The Best Dota 2 Heroes For Beginners

Dota 2 now has over 100 heroes, but not all are user-friendly for beginners. We’ve ranked the best dota 2 heroes for beginners in the current meta to aid new players in rapidly picking up the game and guiding them along their Dota adventure. These heroes have a lot of current significance and can quickly and easily wipe out your enemy heroes. Wishing you luck and fun! Here is our list of the best dota 2 heroes for beginners who can choose to defeat their enemy team. 

1. Abaddon – Mist Coil 

This evil derived its strength from the ethereal black mist. Due to his adaptable abilities, Abaddon can play various roles in the game, but most players prefer to utilize him as support or on the hard lane. This hero provides new players with a sense of strength. He is an expert in killing creeps and heroes if you choose to include him in conflicts. Abaddon has a high level of defense as well, making it harder for enemies to kill him.

Mist Coil is an ability that can heal or deal significant damage to allies, but it costs some health. Aphotic Shield allows this one hero to surround his companions with a protective shield of magic. It provides temporary protection before bursting and hurting assailants. When the attack Curse of Avernus hits four times, it can quiet the foes and slow them down. Abaddon will become a much more potent offlaner if you try to level him up quickly.

2. Crystal Maiden – Arcane Aura 

Dota 2 Heroes For Beginners
Dota 2 Heroes For Beginners

It may be challenging for new players to understand their influence on the game. Although kills, deaths, and assists are excellent counting stats, it’s doubtful that a beginner will accumulate them. Finding alternative ways to leave your stamp on the game is preferable, and Crystal Maiden can do so simply by being.

Arcane Aura, a team-wide aura that regenerates mana for the whole team, is her most recognizable ability. Mana is a common constraint on heroes, whether to slow down their farming or keep them topped off for battles. Even more recently, whenever she casts a spell, it  grants nearby friends extra mana. It’s essential to learn the abilities of the dota 2 heroes you select. 

Although mocked for her poor movement speed, she is a mighty hero, especially in lanes. Crystal Nova and Frostbite, two point-and-click disables that are useful setup tools for any bloodthirsty lane companion, are only available to a select few characters in Dota 2 at level two. Later, enemies may choose to ignore her channeling ultimate, Freezing Field, at their peril because it has a high damage cap if not checked. 

3. Dragon Knight – Elder Dragon Form With Breath Fire Spell 

Dota 2 Heroes For Beginners
Dota 2 Heroes For Beginners

Davion the Dragon Knight is one of the game’s most dependable and uncomplicated heroes, and he’s not also the lead character in DOTA: Dragon’s Blood. For the initiator hero, who enjoys brawling and taking fights around his ultimate, Elder Dragon Form, having a nuke, stun, and natural tackiness provides for a perfect package. His transformation into a dragon grants him additional advantages as a ranged hero, such as a more extensive stun range and the capacity to destroy towers.

Breathe Fire is a powerful spell that can kill both creeps and heroes, while Dragon’s Tail is a long-lasting, close-range stun that gets stronger anytime he assumes the form of an elder dragon. He gets a lot of armor and regeneration from Dragon’s Blood, which are both crucial numbers for him to maintain his tankiness throughout the game.

4. Lich – Frost Shield 

Dota 2 Heroes For Beginners
Dota 2 Heroes For Beginners

A blue skeleton child named Lich, a ranged intelligence support hero, uses the power of frost to defend his allies during team fights and annoy his opponents. Once he reaches level 6, this support hero, typically used as a rigid support, is a lot of fun to play. If his enemies group too closely together, he fires Chain Frost, his devastating ultimate, which bounces between them and deals a significant amount of direct damage that, if it hits a squishy enough target, might just be enough to kill them all.

Casting a frost shield will apply a shield that offers the target resistance to attack damage to you, your nearby allies, or your buildings. A pulse of ice magic that deals damage and slows any nearby opponents is released every second during the shield’s six-second lifetime. 

