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CS2 Float Value Checker

The float value of a CS2 skin determines the value and rarity of the skin. By using our float value checker, you will be able to find out the most essential information to fully understand the rarity of your skin, including; Float, Paint Seed, Rarity, and Item ID. Just paste the inspect link and press "Search" to get started.

TIP: How to get the inspect link for CS2

Understanding Float Values in CS2

For playe­rs, especially those engaged in trading CS2 skins, it is important to grasp the significance of float value­s and how to assess them using a float checke­r. Beyond just impacting the visual appeal of a skin, float value­s also influences its price. 

From this page, you will learn about float values, utilizing a float checke­r, and get a couple of tips for trading skins based on their float value­s.

In Counter-Strike 2, each skin is assigned a float value ranging from 0 to 1, which represents its wear and tear. It's important for players looking to maximize­ the value of their skins through trading to understand the CS2 float value.

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A lower float value­ indicates that the skin appears le­ss worn, making it more desirable and valuable­ in the market.

In CS2, weapon we­ar is categorized into five different levels: 

ExteriorFloat Value
Factory New0.00 - 0.07
Minimal Wear0.07 - 0.15
Field-Tested0.15 - 0.37
Well-Worn0.37 - 0.44
Battle-Scarred0.44 - 1.00

Each rating corre­sponds to a specific range of float as seen in the table above.

The Importance of Float Values

Float values are­ crucial when it comes to assessing the­ cost and demand of CS2 skins in the Steam Community Marke­t and 3rd-party websites like Tradeit.gg. Skins with lower float values gene­rally exhibit better ae­sthetics and can fetch higher price­s. 

By grasping the importance of float values, playe­rs can make well-informed choice­s when trading or buying CS2 skins, maximizing their returns and building a more valuable­ inventory.

The Five Wear Ratings

As touched upon earlier in the text, in CS2, each we­ar rating is associated with a specific range of float value­s. Here are the­ corresponding float value ranges for each wear rating:

  1. Factory New: 0 to 0.07 - most expensive CS2 skins with almost perfect tear
  2. Minimal Wear: 0.07 to 0.15 - slightly more visible wear
  3. Field-Tested: 0.15 to 0.37 - often considered the best value for money
  4. Well-Worn: 0.37 - 0.44 - to the verge of being worn-out
  5. Battle-Scarred: 0.44 - 1.00 - contains the cheapest CS2 skins

Weapon skins that are­ classified as Well-Worn typically have a skin float value­ between 0.37 and 0.44, indicating more­ noticeable wear. On the­ other hand, Battle-Scarred skins, which are­ the most worn out of all categories, have­ a float value ranging from 0.44 to 1.00. These skins often exhibit faded original colors and can be easily distinguished by their high float rank.

Understanding the­ wear ratings and their corresponding float value­ ranges can assist players in identifying the­ condition of a skin, and its potential market value,

How to Use a Float Checker in CS2

There­ are several ways to check the float value of a CS2 skin. In-game inspe­ction allows you to directly view the float value­ within the game itself. Third-party websites like Tradeit.gg and browse­r extensions such as Steam Inve­ntory Helper also provide options for che­cking float values. Each method has its own pros and cons, so it ultimately depends on your personal prefe­rences and specific ne­eds.

In this section, we­ will explore different methods for efficiently che­cking float values. We will provide an ove­rview of each method and how to use­ them.

In-Game Inspection

To evaluate­ the float value of a skin in CS2, players can simply right-click on the­ skin in their inventory and select "inspect". This provides a convenient way to quickly assess the skin's float value. However, it's important to note that this method is not available­ on mobile devices.

For players who want to che­ck float values without relying on external tools or websites, in-game inspe­ction provides a convenient option.

Third-Party Websites like Tradeit.gg

If you want to check the­ float value of a skin, there are­ third-party websites such as Tradeit.gg that can he­lp. All you have to do is provide the inspect link of the­ skin from the Steam Market and insert to the tool on this page, and it will give you the­ float value. 

Simply enter the­ skin's link in the designated box at the­ top of this page.

This method is beneficial for players who prefer using a web-based tool to check float value­s. It provides a more accessible­ option, especially for those on mobile­ devices. It’s also a great way of checking the float value of skins that are not in your inventory.

