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TOP 15 Best Rust Skins & How To Get Them

Rust is a multiplayer-only survival game that was released on February 8, 2018. In almost all open-world games these days, it’s possible for players to customize their characters, weapons, and more. Rust also offers a lot of features to give you the best experience, and today we will cover the absolute best Rust skins based on’s community.

Did you know that there is a rifle, combat knife, or even a skin for a sleeping bag? We have brought together different and various best Rust skins for you so that you do not get lost in the selection among hundreds of skins.

Let’s see how we can make the adventurous world of Rust cooler together.

  1. The Childish Imagination Set – Best Rust skin set
  2. Metal Facemask – Most coolest Rust skin
  3. Valentine Balaclava – Most fun Rust skin
  4. Battle Scarred AK-47 – Best cheap Rust skin
  5. Arctic Wolf MP5 – Popular Rust skin

Best Rust Skins Sets

If you’re searching for the best sets in Rust and want to buy Rust skins that will preserve their value in the coming years, these are some of the best options:

  1. The Childish Imagination Set
  2. The Gingerbread Guardian Set
  3. The Heartbreaker Set
  4. The Vegan Avenger Set
  5. The Meat Love Manace Set

Here’s an article on the top 5 Rust skin sets.

Rust Cool Skins

Here’s what you should be looking for when trying to look cool in Rust:

  1. Metal Facemask
  2. Retrowave AR skin
  3. Retrowave bow skin
  4. Rainbow Pony Hatchet
  5. Blood Dragon Rifle
  6. Retrowave Semi-Automatic Rifle – A semi-automatic rifle skin
  7. Metal Chest Plate
  8. Elite Forest Camo Hoodie (especially if you’re into dark metal)

For many of the cosmetics that you can buy from the Rust item store, the price is very low. You can spend less than $40 and look absolutely amazing while playing on your favorite Rust server. A nice skin doesn’t have to be expensive. It just needs to make you feel good.

Rust Fun Skins

Some of the most fun skins in Rust are these:

  1. Valentine Balaclava
  2. Maximus Sheet Metal Door
  3. Carrot Knife
  4. Pokimane Garage Door
  5. Kayak Helmet

Best Rust Skins – Rated by

These are our absolute favorites, but as you can see, they’re also a bit more expensive than other skins on our list.

1.    Creepy Clown Bandana

Category: Mask

Price: $125.79

Bandanas have always had a rebellious, mysterious, and terrifying feel in Rust. This bandana was also put up for sale on Halloween. As the name suggests, this black intriguing bandana with a creepy clown design is one of the best Rust outfits.

When this skin was first released, it made a lot of money for its creator and quickly became very popular. However, after a while, it was revealed that the design was copied, and the creator deleted his account due to copyright. But this skin is still on sale and remains popular.

the best rust skins

2.  Tempered Mask

Category: Mask

Price: $114.02

With its colorful and stylish theme, the Tempered collection is one of the most remarkable and loved ones in Rust. This is the most expensive of the metal facemasks and is known as the rarest.

It is a wonderful plate with purple color at the bottom and top and golden in the middle. If you choose your other clothes in colors like this, you can create a great combination.

the best rust skins

3.  Zipper Face

Category: Mask

Price: $44.35

If you saw someone wearing this mask in Rust, would you run away from them? It’s very creepy and has a real serial killer aura. It looks like it came straight out of Resident Evil.

The zippers on it and the dark bloody color transform the wearers of this mask into a walking horror machine. If you too want to terrorize people in Rust, this skin might be the best choice.

the best rust skins

Cheap Rust Skins

Here is one decent skin that you can buy to save money but still look amazing in your Rust games: Memories AR. It’s less than $1. Two other great options are Little Nightmare and Burnout.

1.    Battle Scarred AK-47

Category: Weapon

Price: $2.97

For AK-47, one of the most preferred weapons of Rust players, Battle-Scarred AK-47 is good enough to be considered the best skin. This skin truly reflects the theme of war, and that’s why it has a lot of fans. It provides a very professional and simple look with its leather-covered magazine and brown appearance.

In addition, one of the reasons why this skin is so loved is that it is very valuable. This non-stock skin is different from other skins and is rare.

the best rust skins

2.    Arctic Wolf MP5

Category: Weapon

Price: $15.54

The MP5 is a weapon that is very effective at taking down your enemy. It’s a great weapon with a high rate of fire and a lot of damage. Since this weapon is so popular, its skins are just as popular. This skin features an overall gray theme, with layers of frostier gray present all over.

And there is a wild wolf design on the barrel. It completely covers the classic and boring look of the weapon and adds a brand-new style. Just a northerner skin, right? If you have settled in the snowy areas of the map, this weapon will suit you quite well.

the best rust skins

3.    Blackout L96

Category: Weapon

Price: $4.31

The Blackout L96 is a custom skin for the L96 Sniper Rifle. This weapon is often used for stealth raids, and it is very important that it does not attract attention. The classic green and black color is replaced by a metallic and jet-black suede color and adding a classy look to it.

With this weapon skin, you will look exactly like a spy, and it’s pretty cool. You can even feel like you are in a James Bond movie while playing with this weapon.

the best rust skins

4.    Emerald Knife

Category: Combat Knife

Price: $3.68

Combat Knife is known for being the stealthiest weapon in the game. If you can approach the enemies silently, you can kill them in a short time with this knife. And it is an essential part of primitive survival. The Emerald Knife skin leaves behind the classic pale blade look and provides a vibrant, bright green and golden look.

