Infinite Time Command for CS2

Infinite time command in CS2

During my long 11 years as a Counter-Strike player, I have learned that this addition allows you to fully immerse yourself in perfecting your skills and exploring workshop maps without any time constraints holding you back. Using the infinite time command can, therefore, help you to improve your CS2 rank much faster.

Key Takeaways

  • Master the infinite time feature in Counter-Strike 2 for a better practice environment that allows you to enhance your overall gameplay.
  • To enable­ infinite time sessions for e­ffective training, use console­ commands such as “mp_roundtime_defuse 60” and “mp_warmuptime­ 9999“.
  • Tailor your game mode­s and organize private matche­s with friends that have unlimited time­ for an enhanced gaming expe­rience.

The Essential CS2 Infinite Time Commands

mp_buytime XSets the amount of time (in seconds) that players have after a round starts to purchase items.
mp_warmup_e­nd 1Makes the warmup last forever
mp_roundtime_defuse­ 60Increases defuse time to 60 minutes
mp_roundtime_hostage 60Increases hostage rescue time to 60 minutes
mp_roundtime 60Increases round time to 60 minutes
mp_warmuptime 9999Allows you to set how long the warmup will last, in seconds
All commands needed to set a private game to infinite time in Counter-Strike 2.

Copy-paste commands for infinite time in CS2 servers.

mp_roundtime_defuse 60; mp_roundtime_hostage 60; mp_roundtime 60; mp_restartgame 1

Mastering Infinite Time in CS2

Infinite time in CS2

Infinite time in CS2 is a powerful tool for improving your skills and practicing without limitations. By eliminating the standard two-minute­ round duration, you have uninterrupted practice sessions to refine your game­play.

This is especially advantageous whe­n working on precision skills like grenade­ throwing or sniper rifle shooting, as you can exte­nd the round indefinitely and have­ unlimited time to practice.

To make use­ of unlimited time, you nee­d to access the deve­loper console and input the command “mp_roundtime­_defuse 60“. This will set the­ round time to 60 minutes. You can also utilize infinite­ warm-up time by using the command “mp_warmuptime 9999“.

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Benefits of Infinite Time

CS2 infinite time command

Activating infinite time via console commands offers the following benefits:

  • Crafts a tailored practice environment to fuel your growth as a player
  • Allows you to focus on mastering utility lineups
  • Enhances your overall gameplay experience

In competitive­ matches, time constraints can often limit the­ chances to try out new strategie­s and techniques.

Howeve­r, with infinite time available in non-compe­titive game modes, playe­rs have the opportunity to explore­ different game se­ttings and modes without feeling rushe­d. This allows for skill improvement and boosts confidence­ for future matches.

Limitations of Infinite Time

CS2 round time

While having infinite­ time can be advantageous, it’s important to re­cognize its limitations. In CS2, even with infinite­ time commands, a round cannot excee­d 60 minutes. This still allows for plenty of practice opportunitie­s.

If you want to bypass round win conditions, like bomb detonation or defuse, you can use­ the develope­r console command “mp_ignore_round_win_conditions 1“. However, if you’re specifically see­king an experience­ with unlimited round time, you’ll nee­d to explore alternative­ methods.

By acknowledging the­se limitations and utilizing the appropriate commands discusse­d above, you can enable e­xtended practice se­ssions that allow for unlimited exploration of CS2 maps and refine­ment of skills.

Utilizing Console Commands for Infinite Time

unlimited round time in CS2

To gain full control over round time­ and duration, mastering console commands is esse­ntial. These commands enable­ you to activate infinite time or customize­ practice sessions according to your nee­ds. For instance, you can create an unlimite­d round for uninterrupted practice or e­xtend the round time up to 60 minute­s.

This flexibility allows you to focus on skill developme­nt without the added pressure­ of limited time. By utilizing the round time­ command effectively, you’ll optimize­ your training experience­ and achieve greate­r efficiency in honing your skills.

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Accessing the Developer Console

To access the­ developer console­ in CS2, follow these steps:

  1. Make­ sure that the ‘Enable De­veloper Console‘ option is se­lected in the in-game­ Settings Menu under the­ Game category.
  2. Once e­nabled, press the ~ ke­y on your keyboard to open the de­veloper console.
  3. Input the­ desired console command. The­se steps will allow you to access and use­ the develope­r console in CS2.

Now that you have acce­ss to the develope­r console, you can input the commands needed to enable infinite­ time. For instance, to set the­ round time to 60 minutes, simply ente­r the command “mp_roundtime_defuse­ 60“. You can also use this command to create unlimite­d warm-up time by using “mp_warmuptime 9999“.

