Guns
  • Explosives
  • Miscellaneous Ranged Weapons

The question here is this: what is the best guns in Rust in each category?

Melee Weapons

The Machete is one of the best among the melee weapons in Rust. It deals 70 head damage, 35 arms and chest damage, and 29 legs damage. This weapon takes 60 seconds to craft and has excellent durability.


When it comes to Rust bows, the Compound Bow is probably the strongest weapon in its class and also one of the best in the entire game. Initially, this bow was so strong that it had to be nerfed. However, even after it got nerfed, it’s incredibly useful as long as you know how to position yourself around the map.

Bows are similar to snipers in the sense that they deal a lot of damage from a long range but require you to have an excellent aim. Otherwise, they may prove to be useless.


In the handguns category, the Python Revolver will not disappoint you. This weapon deals 132 head damage (with the added bleed damage), 66 chest damage, 55 arms damage, and 45 legs damage. Its recoil isn’t significant and makes it a bit hard to control, but everything else is phenomenal. For a handgun, the Python Revolver is quite OP.

When using this weapon, it’s very important to be accurate and, as much as you can, aim for the head. You only have 6 bullets, so you need to make every one count.

To craft the Python Revolver, you will need 3 metal pipes, 1 metal spring, and 10 units of high quality metal.


Shotguns are quite popular in Rust. And when the fighting takes place at close range, they are deadly if you’re accurate with them. Among the game’s most popular shotguns, the Pump Shotgun is the best. This weapon imposes severe limitations on you in terms of range but more than compensates. For them by dealing a huge amount of damage.

The Pump Shotgun deals 280 head damage, 210 chest damage, and 80 arms or legs damage. The weapon’s capacity is 6, which is perfectly fine for this weapon class. If you know how to get close to your enemies and have a good aim, you’ll have a lot of fun using this gun.

One important thing to remember when utilizing shotguns is that they’re not designed for crowded situations. They work well for 1v1s, but if you need to fight multiple enemies at once. You might run out of ammo and then die before you get the chance to reload.

Submachine Guns

In the SMG category, the MP5A4 is the weapon of choice for many Rust players. This gun has great accuracy, good range, and can hold 30 rounds of ammunition. With medium recoil and 70 damage to the head, it will easily become your favorite SMG if you learn how to use it properly.

The ammunition that can be used for this gun is of 3 types: pistol bullet, HV pistol ammo, and incendiary pistol bullet. This versatile weapon can be crafted using 15 units of high quality metal, 1 SMG body, and 2 metal springs.


If you have the right materials to craft a rifle, choose the Assault Rifle. This high-powered automatic weapon will work well at long range against multiple targets and will serve you well even in high-pressure situations. Some people think it’s an AK-47, but it’s a customized model based on the AK-101.

Machine Guns

There’s only one option in this category, and it happens to be one of the best guns in the game: the M249. This beauty deals 130 head damage, 65 chest damage, 55 arms damage, and 37 legs damage. It works from an average range and has a bullet capacity of 100. Its only flaw is the recoil, which makes it hard to control.

This is one of the best guns in Rust, but it is not craftable, so getting your hands on one is not exactly easy.

The M249 is excellent when used for defense because of its great capacity. It’s not as useful when you go on the offense, but it’s still decent and can be utilized for both purposes.


In the explosives department, the F1 Grenade is a great choice and can be crafted from 30 units of gun powder and 25 units of metal fragments. Its chest damage within a block radius is 100. If the radius is twice as big, the damage drops to 64, which is not bad.

Miscellaneous Ranged Weapons

This Rust guns category provides you with 3 excellent options, and all of them are strong if you know how to utilize them. The rocket launcher is probably the most sophisticated, and to build it, you will need 50 units of high quality metal and 6 metal pipes. Its damage is 350, and its range is huge: 250m.

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