Most Expensive CS2 Inventory of 2024

Are you ready to explore the most expensive CS2 inventory of 2024? Uncover rare and valuable skins, learn how much celebrity collections are worth, and gain insight into determining your own inventory’s value.

Use our CS2 Inventory Calculator to find out the value of your inventory.

TOP 10 Most Expensive CS2 Inventories

  1. GOODKID – $823,408.33
  2. Maria – $471,769.25
  3. Mcskillet’s best friend – $463,201.70
  4. Joe – $456,008.71
  5. GeRy – $416,515.47
  6. Ainz – $367,825.05
  7. Лорд – $355,522.99
  8. Deus – $335,503.15
  9. hocston – $327,021.30
  10. Guts – $324,168.86

Among the CS2 community, some players have managed to accumulate costly inventories of rare skins. Their collections boast remarkable values and make them some of the most valuable inventories on record in 2024. Including Guts, hocston, Deus орд, Ainz, GeRy Joe Mcskillet’s best friend, Maria, and GOODKID.

Spending money on expensive CS2 skins can provide good returns due to their ever-increasing popularity over time.

Expensive CS2 Inventory

1. GOODKID – $823,408.33

At the top of our list, with an inventory valued at $823,408.33 (£667,528.90), is GOODKID. This a clear example of how serious one must take trading in CS2 to hit its maximum market value and own such an impressive collection.

This expensive CS2 inventory has one of the best CS2 skins. Earned them bragging rights as the holder of 2024’s priciest set! Their breadth of highly valuable skins indicates their immense commitment to achieving success on this competitive front, no doubt leaving many other players envious.

View GOODKID’s inventory.

2. Maria – $471,769.25

Maria is in second place on our inventory rankings, with a total value of $471,769.25 (£382,458.61). Her immense collection showcases the time and dedication when buying CS2 skins.

It inspires CS2 enthusiasts who strive towards joining those elite players at the top with their most expensive inventories.

View Maria’s inventory.

3. Mcskillet’s best friend – $463,201.70

This collection is one of the most expensive CS2 skins inventories, valued at an astounding $463,201.70 (£375,512.99). It serves as a demonstration that perseverance and dedication are needed to accumulate such rare items. Like AWP Dragon Lores or M4A4 Howls, which have been acquired in this inventory!

This player has shown determination by attaining some of the game’s prized possessions. They take up one of the top places possessing expansive collections within Counter-Strike 2, proving that hard work pays off!

View McSkillet’s best friend’s inventory.

4. Joe – $456,008.71

Joe ranks fourth on our list of the most expensive CS2 inventories thanks to his extensive collection, estimated at $456,008.71 (£369,681.70). This treasure trove boasts 761 knives and 152 StatTrak skins, an impressive feat that deserves a standing ovation!

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Noteworthy items from this inventory include AWP Dragon Lore and AUG Akihabara Accept. They certainly earn Joe’s place among gamers with extremely valuable collections.

View Joe’s inventory.

5. GeRy – $416,515.47

GeRy is a prime example of the dedication and skill required to rise with the best CS2 skins among the most expensive CS2 inventories. This impressive collection, valued at an astounding $416,515.47 (£337,664.93), features rare items like AWP Dragon Lores and M4A4s.

That makes it so valuable in terms of rarity and costliness alike. It’s clear how GeRy has accumulated such a costly inventory throughout its gaming career—a feat admired by many gamers worldwide for sure!

View GeRy’s inventory.

6. Ainz – $367,825.05

Ainz’s collection is worth an impressive $367,825.05 (£298,192.09), positioning them in the top six people who have amassed a costly set of inventories for CS2.

With over 560 knives, the best CS2 knives, and many high-value skins in the inventory, there is proof that dedication to this game produces great rewards, making Ainz one among the elite with some of the most expensive accumulations!

Their commitment can be seen through all these items, which attest to how much effort has been poured into creating valuable collections like theirs.

7. Лорд – $355,522.99

Лорд’s impressive collection sits at the seventh spot, valued at a whopping $355,522.99 (£288,218.93). It contains some of CS2’s rarest and costliest skins.

This dedication has paid off, as they have one of the prettiest CS2 inventories around! From his inventory, it is easy to see why орд ranks so highly expensive collections.

View Лорд’s inventory (currently private).

8. Deus – $335,503.15

The owner of this remarkable collection, Deus, got it a place among the highest-valued sets by accumulating an impressive assortment worth $335,503.15 (£271,989.05).

This inventory boasts 622 knives and 66 gloves that comprise its extensive selection of skins and items for CS2 enthusiasts. Their dedication is reflected in their achievement as they have created a truly priceless collection with an enviable value.

9. hocston – $327,021.30

Boasting an inventory full of high-value knives, gloves, and other rare skins with a total value estimated at $327,021.30 (£265,112.90), hocston has achieved the ninth spot on the list for having one of the most expensive CS2 inventories around!

This impressive collection is a testament to hocston’s enthusiasm and dedication towards achieving their goal – boasting some truly sought-after items in this virtual game world!

View hocston’s inventory.

10. Guts – $324,168.86

Coming in at number 10 is Guts, with an impressive inventory value of $324,168.86 (£262,800.45). His collection includes some rare and valuable skins contributing to its overall high value. He’s carefully built his CS2 portfolio into one of the most expensive inventories today.

This selection has earned him a spot among the top ten players in terms of total CS2 skin values accumulated over time – showing just how much Guts has put together when it comes down to great collections!

Celebrity CS2 Collections

The float value of CS2 skins, together with the quantity, makes these inventories so expensive. They’re so remarkable even famous people can’t resist collecting them.

Neymar Jr., a well-known Brazilian football star and a gamer himself, proudly owns an inventory worth $40,000 made up of 3 knife/glove sets with corresponding colors, demonstrating his admiration for the game and his commitment to gathering high-end items.

His collection proves that there is real strength in owning great-quality skins from CS2!

Neymar Jr.’s $40,000 Inventory

Neymar Expensive CS2 Inventory

Neymar Jr.’s collection has caught the attention of many – consisting not only of knives but also a highly sought-after AWP Dragon Lore and an M4 Howl. His passion for CS2 radiates from this selection of expensive skins, which inspires others, showing them that even celebrities can become immersed in collecting rare items.

This impressive assemblage is indicative of his admiration for CS2 and demonstrates Neymar’s devotion to accumulating remarkable skins, such as the valuable dragon lore piece within his collection.

It’s no secret how invested Neymar is in acquiring these luxurious items. It’s almost hypnotic watching him build up what may be one of the greatest collections ever seen before!

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