5. Sven – A Strength Hero With Storm Hammer 

Dota 2 Heroes For Beginners
Dota 2 Heroes For Beginners

Sven is a very powerful support hero and has a high degree of defense. He has no total health; his health is mediocre, a weakness.  To exact revenge on his parents, Sven perfected the vengeful art of the Vigil Knight and then destroyed its greatest prize. He is now free from this mission and prepared to use his strength in the Dota 2 game.

You can swap out Sven Vigil Triumph’s default weapon with one of The Best Dota 2 Skins. With the stunning Storm Hammer; you can deal many neutral creeps damage at once. An attack with a similar result is Great Cleave. The skill Warcry helps teammates by boosting their damage output and armor. Sven’s passive ability makes it ideal for collecting gold by eliminating creeps because it causes several enemy units in front of him to be destroyed by ordinary attacks.

6. Zeus –  Thundergod 

Dota 2 Heroes For Beginners
Dota 2 Heroes For Beginners

Zeus, the Thundergod, is unquestionably the best mid-game hero for beginners and an excellent counter-pick to wimpy magic resistance heroes. Zeus performs exceptionally well when laning against specific heroes since, as soon as he reaches level six, he can quickly take them out in the early game. Magical Zeus will impede the progress of other heroes, giving his carrier an advantage over them in the late game. The high armor of some heroes is ignored by Zeus’ abilities, which immediately deliver enormous amounts of magical burst damage. 

7. Bristleback 

The most hostile hedgehog you’ve ever encountered, will sneeze on you before turning you into a pincushion. Bristleback is a relatively easy character to play because he fires quills that deal damage the more times they hit an enemy. Because of his skills, Bristleback is extremely hard to kill, and the longer he stays in the fight, the more damage he can do. Items for Bristleback are designed to make him an influential tank that is difficult to kill and escape from.

One of his hero abilities is that he can slow down his enemy. Your enemy carries armor, and their movement speed can be decreased, as well as their disgust, by casting Viscous Nasal Goo on them.

8. Bounty Hunter – True Sight 

He has true sight and is a soft support hero. The vision of invisible units is possible with True Sight. Compared to heroes who provide heavy support, he becomes significantly more effective with equipment. His Shadow Walk (E) ability, which temporarily makes him invisible, making him an excellent wandering support.

Bounty Hunter may track his opponents and do significant physical damage upon emerging from stealth. Thanks to Shadow Walk and his passive Jinada (W). In addition, Jinada steals a small quantity of gold each time he hits a target, which over time, feeds the Bounty Hunter’s greed. Gondar can dispatch lone survivors by using the close-ranged ability Shuriken Toss (Q).

9. Sniper – Kardel 

One of the heroes for new players frequently suggested is the sniper. Kardel eliminates opponents from screens away, has the most extended attack range in the game, and deals massive damage with little effort. Due to his increased range, he also does a great job taking shots.

Sniper excels in disorganized teams, making him a pub stomper (dominant in public games. Typically with random teammates), but you must pay attention to your positioning when playing against stacks. Kardel is a glass cannon with a shield ability that is concealed by a shard. Recognize your safety as the most crucial goal while learning to prioritize targets. 

10. Wraith King 

The Wrath of the Wraith King is difficult for most gamers to handle. In the current meta, the vampire king is simply too powerful to be disregarded in that manner. Due to his essential toolbox, Wraith King is one of the few heroes that newcomers like playing. 

The opponents may have a slight advantage during the laning phase, but the Wraith King’s dominance and complete pandemonium can be seen throughout the late game. He can secure his farm while splitting, pushing with the battalion of his skeletons to get ready for team combat. He just has one spell active, which makes it simple for new players to grasp the rules of the game while controlling a straightforward hero.

Final Words:

Here is our complete guide to the best dota 2 heroes for beginners. If you’re a professional player and looking for a dota 2 hero, then read our guide to the best dota 2 heroes for professional players. We have some advice for you if you are just starting. Buy sentry wards and observer wards. These are two different types of wards that assist you in finding enemies by highlighting the enemy wards.