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best tf2 taunts

Today, we come before you with the list of 10 best TF2 Taunts in Team Fortress 2 game. First of all, it would be more correct to start with what is a Taunt. There are two types of taunts in the game.

The first is the figure our character displays when we move and hit our opponent. The second is the figure our character shows when we are hit by the opponent. In both possibilities, our character offers interaction. Each class in the game has its own taunting style. The aim here is to show superiority after killing the opponent and to disrupt the discipline of the opposing team. Another purpose is to improve the character’s teammates and keep their motivation at a high level.

The figure displayed by the character after eliminating the enemy is called “Tauntkills”. This is a necessary element for team and character achievements. When it is displayed to anger the opponent, it has no effect.

The main point here is to do all the moves when the opponent is stunned. All the weapons used in the game do not have their own movements. Now let’s dive into the ten taunts on our list.

1. Carlton – TF2 Best Scout Taunts

  • Price: $3.60 – $9.70
  • Released: July 7, 2016 Patch

We feature Carlton at number one on our best TF2 Taunts list. A Taunt figure used by the Scout class. In this figure, the arms and feet of the character move to the right and left in unity. Carlton taunt acted in the American comedy show The Young Prince of Bel-Air.

In addition, the dialogue during the figure draws attention with its reference to the song “What’s New Pussycat” performed by Welsh singer Tom Jones. A different version of this movement is also showcased in the movie Expiration Date. It is available for purchase. It can be exchanged and gifted.

2. Fresh Brewed Victory – Soldier

  • Price: $1.29 – $9.44
  • Released: June 18, 2014 Patch

In this taunt used by the Soldier, the character holds a white mug in his left hand and moves it to his mouth. This can give us a sense of how comfortable and self-confident we are in the face of an opponent. Under the character’s right foot, there is an object resembling a sack of coffee beans. There are writings on the sack according to the team color. If the player in the red team is taunting, it is Red Roast Co. and if the player in the blue team is performing the action, it is written as Blu Beans Ltd.

If the character has a Half-Zatoichi weapon, they will taunt the red coffee sack separately from the team. At the end of the movement, the character’s voice is not heard. Some sentences used by Soldier during the movement also contain references to the movie Apocalypse Now. This taunt is available for user access via purchase.

3.  Pool Party – Pyro

  • Price: $5.44 – $21.91
  • Released: December 8, 2014 Patch

We give Pool Party Taunt the third place in our best TF2 taunts review. It is worth noting that it is used by the Pyro class in the game. Here, the children’s pool with duck patterns draws our attention. A yellow duck in the pool has added a fun atmosphere.

The character pours a liquid resembling gasoline in a can into a pool of water. Then he enters the pool and moves the yellow duck back and forth to create a fun image. The laughter he gives here may even be at a level that will disrupt the motivation of the opponent.

Players can continue this as long as they want. When the taunt is over, the Pyro exits the pool and detonates the pool with a lighter.

4. Scotsmann’s Stagger – Demoman

  • Price: $3.42 – $14.00
  • Released: December 21, 2016 Patch
best demoman tf2 taunts

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the taunt that will anger the opponent the most in the game is Scostsmann Stagger. In this taunt belonging to the Demoman class, Scotsmann’s appears with a beer bottle in his hand.

Our character tries to drink his beer in a circular motion and by forming some meaningless sentences. After completing his turn, he continues the taunt in a drunken state towards the opponent for a while. While doing this, the Demoman spills some of his beer on the ground.

Also, the player can end the character’s taunt by selecting the bomb.

5. Boiling Point – Heaven

  • Price: Promotional (expired)
  • Released: December 21, 2016 Patch

This taunt, called the Boiling Point, is a promotional item and is a special class taunt figure. A table with a heating mechanism draws our attention directly. You can also see the pot with a vacuum kettle inside, with wine, bread, vegetables and fruits on it.

The character angrily scatters the table right after the food is cooked. Also, while the character can teleport, the table does not teleport in any way.

6. Rancho Relaxo – Engineer

  • Price: $3.69 – $24.11
  • Released: June 18, 2014 Patch

This team-colored item is used by the Engineer class. It is an item suitable for exchange and gift.

The character here has the appearance of a plumber. The tool bag next to it turns into a chaise longue with the theme of the character. There is a small umbrella right next to the bedside. It is likely to be the most provocative item to use against a defeated opponent. The character is lying on the chaise longue, drinking their beer and enjoying his fiery victory. After all this taunt action is canceled at the request of the user, everything returns to the toolbox. Also, on any opponent move, the character ends the taunt.

By the way, are you tired of taunts? Then why not take a look at the loadouts we have listed for engineer.

7. Surgeon’s Squeezebox – Medic

  • Price: $3.41 – $15.00
  • Released: December 21, 2017 Patch
best tf2 medic taunts

In this taunt called Surgeon’s Squeezebox, our character takes out the accordion in his hand and performs in harmony with his body movements. This is a team-colored item designed for the Medic.

Our character, who presents a recital with his accordion, is accompanied by the sounds of laughter and shouting from his surroundings. The taunt will end when the game is over or the player dies. The accordion can turn red when used on some weapons in the blue team. It may also not be visible at all during movement.

8. Killer Solo – Sniper

  • Price: $3.99 – $12.94
  • Released: March 12, 2015 Patch

The Killer Solo taunt was created for the Sniper class. Our character plays a yellow saxophone in this taunt. It also offers inspirations from the scene of the Expiration Date movie released in 2014. The music voiced by the character is in the Secud Me list.

9. Box Trot – Spy

  • Price: $2.27 – $11.99
  • Released: July 2, 2015 Patch

Included in the Spy class, the Box Trot taunt is a team-colored move that can be accessed through purchase. Here the character moves by entering the box. When the taunt is over, the box stays where it is.

The purpose here is to hide from opponents and camouflage the character. The writings of The Blue and The Red in a certain line on the cover of the box attract attention.

At the top, it says “Spy Is In This Box” in Japanese. At the bottom of the box, there is an object resembling a black band on both the right and left sides.

10. Kazotsky Kick –  All Classes

  • Price: $6.99 – $44.96
  • Released: July 2, 2015 Patch
best tf2 taunts

The final taunt in our best TF2 Taunts review is the Kazotsky Kick. This taunt is an item available through purchase available for use by all classes. The movement offers us the folkloric influences of the Eastern European and Western Asian Turkic republics.

The dance exhibited differs according to the classes. Our character, who moves with light jumps by crouching on the ground, uses his arms in more than one position, including at the side, in the middle and at the top. While doing this, he accompanies his dance with lots of laughter and shouting. All players, including artificial intelligence, can participate in this interaction. How cool!

Final Words

In this review of Team Fortress 2, we tried to introduce the best TF2 taunts used in the game to our readers. We discussed the different gestures and their meanings. We also tried to convey how they look in-game, with what they are used for, prices and other information.

See you in our next review! Take care.

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