What is the Best TF2 Crosshair

Finding the TF2 best crosshair can improve your accuracy with many guns and especially with those used by the Sniper class.

Finding the TF2 best crosshair can improve your accuracy with many guns, especially with those used by the Sniper class.

The first thing you must know about your TF2 crosshair is that it’s customizable. Just like in any other FPS game, the crosshair is a circular range associated with the telescopic sight that tells you where approximately your gun will shoot. 

Of course, the crosshair is only accurate for the first few bullets because of the recoil. After that, you will need to either stop shooting or understand the gun’s spray pattern. 

This is similar to what you see in games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. If a CS:GO player shoots more than a few bullets with an AK-47, the accuracy of the next bullets will be extremely low unless you know how to control the weapon.

The Benefits of Finding the Perfect TF2 Crosshair

Finding the Perfect TF2 Crosshair

The main benefit of picking the right crosshair settings in TF2 is clarity. If you pick a bad color that has little contrast with the background colors, you may find it difficult to keep track of your crosshair. 

To some degree, crosshair color is a matter of personal preference. But it’s also something that you can objectively evaluate. Some colors are better than others because they help you distinguish better between your opponent’s model (or its background) and your crosshair. 

TF2 Crosshair Settings

TF2 Crosshair Settings
TF2 Best Crosshair

You can change your Team Fortress 2 settings from inside the game. Just go to Options, select the Multiplayer tab, and then pick your desired crosshair model from Crosshair Appearance.

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After that, pick the RGB combination that you desire for its color. Ideally, you should use a green or a white crosshair because it’s easier to distinguish it from the background colors. But that’s not always the case, so you’ll have to have a plan B for certain maps. It all depends on your TF2 servers and the maps they use.

The goal is to always attain optimal visibility and contrast. As for the crosshair size, you should keep it below the standard. That will give you a better understanding of where to aim to hit your target. You’ll get confused if it’s too loose, especially when the recoil kicks in.

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Always remember that you need to compensate for the weapon’s recoil when shooting for more than one second. 

Among the best crosshairs that you can use, the dot crosshair is probably the best. You can also choose the circle or the circle cross one. If you’re using Sniper rifles regularly, pick the dot crosshair, and your aiming will improve significantly. 

This crosshair type works well for other weapons, especially if you choose a color that makes it visible on any background.

The best approach to find what works best or what you prefer is to test at least a dozen combinations and pay attention to your screen.

Team Fortress 2 Crosshair Commands

Team Fortress 2 Crosshair Commands

Here are some TF2 crosshair commands (or TF2 cvars), just in case you’ll want to customize your crosshair even further or use some other method:

cl_crosshair_red: Controls the red color in the crosshair’s RGBA scheme

cl_crosshair_green: Controls the green color in the crosshair’s RGBA scheme

cl_crosshair_blue: Controls the blue color in the crosshair’s RGBA scheme

cl_crosshairalpha: This command sets the opacity or the alpha variable in the crosshair’s RGBA scheme

cl_crosshair_file: If you don’t want to use a default crosshair, you can choose a different one instead

cl_crosshair_scale: This command sets the scale of your crosshair

cl_crosshaircolor: This TF2 command will let you set the crosshair color

Frequently AsKed Questions

Is there a single “best” crosshair in TF2?

No, the best TF2 crosshair is subjective and depends on your personal preferences and playstyle. What works well for a Sniper main might not be ideal for a Scout player.

Where can I find different crosshairs to try?

You can find pre-made crosshair codes online or in forums and communities. You can also customize your own crosshair settings directly in the TF2 options menu.

Are there any advanced crosshair techniques?

Yes, some players use custom configs or scripts to create more elaborate crosshairs with features like dynamic size changes based on weapon zoom. However, these can be complex to set up and might violate server rules.

What if I’m still having trouble finding the right crosshair?

Experiment! Try out different options and see what feels most comfortable and effective for you. You can also watch professional TF2 players and see what kind of crosshairs they use for inspiration.

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