Top CS2 Smoke Spots on Dust 2

smoke spots on dust 2

If you’re searching for Counte­r-Strike 2 smoke spots on Dust 2, this guide provides instructions for placing round-winning smoke grenades, ensuring you get the most out of each one. Learn exactly where and how to place smokes for maximum strategic advantage, setting your team up for the win.

Key Takeaways

  • Well-placed smoke grenades are essential for both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists on Dust 2, providing strategic advantages such as obstructed enemy vision and control over key map areas for successful site infiltration or defense.
  • Regular practice and fine-tuning smoke grenade skills through custom server settings, alongside complementary utility usages such as flashbang-smoke and Molotov-smoke combos, are critical for gaining tactical advantages during gameplay.

Essential Smoke Spots for Terrorists on Dust 2

cs2 smoke spots on Dust 2

As a Terrorist player on Dust 2, smoke grenades are your best friends. They can cover your paths, effectively blocking the enemy’s vision without revealing your position. A well-placed smoke grenade can be the difference between a successful infiltration and a failed attempt.

Consider, for example, a smoke at A Long. It’s a complex maneuver but essential. It may require two separate smokes or taking a risk to completely block off enemy vision.

However, a skilled jump and throw of a smoke grenade at A Long can block the vision of Counter-Terrorists and prevent them from dominating long-range engagements.

T Spawn to X-Box

cs2 smoke spots on Dust 2

The smoke from T Spawn to X-Box is key for terrorists to gain control over both Mid and Catwalk, this is critical for splitting A Site or for B plays. To execute this smoke, align your crosshair with a reference image and aim for the end of an antenna. 

A properly executed smoke for X-Box becomes one of the most effective tools at the disposal of objective-focused players, providing significant strategic advantages.

How you throw the smoke from T Spawn to X-Box depends on your preference and position. You could stand far from the catwalk, aim according to nearby map features, and then right-click throw or use a jump-throw. 

A Long Doors to A Site

Launching a smoke grenade from A Long Doors to the CT Spawn area on Dust 2 involves the following steps:

  1. Align near the barrel at A Long Doors.
  2. Aim slightly above the lamp.
  3. Time the release of the grenade when running forward as an antenna aligns with the ceiling.

With practice, you can master this strategic move and secure A Site on Dust 2. However, be aware of CTs potentially using HE grenades or peeks across smoke. This necessitates the precise execution of smokes from A Long Doors for the strategic advantage. 

A well-deployed smoke can effectively block CT vision from Mid and CT Spawn, securing your team’s path to the site.

Short to A Site

Launching a smoke grenade towards A Short is a tactic used to cross towards the A Site from the Short side. It allows safer entrance by blocking critical sightlines. The execution of this smoke is straightforward:

  1. Position yourself at the corner in front of the boxes on Catwalk.
  2. Aim towards the ledge of the small mosaic wall at the center.
  3. Execute a left-click throw to block CT Spawn vision.

This simple yet effective smoke can significantly disrupt the CT’s defense, providing your team with the opportunity to storm the site and secure a plant. Remember, timing is of the essence. Deploy the smoke when your team is ready to push, catching the Counter-Terrorists off guard.

Crucial Smoke Spots for Counter-Terrorists on Dust 2

cs2 smoke spots on Dust 2

Counter-terrorists can also change the course of the game with well-placed smokes on Dust 2. A well-placed smoke grenade can be a game-changer for defending bomb plant sites, significantly influencing the success of a CT side defense. 

Take, for example, using smoke to protect the cross to B. It’s a key strategy that hampers terrorist sniping and enables CT movement for site defense.

Moreover, blocking the middle of the map with smoke enables CTs to safely push A Long or Site, effectively neutralizing a T side’s advantage of vision control from spawn areas. 

A well-executed B-Tunnel smoke from outside B can impede the entrance and prevent easy access for Terrorists. Employing a Scaffold smoke maintains control of B Site approaches, countering Terrorists in the Scaffold position.

CT Spawn to Mid Doors

Launching a smoke from CT Spawn to Mid Doors is integral to obstructing Terrorist vision and control of the area. To perform this smoke throw, stand behind Xbox, aim at the left wall, and execute a standard throw. The trick is to position yourself so that only the shadowed part above the middle doors is visible.

The Mid Doors smoke provides crucial cover from enemy sightlines, especially against AWPs, securing Mid and facilitating strategic plays. This smoke is your shield, allowing your team to move safely across the map while keeping the Terrorists guessing about your position and strategy.

A Site Long Defense

A Site-long defense calls for precise and strategically placed smokes. As a CT, you can use smoke to obstruct Terrorist vision at A Long, holding Ts in the pit area, and maintaining control of the area.

Position near the barrel at long, aim slightly above the lamp, and, as the antenna on the left touches the ceiling, run quickly to throw a crossover smoke.

