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Have you ever wondered how to obtain a red keycard Rust? So stop searching now. This guide describes all the places and approaches to get them

Have you ever wondered how to obtain a red keycard Rust? This guide describes all the places and approaches to get them.

It’s important to remember that there are three different kinds of Key Cards in Rust: Green keycard, Blue keycard, and Red keycard, and there are dozens of them distributed over the globe.

But beware—these places will be bustling with activity, so be ready to contend for your priceless cards. Even though the red Keycard locations in the Rust console are difficult to find, they are worth the battle because they give entrance to treasure chambers with a hefty payoff. Here is how to obtain red Keycard Rust and how to use it.

What Are Keycards? 

In Rust, three different Rust maps can open every door on the map. There are many great guns, armor, rounds, and scrap behind those. Three categories have been defined for all the keycards:

  • Green keycard: Start of wipe loot 
  • Blue keycard: Advanced player loot
  • Red Keycard: loot in the late game

Each card is rare, with Green being the most accessible and Red being the most difficult to obtain. Find out where to get a red keycard and where to use it in this Rust guide.

What are Red Keycards in Rust?

In Rust, Red Keycards are the rarest and most valuable type of keycard. They unlock special loot rooms within “monuments” which are large, complex structures scattered across the map. These loot rooms typically contain high-tier gear and resources, making them highly sought after by players.

Here’s the catch: You can’t simply find Red Keycards lying around. You need to solve puzzles at specific monuments to acquire them. These puzzles usually involve using other colored keycards (green and blue) along with fuses.

Where to Get Red Keycard Rust? 

Where to Get Red Keycard Rust? 

1. Water Treatment Plant:

The “Water Treatment Plant,” a monument marked on the map, is the first location where you can look for red keycards.

A blue puzzle that requires a blue card and one fuse locks the red keycard. Using the train station as a landmark, follow the road to the red building in the center; when you get there, hold ‘use’ to unlock the door and dash inside. 

Before putting a fuse and starting the timer, proceed up the stairs and into this small room. Then, using the water tower on the hill as a guide, raced to the large red building in the monument’s corner. Swipe your card on the door and climb up the staircase and stairs to reach the small room in the back where the card lies.

2. Airfield:

Rust airfield

The “Airfield,” a monument on the map, is the second spot to find red cards.

Here, the red keycard remains safe with a green puzzle and a blue puzzle, and it requires two fuses, a green card, and a blue card, to open. Start at one end of the airport because the open airfield allows you to start from anywhere. 

Enter the front left door of the sizable structure across from the hangers, then turn left and another left to enter this area. Before returning outside, add a fuse to the fuse box and start the timer. Then, traverse the airfield toward the opening between hangers 2 and 3, and jump down from this hole.

Once you arrive at the green door and use your green card to enter, proceed along the pathway to the left of the ladder. When you’re inside, put a fuse in the box, use your blue card to open the door, and then go inside to find the red card on the desk. 

3. Power Plant:

Rust power plant

The “Power Plant,” a monument, is the third location to get red cards.

With 1 fuse, a green card, and a blue card, you can unlock the red keycard, for which you must solve two puzzles. First, go to this building at the monument’s corner, up the stairs, and then turn the switch. 

When everything is green, proceed to the next phase by running over to the little building in the opposite corner and flipping the switch before starting the timer. Swipe your green card at the large building in the monument’s center, enter, and pass through the door right before you. Run around this room’s perimeter until you find the switch, then flip it before returning through the door you entered. 

Turn left, go up both flights of stairs, and when you reach the fuse box to the right of the blue door, put a fuse before using your card to unlock the door. You can find the red card on a desk on the upper level of the lost room.

4. Train Yard:

Rust train yard

The “Train Yard,” a landmark on the map, is the fourth spot to find red cards.

A blue puzzle that requires a blue card and one fuse locks the red keycard. Go to the little red building after leaving the train station and entering the train yard. Afterward, go up the steps, open the door before you, and turn the switch. 

Then, after you’re back outside, sprint across the monument building, climb all the stairs to the top, flip this switch, and sprint back down the tower. Head over to the front of the sizable structure in the center of the monument and proceed up the stairs until you reach the first door. 

Enter the door, add a fuse to the box, and then flick the switch after going through the door. Go back outside, up the stairs, and enter through the blue door. You will find a red card on a desk inside.

What are Monument Puzzles? 

red keycard Rust

A recently installed electricity system powers these riddles. You must first send electricity to a locked door before using the associated key for that door. 

If the keypad is lit down, you can know that a door is powered. To deliver power, you typically (but not always) need to flip a switch next to the fuse box. Remember that the fuse will burn out even if the switch is not activated.

What is Loot? 

Information on the loot is still sparse. However, it varies from monument to monument and respawns every 30 minutes.

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What are the Door Locks? 

There are three distinct door types in the Rust survival game: green door, blue door, and red door. The corresponding colored keycards are required to open each of these doors. Green, blue, and red doors are the doors’ degrees of difficulty, with green being the least challenging. 

Remember that there can be a blue door behind a green door, for instance, so make sure you have everything you need before opening the first door because, in these situations, the loot might be scarce before the last door. You can find Green cards at Oxum’s Gas Station, the lighthouse, the supermarket, and other locations. 

The Outpost’s vending machines and loot rooms that are accessed with the green card but lack blue doors contain blue cards. You can only find red cards in containers and behind sealed blue doors. 

All of these cards have a maximum number of swipes; however, using them on the incorrect door or one that is not powered will not deplete them; nonetheless, swiping them on a door that has already been opened would.

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Final Words:

Red cards are the most difficult to find in Rust. We have mentioned four locations where you can find red cards and the exact procedure to get them. We hope our guide is helpful enough to get you the red key card. Here is our complete rust guide on serving rust.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Red Keycards in Rust?

Red keycards are the rarest keycard type, granting access to high-tier loot rooms in monuments.

How do I get a Red Keycard?

You can’t find Red Keycards directly. You need to solve puzzles at specific monuments using green and blue keycards, along with fuses.

Where can I find Red Keycards?

This article explores four monuments with Red Keycard puzzles: A water Treatment Plant, an Airfield, a Power Plant, and a Train Yard.

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