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Trade Stickers for CSGO

While stickers for CSGO are purely a cosmetic addition to customize weapons, they’re also incredibly valuable. They’ve been around since 2014 and have been gaining in popularity ever since, with new players and pros alike clamoring to find rare stickers to set their loadouts apart.

Stickers from your inventory can be applied only once to a gun or gun skin that you own. It’s removed from your inventory and will only exist on the weapon it’s placed upon. Should you trade the weapon skin in the future, the applied stickers go with it.

You can apply up to four stickers on most weapons in CSGO, except for the popular G3SG1 and the R8 Revolver, both of which can have up to five. While you can spend time and money opening Sticker Capsules and hoping for great ones to drop, it’s easier and cheaper to find the stickers you’re looking for on the open market on Tradeit. Our constantly-changing inventory of CSGO stickers includes rarities in the highly-coveted Gold grade, all at competitive prices.

Customize with CSGO Stickers

Along with skins, CSGO stickers are an excellent way to make your weapons truly custom, adding your own personality and style to your character. They’re also a great investment, consistently increasing in value depending on rarity. You’ll find every grade of CSGO sticker on Tradeit—we have the largest inventory of CSGO stickers around. Turn to us for stickers in all the following rarities:

  • Blue (High Grade)
  • Purple (Remarkable)
  • Pink (Exotic)
  • Red (Extraordinary)
  • Gold (Contraband)

Unlike Skins, stickers don’t have fixed exteriors when you receive them. They also won’t degrade over time—rather, their appearance is changed when users select the Scrape sticker option, creating an illusion of wear and tear. Every time you click “Scrape sticker,” the sticker’s appearance degrades exactly as weapon skins do. Keep in mind, though, that scraping a sticker too many times results in its full removal from the weapon. Look for an alert before the final scrape that confirms you’re removing the sticker.

The Largest Marketplace for CSGO Stickers

Tradeit has become the largest marketplace for CSGO stickers for a reason—we offer an incredible, ever-changing inventory of stickers at fair prices. We have a loyal customer base that understands the value of stickers, including collectors looking for specific items. When a collector or fan is looking for a sticker that represents their team, you can sell it for a great markup of the general market price.

Trade CSGO Stickers with Confidence

Trading CSGO stickers is tricky business, and there are plenty of third-party companies out there that are untrustworthy or unsecure. That’s why new and pro CSGO players alike turn to Tradeit for 100% secure and monitored transaction. Every purchase, sale or trade you make on Tradeit is completely safe, secure and instant—you get in and out of our online marketplace in a matter of minutes. Browse our ever-changing inventory to find the stickers you’re looking for, or sell your stickers for cash today!