The knife has a finely carved golden hilt with emerald inlays. This knife, which looks quite elite and luxurious, may be one of the best Rust skins for you.

the best rust skins

5.    Gothic Reception

Category: Weapon

Price: $2.11

Rocket Launcher is one of the most important and effective weapons in the game. You immediately realize that the person who has it is very powerful. Although the ammo of this weapon is extremely expensive, the destruction it creates is incomparable.

This skin of the weapon makes it even more scary, mystical and incredible. The skull and icons on the back look pretty cool on the metal structure.

the best rust skins

6.    Little Nightmare

Category: Combat Knife

Price: $0.78

Another of our combat knife and creepy skin series, The Bone Club, is coming to strike fear into the enemies. The Combat Knife is extremely useful when you don’t have a weapon. That’s why you should always have it with you, and you can decorate it with this cheap skin.

The Bone Club has the face of a monster with an open mouth and blue glowing eyes. Also, the rest of the weapon is wrapped in bloody rags. So spooky!

the best rust skins

7.    It Is Wednesday, My Dudes

Category: Shirt

Price: $0.91

If you’re a meme lover, you must have seen this meme: a young man in a Spiderman costume wearing a quirky goggle, proclaiming the day in front of the bathroom mirror. It’s just so funny!

This meme has been very popular on platforms like Reddit and has become very popular.

The IIWMD, a pretty cheap but funny and meaningful skin, is printed on a long-sleeve shirt and looks great. In addition, this skin was created entirely on the spam of meme lovers on Reddit. wow!

the best rust skins

8.    Brony Collection

Category: Outfit

Price: Per each piece $5 – $8

Everyone loves My Little Pony! Male fans of My Little Pony cartoon are called “Bronies”, yes, that’s true. This collection is quite unique and loved as much as it could be one of the best Rust skins.

The collection includes pants, boots, a hoodie, and a sleeping bag.

Sweet unicorns and rainbows on soft pastel pink are truly out of the ordinary. Those who get this set, which ravaged Rust, attract a lot of attention in the game.

the best rust skins

9.  Doodle Pants

Category: Pants

Price: $2.62

Yes, you need to be alert and watch out for danger at all times. Because Rust is a game that requires a lot of attention and needs to be played tactically. But besides all this mess, you can’t ignore your style, right?

I mean, look at this… Enemies who see these goofy pants won’t even be able to kill you for staring at your pants. These trousers with silly drawings on a white theme are definitely one of the most eye-catching Rust outfits.

the best rust skins

10.  Retrowave AR

Category: Weapon

Price: $3.24

A great skin awaits you for those who want to bring a colorful treat to the gloomy and war-filled world of Rust. If you are a retro gamer or if you are interested in aesthetic designs, this Rust skin may be the best for you.

The rising sun and thin blue lines on the purple theme look very cool. Let’s bring the old good days back together!

the best rust skins

11.  Gingerbread SAR

Category: Weapon

Price: $2.62

If you like using semi-automatic rifles, holidays, and desserts, there is the perfect item for you. You will leave your old boring, and rusty rifle behind and get a more sweet and colorful look. It carries Santa Claus, reindeer, and sweet decorations on its body.

Can you taste the gingerbread and licorice already? No, please. It’s not edible. Just use it to have a great look!

the best rust skins

12.  Eat Me Chestplate

Category: Armor

Price: $0.77

Eat Me Chestplate, another skin that will attract the attention of sweet lovers like Gingerbread SAR, fascinates everyone with its pink and chocolate-covered appearance. In the middle is a huge strawberry dipped in chocolate, and it’s hard to resist eating it.

And yes, even though it looks so sweet, it can still protect you from enemy bullets… Be careful, don’t let the enemies stop fighting, and try to eat this delicious Chest when they see you like this!

the best rust skins

We shared with you 15 of the best skins in Rust, but there are still many interesting, cool, and different skins waiting to be discovered. If you like to play Rust or if you like to trade Rust skins, do not forget to check out the other content on our page. Also, you can always contact us if there are skins you want to be included.


How to get Rust skins?

It is possible to buy skins by going to the Item Store in the game, but it is not a preferred method as there are very few skins here. You can browse the Rust items on the Steam Community Market and get different items and skins there. You can easily transfer skins to your account using third-party apps.

When Will Rust Go on Sale?

Rust rarely goes on sale. If you want to know when it goes on sale so you can buy it cheaply, just add it to your Wish List on Steam.

How to Buy Rust Accounts?

You can find such accounts online, but buying yourself a Rust account is a bad idea. You will likely get permanently banned. If you want to play Rust, just buy the game on Steam.

Can I get skins for free?

Yes, you can drop some skins randomly as long as you play the game. But although these free rust skins are not very beautiful, they are not preferred much.

How do I make my own skin?

You can design the skin you want through the Workshop in the game. This process takes a long time, but if you have time, you can try. In addition, you cannot use every skin you design because this skin must be approved and publicly open. So this is not as easy as you think. Instead, you can always buy skins that appeal to you.

What is the best place to buy rust skins?

While we can’t recommend specific websites in this article, offers a secure and convenient platform to buy and sell Rust skins. It boasts a vast selection, competitive pricing, and a user-friendly interface for your Rust skin needs.

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