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tf2 scout cosmetics

One of the fastest characters in Team Fortress 2, Scout is a mercenary known for his aggressive behavior on the battlefields. In particular, it has such an important role that it can sneak in between the enemy team and win the match without them noticing. The topic of our post today is to create a list of the best TF2 cosmetics for the Scout.

From the cheapest to the most expensive, here is the best TF2 Scout cosmetics.


Would you like the Scout to look like he came out of Pirates of the Caribbean? If your answer is yes, this cosmetic is for you. It is designed with B’aaarrgh-n-Bicorne gold earrings and a skull pattern on a black pirate hat.

The price is extremely below average and very cheap. Especially when this pirate hat is used with our 2nd cosmetics, it creates a set.

If you need this kind of cosmetic, you can buy it from 3rd party sites such as Tradeit.gg to take advantage of cheap prices.

At the same time, you can use Steam Community Market, but your balance from the sales you make there cannot be used outside of your Steam account.

Price: $0.20 – $0.40

Ref: 1.05 – 1.1

Collection: Scream Fortress 2015

Crate: Gargoyle Case

Released: October 28, 2015


Another piece of the pirate set used for the Scout is the B’aaarrgh-n-Britches. It is a trousers painted in brown, blue and black colors with vertical stripes on it.

This cosmetic has a very authentic look with its rips on both sides and a belt made of gold. If you use this item together with the pirate hat, you can get a great set.

In addition, it is extremely easy to access these types of scout cosmetics with a cheap sale price in TF2. We would like to make a recommendation regarding this cosmetic.

If you want to use Britches as part of a set, we recommend the “Bootenkhamuns” cosmetic as the other part of the set, they are shoes.

Price: $0.31 – $0.58

Ref: 11.55 – 11.66

Collection: Scream Fortress 2015

Crate: Gargoyle Case

Released: October 28, 2015

Juvenile’s Jumper

Christmas days are much closer now. If you’ve been a longtime TF2 player, you know you need to be prepared. Juvenile’s Jumper is in the 3rd place of our Scout cosmetic list. If you want to protect Scout from the cold weather outside, this sweater is for you.

Designed with the color of red and white snowflakes, this sweater also has TF2’s logo on it. It is available in various colors as it is paintable.

Moreover, this knitwear is extremely easy to access. Because it’s under $1! You can buy this cosmetic from the markets quickly, or you can also get it by opening a safe. You can try your luck as the safe is priced as low as $0.03.

Price: $0.37 – $0.53

Ref: 9.33 – 10.22

Collection: Smissmas 2018

Crate: Winter 2018 Cosmetic Case

Released: December 19, 2018


Are you ready for winter vacation? If you are ready, you are waiting for TF2. It is a snowboard available in various colors and attached to the back of the Snowwing Scout’s classic courier bag.

In the middle of the front part of the snowboard, ornaments and wing removals extending to both sides are visible. In addition, there is the logo of TF2 in the middle of the snowboard.

The retail price is extremely low, making it a cosmetic that is in the inventory of almost most TF2 Scout players. It is possible to obtain various colors using the paint can.

We recommend that you try this as there are dozens of different colors available. Finally, it is a cosmetic that can be accessed by everyone because its price is cheap.

Price: $0.28 – $0.60

Ref: 8 – 8.11

Collection: Smissmas 2016

Crate: Unlocked Winter 2016 Cosmetic Case

Released: December 21, 2016

Herald’s Helm

The Herald’s Helm is similar to the helmet worn by American Football players, which comes in a variety of hues. Also, the tail on the back of the helmet gives it a bit of a medieval warrior’s helmet. Especially the cap and ear part on the front of the helmet resembles medieval knights.

We recommend using this skin with the paint box if possible. Because the images in different colors look really great.

Finally, you can easily buy and expand your TF2 inventory as the selling price is very low. We have come to the end of our TF2 Scout cosmetic top 5 list.

If you want to trade by buying and selling Herald’s Helm and other cosmetics, you can use Tradeit.gg without any hesitations.

Price: $0.21 – $0.44

Ref: 10.77 – 11.11

Collection: Mayflower Pack

Crate: Mayflower Cosmetic Case

Released: May 11, 2016


We have come to the end of another TF2 cosmetic list article. Well, have you read our other TF2 skin articles? You may want to read the article where we list the skins of TF2 weapons from the cheapest to the most expensive.

And of course we need your suggestions after reading. We are curious about your thoughts on these issues. That’s why we welcome your suggestions and comments about various content such as skins and cosmetics.

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