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rust ak spray pattern

When it comes to FPS games, the most important thing we need to become better is to master the recoil models of weapons. In this guide, we will examine in detail the recoil patterns of all weapons in Rust, especially the AK spray pattern.

General Knowledge About Recoil Patterns in Rust

Among other things, Rust is a shooter in which you often use weapons to defend yourself or get kills. To be a good player, you must understand not only the Rust AK recoil pattern but the recoil patterns of all the weapons in the game.

Whether you are using a sub-machine gun or some other weapon, with a lower recoil, veteran players will tell you that the apparent easy movements made by the best competitors take time to master.

To some degree, you will need to experiment with your mouse pad and mouse sensitivity. Various Rust guns should be utilized in various ways. From a lower range, almost anything works. But when you barely manage to see the shape of your opponent, what works for close-ranged encounters will no longer function properly.

You need to adjust and aim for the body, not just for the head. Unless, of course, you have a weapon that gives you an advantage at that range.

Guns With Rust Recoil Pattern

All of the game’s automatic weapons have predetermined spray patterns that you can specifically learn. You can control where your Rust skin gun will be aiming if you understand the spray pattern, even though they still have accuracy and a related cone of fire. Weapons with set patterns include:

  • AK Recoil Pattern Assault Rifles.
  • L300 Assault Rifle
  • MP4A4
  • Thompson
  • M249
  • Custom SMG Recoil Pattern.

When mastered, each of these—especially the top three, which are extremely potent—can be lethal. To help you increase your accuracy, we’ll go over the pattern utilised to mitigate recoil in the sections below. Finding a server that lets you directly practise the patterns, nevertheless, might prove helpful.

Assault Rifle AK Spray Pattern and Recoil

One of the favorite weapons of almost everyone who plays Rust, the AK assault rifle is a deadly weapon to quickly take down your opponents. However, it should not be forgotten that such a powerful weapon has a strong recoil.

It is very challenging to hit the first 5-8 bullets you fire at the enemy. Therefore, the most important thing you need to do is improve yourself by training on the spray pattern of AK every day in Rust.

All you have to do is draw a flexible lightning bolt with the first bullets. Each time you start shooting, you must complete your spray by zigzagging your mouse control downwards.

rust assault rifle spray pattern

LR-300 Assault Rifle Spray Pattern

The LR-300 is an Assault Rifle that allows you to comfortably kill long-range enemies in the rust. It has a much easier recoil model than AK. However, it deals less damage than AK’s. In short, the LR-300 becomes a complete killing machine for your ranged enemies, especially if you have 8x scopes.

  • When you start shooting with the LR-300, which has high recoil and low explosion spread, you must shoot your spray slightly from the center upwards. However, since it has control, you may need to do a little more warm-up work.
LR-300 spray pattern

MP5A4 Spray Pattern

The MP5A4 is a submachine gun shoot pistol bullets and uses 30 of the bullets used by pistols. This weapon is Thompson’s alternative and is simple to use but difficult to build. However, it is one of the most frequently used weapons with its high hit and range rate.

  • Low amount of recoil.
  • Try to keep the muzzle as centered as possible as there are sharp turns in the rebound.
  • Fire 4 5 rounds in series, wait 1 second, then fire 4 5 more rounds in rapid succession.
MP5 spray pattern

Thompson Recoil Pattern

It is an extremely powerful weapon that players new to the game can access quickly. It is very easy to use, with high damage at close range and lower recoil.

We recommend that a beginner use Thompson, as it’s much easier to get used to with Thompson’s spray pattern, thanks to its low rate of fire compared to other weapons.

  • Not recommended for long distance use.
  • Low recoil.
  • More controllable spray recoil
  • Lower range
  • Higher Damage
Thompson rust spray pattern

M249 Spray Pattern

The M249 is the least popular sub machine gun with 100 rounds in a single magazine. When you start firing, it shows a high recoil starting from the bottom and upwards. It is the weapon with the highest recoil in the game.

  • High recoil
  • In order to control the recoil, it is necessary to fire at intervals.
  • Easier to use at close range.
  • To control the recoil, you should slide your mouse down slowly.
m249 spray pattern in rust

Custom SMG Recoil Pattern

The Custom SMG is an extremely flexible, 24-gun, fast F weapon. In addition to being faster than Thompson, it is of the machine gun class. The spray pattern is extremely easy to form, as with the Thompson.

However, since the accuracy and range of the weapon are very poor, it is not recommended for long distances. Learning the spray pattern in close-range combat allows you to gain an edge over the opponent.

  • Even if you learn the recoil pattern, you still cannot shoot properly from long distances.
  • Effective at close range.
  • The hit rate is low.
  • It is very fast to use.
  • Fast rate of fire.

How to Spray Professionally in Rust?

  • Warm-up and Training: Whether it’s the AK spray pattern or any other weapon, the first thing you need to do is to train in Rust. The most important way to improve your skills is through practice. Before you enter the game every day, you can do your recoil training on public servers or improve your gun holding skills on bots. You can do spray training especially by logging into two tap aim train and bot servers.
  • One Shot Method: In general, most players want to learn to use AK. However, there is a very simple method that concerns both the spray pattern of the AK and the recoil pattern of other weapons. The first 3-5 bullets you fire in each gun hits the target directly, and then the gun starts to recoil. Therefore, by shooting one by one, you will learn how to fix the sight and how to aim by gradually adjusting the distance of the opponents.
  • Creating Muscle Memory by Learning Spray Patterns: We bring together the functions we suggested for the first two items in the third item. By using the single shot method in our warm-ups, we will learn the unique spray pattern of each weapon and create a muscle memory. But it should be remembered that this is not a two-day process. You should train for a long time and see that your spray gradually becomes perfect each time you fire the bullets.

Spray Control Tips 

Change the Sensitivity of your mouse: The precision is improved however there are drawbacks when you drop the mouse sensitivity to your preferred level.

In order to be a little more precise, if you’d like, Rust also lets you change the sensitivity of your mouse when aiming down sights. 

You might need to change your technique from using your wrist to targeting a little bit more with your arm if your sensitivity drops low enough. Although this can be difficult, accuracy is often improved.

Upgrade your hardware: A gaming mouse in your desired size and weight is excellent, but even a new mousepad, and particularly a larger mouse pad, can improve your accuracy.

The majority of Rust’s most precise sprayers operate with extremely low sensitivity and require a very sizable mouse pad to accommodate their arm movements.

Practice: Practice the first or a few of the bullets. These are the most crucial, as well as the most challenging, in the case of the assault rifle. You can cap your bullets on aim servers so you can repeatedly practice just the first, second, third, etc. shot.

Practice your longer-range shots. You’ll be compelled to create a tighter pattern, and as a bonus, you’ll get to practice for bullet drop.

The Importance of Training in Rust

If you want to have the best Rust skins too like in the video, you can browse this article.

Final Words 

Learning how to use every weapon spray can be highly beneficial for various reasons. In the end, only competent or experienced players will be able to master every gun. In general, We recommend teams to have players who specialize in just one to three of the aforementioned weapons.

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