Another effective smoke for A Long is thrown from outside Long to A Long Corner. Stand between the boxes, aim straight vertically from the marked spot, and press left-click to land perfectly on the smoke, blocking the view from A Long Car. 

Remember, these smoke lineups are your first line of defense, delaying or even stopping a Terrorist rush, and buying your team essential time in the middle line of the game. Position yourself in the right corner for optimal results.

B Site Window & Door Defense

To secure B Site, it’s necessary to employ Window & B Doors smoke effectively, disrupting Terrorist attacks and vision. A well-placed smoke from outside B Site to land directly at the entrance of Upper Tunnels can effectively secure the area and block vision.

Pair this with a flashbang-smoke combo to safely enter the site followed by a smoke grenade to cover the double doors. This prevents enemies from peeking from both Mid Doors and CT Spawn.

A door smoke thrown from B Main to block vision from Mid Doors and CT Spawn is especially crucial during a take or retake of B Site.

Perfecting Your Smoke Grenade Skills

cs2 smoke spots on Dust 2

To master smoke grenade spots, practice, and fine-tuning are required. Regular practice before competitive games can significantly enhance match performance. A knowledge base of five to seven smoke grenade spots on a map can greatly augment competitive gameplay.

This involves setting up practice matches, adjusting game speed for better observation of the smoke’s trajectory, and fine-tuning your aim.

Setting Up Practice Matches

To practice smoke grenades on Dust 2 effectively, you should:

  1. Launch CS2
  2. Open the developer console
  3. Create a custom server with the map by inputting ‘map de_dust2’
  4. Optimize your custom server settings by entering commands that enable cheats and ensure you have infinite ammo for uninterrupted practice.

TIP: Learn the most useful practice commands in CS2.

Fine-Tuning Your Aim

Enhance practice sessions by binding keys for aligning grenade throws and using the long round settings to allow for smoke trails to be visible over an extended period. With consistent practice and aim adjustment, you’ll soon be executing those essential smokes with pinpoint accuracy.

Complementary Utility Usage

cs2 smoke spots on Dust 2

Combining smoke grenades with other utilities such as flashbangs and Molotovs can markedly amplify a player’s strategic advantage during gameplay. Using a smoke grenade combined with a flashbang can help secure crucial map control by disorienting enemies.

The old and reliable ‘Pop-Flash’ is a tactic used on Dust 2’s B-Site, which can be used to retake the bombsite and dazzle opponents. These combos provide an edge in combat, allowing for easy picks and control of vital areas.

Flashbang-Smoke Combos

Flashbang-smoke combinations on Dust 2 can play a key role in securing control over the map. Popular flashbang spots like the A-Long Pop-Flash for CTs and the Catacombs Pop-Flash for T side disrupt the enemy’s ability to hold vital areas.

Strategic positioning for the T side includes a Short Pop-Flash thrown at the small window to blind CTs holding short, while the CT side can counter with a Short Pop-Flash from A and a safe Tunnel Door Flashbang from B. These flashbang-smoke combos leave enemies disoriented, granting teams a significant tactical advantage during assaults and defenses.

Molotov-Smoke Synergy

Molotov-smoke synergies are essential for denying area access and dislodging opponents from fortified positions. For a B site retake or push, using a molotov in tandem with smokes can effectively clear the back site and force hidden enemies out.

For A Site Short, employ a well-placed smoke and grenade combo from the Boost area to surprise and overwhelm Terrorists. Following the A Short Smoke, a subsequent molotov throw towards the Goose position helps ensure that the critical corner is cleared.

These synergies can create chaos among the enemy ranks, leading to easy picks and control of the map.


Mastering smoke spots on Dust 2, whether as a Terrorist or a Counter-Terrorist, can be a game-changer. By understanding and utilizing a variety of smoke techniques, including one-way smokes, jump-throw smokes, and flashbang-smoke combos, you can gain a significant edge over your opponents. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I smoke in Dust 2?

Long, Short, B-Tunnels, Mid, and B-plat, among other locations.

How do you smoke doors in B Dust 2?

To smoke doors in B Dust 2, press left-click to throw the smoke and block the view of the B Site from Mid. This allows you to pass across the B Doors from the Tunnels without being seen.

How do you smoke off Cat Dust 2?

To smoke off the cat in Dust 2, strategically position yourself in the corner of Short and aim for the top center of the small mosaic wall, then execute a left-click throw. This will provide a perfect block against any vision from CT Spawn.

Why are smoke grenades important in CS2?

Smoke grenades are important in CS2 because they can cover paths and block the enemy’s vision without revealing your position. This helps in strategic gameplay and can turn the tides in a match.

What is a one-way smoke?

A one-way smoke allows players to spot opponents through the edge of the smoke while remaining largely invisible. This can provide a strategic advantage during gameplay.

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