CS2 Tips That all Players Can Use

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CS2 is a fantastic game for players of any skill level. You don’t have to be fantastic at it to get the most fun out of it. However, you’re only going to get the most out of the game if you start playing it at a higher level.

Developing skills is part of any game, but there’s no way to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this list of CS2 tips.

Here, you can learn about all the different skills and tactics that will help to make you a much better player in the long run. There might be some things you already know in here, but we guarantee that there are also a few that you’ve never read before.

The Best CS2 Tips

The CS2 tips we’ve put together in this article are as follows.

  • How to be good at CS2 competitive
  • How to get better at CS2
  • How to get good at CS2 fast
  • Best CS2 strategies
  • CS2 movement training
  • How to play C2S
  • CS2 surfing tips
  • CS2 tips for noobs

How to be Good at CS2 Competitive

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There are a lot of ways that you can improve your ability in CS2 competitive games. These are just some of the things that you should look at if you want to get better, improve your overall rank, and start to win more matches.

Practice With the Core Weapons

Yes, there are loads of fancy weapons you can get your hands on in CS2. Some of them are categorically better than others, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be great with them immediately.

Instead of jumping onto the main weapons that everyone is saying are fantastic, take a step back and practice with the game’s base weapons. These are the core weapons like the Tec-9, Five-SeveN, and P250 pistols, or the AK-47 and M4A4/M4A1-S rifles. Get good with these weapons first, then progress to the other weapons that every other player seems to be using.

Train Your Aim

Every weapon has a different recoil, and you need to get used to them if you want to improve your kill/death ratio. The best way to do this is to get used to each weapon. Load up some community-created maps that are dedicated to aiming and accuracy training.

From there, you can start training your aim with every weapon you want to be better with. That way, when you use them in a competitive match, you’ll hit your targets in the head first try.

Reload Often

This one is easy, but most players forget it. If you fire off a few rounds and then have a break, take the time to reload your weapon. This will ensure that you have enough bullets for the net encounter, and you won’t get caught short if you’re suddenly faced with a group of enemies.

Learn to Listen

Half the battle in a competitive match is knowing when the enemy is on their way. You can track if they’re nearby by listening out for them. Get into the habit of moving somewhere safe and staying completely still.

Turn your volume up and listen out for where the enemy is. If you’re lucky, you’ll hear them coming around the corner and will be able to shout a warning to your team before turning and opening fire.

Learn Maps

There are many maps in CS2. You stand a much better chance of winning matches if you learn them. Figure out what the map callouts for each area are, and start to use them in the in-game chat. Other players will appreciate this and start to work with you in a better way because they know you’re knowledgeable. Working with other players will always make you better.

Watch the Pros

This is probably something you’ve already been doing. CS2 pros stream all the time, but their matches are also available as videos on YouTube. Study your favorite pros and learn what they do in a match to beat their enemies.

Often, you’ll notice something subtle that they’re doing, which you can employ in your play style and outsmart your enemy. The beauty of this tip is that you can do it in your spare time. There’s no effort required on your part.

How to get Better at CS2

Why do you Need to see Your FPS In-Game

To generally get better at CS2, you need to play the game more. While the above tips will also help you here, you’re able to do a bit less if you’re not trying to get better at competitive matches specifically.

Just playing the game regularly is going to help you get better. If you play at least one more match per day, you’ll start to find that your reflexes get better, and you develop more skill naturally over time.

If you really want to optimize your learning here, play a bit, but then take a break. Your brain will process the information during this break, however long it is, and you’ll come back to the game better and stronger than you were before. It’s the same as any learning, but you have to be willing to take those breaks and keep your mind healthy.

In the meantime, you can check Tradeit.gg for some new skins to play with when you get back.

How to get Good at CS2 Fast

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This might sound like a joke. That’s because every player will tell you to do it when you fail in a match. They’ll say it’s your fault and you need to “get good.” All the above tips will help you here, but the best thing you can do is watch other players.

They don’t have to be professionals at all. They can just be streaming on Twitch. As long as you’re watching and learning, you’ll pick up tips and get better. Then you can be the one telling others to get good.

Best CS2 Strategies

scgo strategies

There are too many CS2 strategies to list in this one article. However, we can tell you the origin of all good strategies in the game. Teammates. Talk with your teammates, even if you don’t know them.

As you do, you’ll start to learn more about their strategies. Together, you’ll develop your own and push through game after game developing new ones. This is how all good strategies start in the game, and all you have to do is be willing to openly talk with other players every time you load CS2 up.

