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Team Fortress 2 excels at many things. But one of the reasons why people still play this video game more than 15 years after its release is the TF2 characters classes. There are nine classes in total, and each of them is entirely unique.

TF2 was quite innovative when it was released. Since then, we’ve seen many other games copy the formula. Overwatch and Valorant are just two of them. Anyone who’s played TF2 knows this. But if you’re new to the game and want to experiment with it, this guide will tell you more about its characters.

The 9 TF2 Classes

The Team Fortress classes are presented below:


TF2 Characters
TF2 Characters

As its name suggests, this class excels at scouting the enemy team. The Scout has relatively low hit points but compensates with his speed. This is the fastest class in the game. 

The Scout can be extremely annoying to deal with against units with a poor fire rate, such as the Sniper and the Demoman. But he tends to be poorly equipped to deal with the Soldier and the Heavy.


This is probably the most well-rounded class in TF2. Other classes excel at something but are bad at something else. The Soldier can do everything that’s needed: offense, defense, etc. He has excellent health and excellent damage. His speed is not phenomenal, but it’s not terrible, either. In the right hands, this class will wreak havoc.

The Soldier’s main weapon is the Rocket Launcher, which he can use to TF2 rocket jump.


The Pyro is perfect for close range combat against targets that don’t move very fast but are a bit dodgy. For example, the Spy.

The Pyro class can deal enormous amounts of AoE damage and only needs a few seconds to burn a target from full HP completely.


This is the class you should play when your goal is to create massive explosions and blow up. Be careful not to pick it against slippery targets because you’ll be highly ineffective against them.


The Heavy is an absolute beast if you don’t mind the slow movement speed. It deals massive amounts of damage in all directions and can withstand several times the damage that would kill other classes.

The Heavy works well in combination with a Medic who can sustain his HP. This combo can significantly increase the duration of his life and is one of the main front-line strategies used in TF2.


This very unusual class can be utilized with great success if you know what you’re doing and if your team can keep the enemy busy until you build your devices. 

The Engineer is ineffective in high-paced games where you get attacked every 30s. But if the rest of your team can gain some ground, you can fortify certain positions by creating powerful weapons that can kill everything in their range.


This is one of the best TF2 classes for duos. If you have a friend who wants to create one of the best-class combos in the game, picking the Medic is a great idea. Make sure you’re always linked to another player and that your synchronization is good. And you will have a lot of fun.

This is an essential class in many cases, and at least one person on your team will need to play it.


The Sniper is an excellent choice for those who like to sit back and play their own game without getting too involved in the heat of battle. If your aim is good, you will love playing Sniper. One headshot will kill just about anyone, and it’s quite addictive to shoot target after target on certain maps.

The rifles available to the Sniper are fun to play, offering him a wide range of buffs. However, remember that each modified rifle comes with a series of debuffs.

The Sniper can kill an entire team if your aim is flawless. No other class can achieve such a spectacular feat.


Everyone hates to play against this class because of its toolkit. You can find yourself with a Spy next to you without any clue that he’s there. And his weapons can kill fast if you allow him to use them on you.

In particular, classes like the Sniper have serious weaknesses against the Spy. So try to avoid picking them when the other team is Spy heavy.

The Spy will let you get behind enemy lines and is one of the best classes for assassinating key static targets with low HP.

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