How to Appeal Rust Game Ban

How to Appeal Rust Game Ban

Getting banned in Rust or any other game is unpleasant. You’ve worked hard to build your account, and whatever items you may have on it, so you don’t want to lose it. But bans are a reality that some players face, so how do you face it? How can you appeal a Rust game ban?

What Gets Players Banned in Rust

The number 1 reason why players get banned in Rust is cheating. This is true not just for Rust but for competitive games in general. People aren’t always interested in playing by the rules, so they use scripts, maphacks, and much more.

However, getting banned in Rust is not necessarily a result of cheating. The system or some company employee might have made a mistake, and you can challenge the decision by appealing it. This will cause the game developer to reevaluate their decision, and if a conclusion is reached that you are innocent, you will get unbanned.

It’s not in a game developer’s best interest to ban players. The more bans need to be issued, the more players are lost from the player base, and the more resources are required to deal with the process of banning and unbanning people. 

Appeal Rust Game Ban

As a result, banning is often seen as a necessary evil, and no serious company will do it out of spite. As a rule, never assume that the game developer has something against you. When you get banned, there’s nothing personal about it. Some alarms of an anti-cheat software went off, and you got banned as a result.

Maybe it was a false positive, or perhaps you did something illegal. If you know you cheated, appealing the ban is likely pointless. Because when it is reviewed, in most cases, it will be pretty evident that you were cheating. So you shouldn’t use the “I’m guilty but let’s beg for mercy” approach because it doesn’t work.

However, if you know you’re innocent and your Rust account was banned, you should certainly appeal the ban.

Account Buying

Apart from standard cheating, another thing that you need to avoid is buying a Rust account. People are sometimes lazy and don’t want to play the game from the start. So they invest a bit of money into an account. Don’t do it because it could get you banned.

Ban Evasion

If you try to escape a previous ban by using a new account, your new account will get banned unless the original one gets unbanned.

Helping a Player Evade a Ban

If you attempt to help a banned player circumvent his ban in any way, you will also get banned. So don’t deal with those who get banned and don’t try to assist them in any way.

Using a VPN

Using a VPN is not allowed in Rust. You will get banned if you try to hide who you are and where you’re playing from. Keep in mind that whenever you use a given server and IP address, the game developer will receive that information. And if you use a VPN service, you will likely connect to the game from random servers.

This will trigger an alert, and the system will know that you are probably using a VPN. So don’t do it. Just play the game using your standard Internet connection and server.


Like other competitive games, Rust discourages players from being toxic toward each other. If you get reported for being toxic, and it is demonstrated that you are toxic, you can get banned immediately.

To avoid the problem, stay calm and not use your communication options in a rude or malevolent way. This is not always easy, but understanding that toxic behaviors can get you banned will put barriers in your path.

Offensive Material

Bigotry and various offensive slurs can get removed by moderators. And they can also get you banned. So you need to be careful about your actions.

How to Appeal Rust Game Ban

Learning how to appeal a Rust game ban is not complicated. All you need to do is follow specific steps.

Based on the type of ban you received, you should appeal it either to Easy Anti-Cheat or Facepunch Studios. The first is known as a Rust EAC ban, while the second is known as a Rust developer ban.

How to Submit an EAC Appeal

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Go to the support website associated with Rust EAC, authenticate your account, and complete the form. Submit the appeal and then wait for a response.

How to Submit a Rust Developer Ban Appeal

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This is similar to the EAC appeal. Just go to the contact form of Facepunch Studios, select Rust from the Product list and then complete all the required information. Submit your appeal and then wait for a response.

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