How to Hide HUD in CS2

In CS2, players get many options to customize their experience. And they are also presented with vital information while playing the game. This information is included in what is called the HUD in CS2, which is an acronym for Heads Up Display. 

Sometimes, you might want to hide the HUD in CS2 or modify it. And this can be done using fundamental console commands.

How the HUD Works in CS2

The HUD comprises all the numbers and indicators you see on your screen when playing the game. For example, without it, you wouldn’t know how much HP you have left, you wouldn’t see your minimap, you can’t say how much ammunition you have in your magazine, you couldn’t see your crosshair, etc.

So the HUD is essential because it’s your navigation panel. If you don’t have access to it, you’re flying blind. But different players have different preferences regarding the CS2 HUD. You can leave it as it is, or you can adjust it. The second option might give you an edge.

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When the CS2 HUD Is Removed

People remove their CS2 HUDs when they want to take screenshots or register the action for video editing. To achieve an enhanced dramatic effect, it’s always nice to remove the information that gives the viewer the feeling that he’s watching a game. As an artist, you want to make him feel like he’s watching a movie.

hide hud cs:go
hide hud cs:go

How You Can Modify or Hide the HUD

Removing the HUD in CS2 requires you to ensure that your Enable Developer Console option is set to “Yes”. Go to Game Settings and change it if it’s not already enabled. Without it, you cannot type in the console commands required to remove or modify the HUD.

These are the best CS2 commands for modifying and hiding the HUD.


This HUD command allows you to change the size of your HUD. The default value works perfectly fine, but you might think an increase or decrease is required depending on your monitor size and preferences. The goal here is to use the available information and display it conveniently for your eyes.


If you don’t like the default color of the CS2 HUD, pick something else. Colors are codified using numbers from 0 to 10: 0 = default, 1 = white, 2 = light blue, … , 10 = pink. 


Some HUD elements have a transparency value associated with them. You can change that value to make them more or less transparent.


You can change the player counter position using this CS2 console command.


If you set this to 0, the player counter will display the players’ avatars. A value of 1 will display how many players are left.


You can change the position of the bomb icon using this command.


If you want the HP and shield display bars to look different, you can change their visual style.


A value of 0 will not display the clan or group tag during notifications. Use a value of 1 if you want this name to show when a player gets killed.

safezonex 1

This changes the HUD position horizontally.

safezoney 1

This changes the HUD position vertically.

net_graph 1

This command can show you the number of frames per second, your ping, and the server tick. Top players like to use it because in CS2, everything happens quickly. This means that even a delay of a few milliseconds can put you at a big disadvantage.

net_graphproportionalfont 1

If you want to change the size of your net_graph, this command will come in handy. However, remember that you can only utilize two values: 0 (small) and 1 (normal).


If you want to see your FPS instead of multiple indicators, use this command with a value of 1.


Utilizing this command with a value of 1 will always display your equipment on the right side of the screen. If you use a value of 0 for this console command, the information will disappear after a small delay and will only reappear when you change your weapon again.


If you use a value of 1, the name of the weapons you use will change color based on the rarity of those weapons. A value of 0 will always display the name in white.

cl_drawhud 0

This is the essential command. It will remove your HUD entirely, and you should only use it when trying to achieve a dramatic effect. Your weapon’s crosshair will also be removed when utilizing it. 

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