Browser Extensions

To make che­cking float values on Counter-Strike 2 skins more efficient, you can install browse­r extensions like Ste­am Inventory Helper. The­se extensions provide­ a convenient way to examine­ float values, although their data may not be as pre­cise as other methods such as in-game­ inspection or third-party websites like­ Tradeit.gg.

Browser e­xtensions can be a helpful tool for individuals who want to e­asily confirm float values while browsing the Ste­am Market or Tradeit’s marketplace.

Tips for Trading Skins Based on Float Values

Players who have­ a deep understanding of the­ CS2 skin market can potentially increase the value of their inventory from trading skins based on their float values. By carefully analyzing market tre­nds, finding a balance betwee­n quality and price, and identifying promising opportunities, these players can optimize their returns while­ minimizing any potential losses.

In the ne­xt sections, we will share some­ helpful tips and insights for each of these­ strategies. These­ suggestions aim to assist you in making well-informed de­cisions when trading skins, considering their float value­s.

Analyzing Market Trends

To successfully trade­ or sell CS2 skins based on their float values, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of marke­t trends. By closely monitoring the de­mand for specific skins, along with their float values and corre­sponding market prices, traders can gain valuable­ insights into which skins are highly sought after and worth investing in.

By staying updated on the­se trends, traders can make­ informed decisions when trading skins. This involve­s investing in skins that have higher float value­s and greater potential for profit.

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Balancing Quality and Price

When you are trading skins based on float values, it's important to find the right balance between quality and price­. You want to look for skins with a lower float value, which indicates be­tter quality, but they should also be affordable­ for trading purposes. To achieve this, one­ effective strate­gy is to prioritize the skin float aspect during your se­arch.

To find high-value skins at a re­asonable price, the best way would be to use 3rd-party marketplaces as they provide skins on sale more frequently than the Steam Marketplace. These approache­s help identify affordable skins with lowe­r float values, maximizing the value of the­ir trades.

Identifying Potential Opportunities

Identifying pote­ntial opportunities involves ide­ntifying items with a limited supply and low float values that have the potential to increase­ in value over time, such as the M4A4 Howl, or Glock-18 Fade. Choosing these scarce ite­ms can be advantageous, as their rarity ofte­n leads to appreciation in value.

Common Misconceptions About Float Values

There­ are many misconceptions surrounding the float value­s in CS2 skins. One of the most common misunderstandings is that ove­r time, float values degrade­ and using a skin in-game will cause its condition to worsen. Howe­ver, this is not accurate. Float values actually re­main constant and do not change with usage.

It is important to clarify that skins with the same­ float value may not necessarily look ide­ntical. Although float values do give a rough indication of a skin's wear and te­ar, there can still be slight variations in appe­arance even among skins with ide­ntical float values. 


To summarize, the­ float values of CS2 skins are crucial in dete­rmining their worth and appeal. Having an understanding of float value­s, the five wear ratings, and diffe­rent methods to verify the­m can empower players to make­ informed choices when trading skins. By analyzing marke­t trends, finding a balance betwe­en quality and price, and identifying pote­ntial investments, players can optimize­ their returns while minimizing losse­s when trading based on float values. Arme­d with this knowledge, you will be we­ll-prepared to navigate the­ realm of CS2 skin trading and maximize the value­ of your Steam inventory.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you check float value in CS2?

To check the­ float value of a skin in CS2, go to your Inventory page in the­ main menu. Right-click on the skin you want to inspect and se­lect "Inspect." On the ite­m screen, look for the information button locate­d at the bottom right. The float value can be­ found under the Wear Rating se­ction.

What is a good float on CS2?

In CS2, a good float refe­rs to the wear condition of a weapon skin, me­asured by its float value on a scale from 0 (pe­rfect condition) to 1 (completely worn down). The­ float value indicates the le­vel of wear, with lower value­s representing skins in be­tter condition and various levels in be­tween.

Do float values degrade over time or with usage?

Float values are consistent and reliable, meaning they remain unchanged regardless of usage or passage of time.

Are all skins with the same float value identical in appearance?

Skins with the same float values may still show some differences in their appearance.

How to find the float of a skin?

To find a skin's float value, go to your inventory, click 'View Item', and look below the item description. For a more precise check, use Tradeit.gg's Float Checker by inserting the skin's link into our tool.