CS2 Movement Training

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The best way to train your movement control in CS2 is to practice in community maps on your own. There’s no sense in trying to get used to a game’s controls and movement if you’re in the thick of a battle. Take a step back, set up a match with bots, or just on your own, and practice running around.

You can jump, crawl, throw items, shoot, and do everything else that you’ll need to get to grips with. This is the best way to learn how your character controls under all types of conditions. Once you’re comfortable, you can take that knowledge into the main game.

How to Play CS2

This one is for the true noobs out there. To play CS2, you need to purchase it on Steam and then load it up from your game library. Follow the above tips if you want to learn how to improve your game.

CS2 Surfing Tips

csgo surfing

Surfing in CS2 is actually pretty difficult. You can do nothing in the base game to make your character surf. You’ve got to do it all in community maps. As a result, you have to first find a decent surfing map. These tend to pop up in the community all the time. We can recommend Surf Beginner if you’re looking to learn the basics, though. This is a map that’s purely built for surfing, and you’ll find it easy to jump from one area to the other.

That’s all there really is to surfing. You just jump and slide. The art of this side activity in CS2 comes from being able to jump from one surface to the other and slide in just the right way. After a while, you can progress to more challenging maps and even start to publish videos of your runs online.

Since the CS2 community is so big, there’s quite a great demand for this sort of thing. It’s also a lovely distraction from the base game’s focus on killing lots of soldiers.

CS2 Tips for Noobs

csgo noobs

Since this section is going to be quite large, we wanted to save it for the end. Noobs are the absolute beginners in CS2. If you’re a noob, you have no experience in the game. You’ll have just downloaded it, and now you’re wondering how on Earth you actually play. These CS2 tips are for you.

It’s all in the Settings

Before you even start to play, get into the game’s settings and start messing around. If you have any idea of the settings that you generally prefer to play with in shooters, try to make those the same as what you’re running in CS2. If you don’t know what settings work well for you, don’t worry.

A good way to test out your CS2 settings is to jump into a match and see how the game feels. If you think the mouse or movement keys could be tighter, change them after the match.

You might only need to make the slightest tweak to give yourself optimal controls, but you won’t know without testing. Once you’ve changed your settings, get into another game and try them out. See how they feel. If they’re still not right, repeat the process until the game feels good. Even if you’re constantly losing, having a great feeling game will make you better.

Don’t Recoil

Every weapon has a degree of recoil. As a noob, you need to overcome this. Get used to every weapon you can by standing still and firing it. Learn which way the weapon sways with the recoil. Once you can tell where it’s going, start to practice moving against it.

This will help you keep a steadier aim when in the heat of battle. If you can learn this with all the basic weapons, we listed at the top of this article, then you’ll be well on your way to having great aim control. This is half the battle in any match. If you can keep your aim steadier than your enemy, you’re guaranteed to kill them.

Learn to Throw

This tip is similar to learning how to shoot with every weapon. In this case, though, we’re talking about thrown weapons specifically. Learn how the arc of each throw works. Once you’ve got this down, you can move into matches and nail your targets every time.

Thrown items like grenades and smokes have specific bounces to master and lineups to get right. If you perfect this, then you’ll be one step ahead of every enemy who hasn’t put the time in here. 

Warm up

Our final tip for noobs is to get in a couple of warm-up matches before going into a competitive one. Get used to the game again, even if it’s only been a day without playing. We all make stupid mistakes, and this gives you a chance to get them out of the way instead of making them in the middle of a match that counts. It’ll also prevent you from letting your team down.

Look Like a Pro

Part of feeling like a proficient player is looking like one. If you’ve got some great skins on your weapons, you’re going to feel like a pro because you look like one. You can buy skins from Tradeit or trade Steam Trading Cards and other in-game items if you prefer. They don’t have to be expensive, there’s plenty of cheap CS2 skins. Your skin will set you up to feel great at the start of every match, and that’s half the battle. 


We’ve just unloaded a lot of information into your brain there. As we said at the start, some of this might not be relevant if you’re already a good player. However, some tips here will help players of all skill levels.

No one is perfect in CS2, even the pros. If you take these tips to heart and put some of them into action, you’ll start to notice that you get better at the game over time. Once you’re good enough, pick up some good CS2 skins to show off your skills. Make the enemy tremble before your showy AK-47 that lights up the map.

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