Best MP9 Skins in CS2 – TOP 10

The MP9 is an excellent second-round purchase for both halves. It can also be bought in force-buy and anti-eco rounds in general. But you generally see it in round 2 and 14 of each CS2 map.

Designers absolutely love the MP9, which is why they created so many excellent skins for it. This guide show you 10 of the best MP9 skins in CS2.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the best MP9 skins in Counter-Strike 2 and learn a bit about each one.

Top 10 MP9 Skins in CS2

Here are some of the best MP9 skins in CS2:

1. MP9 | Wild Lily

Best MP9 Skins
Price Range$335 – $3400
CaseThe St Marc Collection

This is by far the best MP9 skin but you’ll have to pay a lot of money to add it to your collection. Its floral design is instantly recognizable by everyone.

View MP9 | Wild Lily

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2. MP9 | Bulldozer

Best MP9 Skins
Price Range$7 – $925
CaseThe Assault Collection

Bulldozer genuinely makes you think of a bulldozer thanks to its bright yellow color. And that’s exactly the feeling you have while playing against unarmored enemies with pistols.

View MP9 | Bulldozer

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3. MP9 | Stained Glass

Best MP9 Skins
Price Range$45 – $132
CaseThe Canals Collection

Stained Glass has a cathedral-like aspect that has a calming effect on the mind.

View MP9 | Stained Glass

4. MP9 | Hot Rod

Best MP9 Skins
Price Range$107 – $114
CaseThe Mirage Collection

Hot Rod’s bring red color makes it stand out in any situation.

View MP9 | Hot Rod

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5. MP9 | Goo

Best MP9 Skins
Price Range$1 – $3
CaseThe Spectrum 2 Collection

Goo has a very interesting pattern on it, suggestive of its name. It’s also excellent for situations in which you want to have a bit more camouflage.

View MP9 | Goo

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6. MP9 | Setting Sun

Best MP9 Skins
Price Range$6 – $12
CaseThe Cache Collection

The mix between the red color and the interesting dark-colored shapes makes this skin unusual and instantly recognizable.

View MP9 | Setting Sun

7. MP9 | Music Box

Best MP9 Skins
Price Range$5 – $21
CaseThe 2021 Mirage Collection

Music Box, at least in its Field Tested, Minimal Wear, and Factory New versions, genuinely makes you think of an old music box.

View MP9 | Music Box

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8. MP9 | Rose Iron

Best MP9 Skins
Price Range$8 – $10
CaseThe Winter Offensive Collection

This is another floral design that makes the MP9 very beautiful.

View MP9 | Rose Iron

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9. MP9 | Airlock

Best MP9 Skins
Price Range$3 – $14
CaseThe Gamma 2 Collection

Airlock is one of the simpler skins designed for this weapon but the idea behind it is really smart.

View MP9 | Airlock

10. MP9 | Hydra

Best MP9 Skins
Price Range$6 – $21
CaseThe CS20 Collection

If you like snake-like designs, this model is the perfect choice for the MP9.

View MP9 | Hydra


Counter-Strike 2 features dozens of MP9 skins. In this article, you were presented 10 of them. To see more models, Tradeit’s wiki is where you should go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which MP9 skin is the best?

Wild Lily.

How can I get MP9 skins?

MP9 skins are available in many CS2 collections and weapon cases. But a better option is to buy them directly on Tradeit. It’s cheaper that way.

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