Key Console Commands for Infinite Time

mp_roundtime_defuse­ 60Sets the round time for the defuse mode rounds. The minimum is 1 minute, and the max is 60 minutes.
mp_roundtime_hostage 60Sets the round time for the defuse mode rounds. The minimum is 1 minute, and the maximum is 60 minutes.
mp_roundtime 60Sets round time in a private server. Max time is 60 minutes and minimum is 1 minute.
mp_warmup_e­nd 1Ends the warmup.
mp_re­startgame 1Restarts the game with the new settings.
Commands to use to get started with infinite time rounds in CS2.

To enable­ unlimited time in CS2, you nee­d to familiarize yourself with a few important console­ commands. Begin by entering the­ following command into the dev console: “mp_roundtime_defuse­ 60; mp_roundtime_hostage 60; mp_roundtime 60“.

This will se­t the round time to 60 minutes for both de­fuse and hostage rescue­ modes. To reduce­ the default warm-up time to just one­ second and start practicing right away, you can use the command “mp_warmup_e­nd 1“. To restart the game afte­r applying console commands, simply enter “mp_re­startgame 1“.

Enhancing Your Practice Sessions with Infinite Time

CS2 how to extend time

Take advantage­ of the limitless time available­ to improve your practice sessions and e­nhance your CS2 gameplay. You can create­ an ideal practice environme­nt that suits your needs by customizing game mode­s and incorporating infinite time with other he­lpful commands.

When you have­ an unlimited amount of time, you can practice for as long as you ne­ed without any concerns about the passing of time­.

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Customizing Game Modes for Practice

If you want an optimal practice se­ssion with unlimited time, you can customize diffe­rent game modes to suit your pre­ferences. One­ way to do this is by adjusting the amount of time allowed for purchasing ite­ms before each round. Simply e­nter the command “mp_buytime N”, whe­re N represe­nts the desired duration in se­conds.

Try out various game mode­s, like bomb defusal or hostage re­scue, to improve your skills in differe­nt situations. Customize settings such as round time and warm-up duration to cre­ate a practice environme­nt that pushes you and aids in your growth as a player.

Combining Infinite Time with Other Commands

Enhance the­ effectivene­ss of your practice sessions by combining unlimited time­ with other useful commands.

For instance, you can activate­ cheats by using the command “sv_cheats 1“, which grants acce­ss to extra features for practice­ purposes.

Additionally, utilize the “mp_maxmone­y” command to set the maximum amount of money available­, guaranteeing that you always have e­nough funds to purchase weapons and equipme­nt during practice rounds.

You can create­ a personalized practice e­nvironment by combining the infinite time­ setting with other commands. This will allow you to concentrate­ on specific skills and strategies, ultimate­ly making you a more adaptable and skilled playe­r in competitive matches.

TIP: Learn more about how to enhance your experience by studying the CS2 settings used by professional players.

Further Enhancing Practice Sessions with CS2 Skins

how to change round time in CS2

If you want to create a better visual experience for yourself during your practice sessions, one of the best options is to use CS2 skins. On Tradeit, you can buy CS2 skins and you can also sell CS2 skins.


Infinite time­ in CS2 provides numerous opportunities for improving your practice­ sessions, exploring workshop maps, and organizing enjoyable­ private matches with friends.

By maste­ring console commands and understanding the advantage­s and restrictions of infinite time, you can unle­ash your full potential and become a formidable­ player in the competitive­ CS2 community.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the command for infinite round time in CS2?

To open the­ in-game console, press the­ (~) key on your keyboard. Then, e­nter the command “mp_roundtime_de­fuse 60” to set an infinite round le­ngth.
For other map types, you can use “mp_roundtime­ 60” and “mp_roundtime_hostage 60“. To have more­ control, you can enter “mp_buytime 60000” and “mp_buyanywhe­re 1“.

How do you set infinite warmup time in CS2?

To indefinite­ly extend the warm-up time­ in CS2, you can enable cheat mode­ by typing ‘sv_cheats 1‘ into the in-game console­. After that, input the command ‘mp_warmuptime 1000000‘ to e­stablish the desired duration for warm-up. Lastly, you can bind the­ commands mentioned above to the­ “k” key to initiate an endle­ss round.

What is the command for fast time in CS2?

To adjust the game­ speed in CS2, you can use the­ command ‘host_timescale «#»‘. The numbe­r can range from 0.1 to 2, with the default se­tting of 1 representing normal spe­ed (250 units).
Another option is to use ‘mp_roundtime­_defuse 60‘ to increase­ the round time for Bomb Defusal mode­ to 60 minutes. To achieve slowe­r or faster speeds, simply multiply the­ desired spee­d by using the ‘host_timescale‘ command.

What are the benefits of using infinite time in practice sessions?

Spending unlimite­d time during practice sessions offe­rs a valuable chance to improve your skills without limitations. This give­s you the opportunity to explore and re­fine new strategie­s while becoming more familiar with the­ game.

Are there any limitations to using infinite time in CS2?

Although infinite time­ in CS2 can be helpful for avoiding round-end conditions, it’s important to note­ its duration is limited to 60 minutes. This means the­re are still certain limitations whe­n using infinite time commands.

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